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Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics
modifiesSpeech, Barter
Party limit Fallout 2Gametitle-FO2.png
Promotion rate Fallout TacticsGametitle-FOT.png
Non-player character reactions
Barter prices
related perksCult of Personality
Master Trader
Divine Favor
related traitsGood Natured
Fallout 3
modifiesBarter, Speech
Non-player character disposition towards player
related perksAnimal Friend
Child at Heart
Impartial Mediation
Master Trader
Fallout: New Vegas
modifiesBarter, Speech
Non-player character disposition towards player
Companion Nerve
related perksAnimal Friend
Ferocious Loyalty
Van Buren, J.E. Sawyer's Fallout RPG
related perks?
related traits?

A combination of appearance and charm. A high Charisma is important for characters that want to influence people with words.

— in-game description, Fallout

Charisma is one of the seven Primary Statistics in the SPECIAL character system.


Charisma is tied to Speech and Barter, determining their initial starting level. It also affects the prices of other party's goods. The effect it has on the game is negligible.

Albert Cole is a charismatic pre-made character.

Related perks[edit]

Ways to increase[edit]

Fallout 2[edit]

In Fallout 2, apart from prices, Charisma also determines party size. Your player character can recruit a number of followers equal to their Charisma divided by 2, rounded down. The minimal party size is 1, at Charisma 1.

Related perks[edit]

Ways to increase[edit]

Charisma checks[edit]

  • Modoc: CH 8 is required to sleep with either Davin or Miria, CH 7 with a good town rep.

Fallout Tactics[edit]

Charisma is an interesting statistic. Although Fallout Tactics is a combat-heavy game, Charisma plays a vital role in determining the player character's rate of advancement through the ranks of the Brotherhood. A Charisma of 5 guarantees a reasonable rate of progression, opening new recruits and gear to the player.

Charisma also opens up perks: Loner (CH 4 or less), Team Player (CH 4), Leader (CH 6), and Divine Favor (CH 8).

Related perks[edit]

Ways to increase[edit]

Fallout 3[edit]

The statistic affects Speech and Barter skills, as well as non-player character Disposition to a minor degree.

Charisma increases the disposition of all non-player characters, which makes speech checks easier. Disposition is also affected somewhat by karma (most non-player characters like good characters more), quests (doing a quest in a way a non-player character likes can dramatically boost disposition), and dialog options (being a jerk in conversations can lower disposition a little). Charisma also affects the Barter and Speech skills. Characters who use Speech will want at least a decent charisma, but adding points to the skill is almost always better than adding points to the score. Characters who do not use the Speech skill have little use for this SPECIAL score.

There are also general Charisma checks in dialogue with some characters, in addition to Speech checks.

Value Skill Modifiers
1 Barter +2, Speech +2
2 Barter +4, Speech +4
3 Barter +6, Speech +6
4 Barter +8, Speech +8
5 Barter +10, Speech +10
6 Barter +12, Speech +12
7 Barter +14, Speech +14
8 Barter +16, Speech +16
9 Barter +18, Speech +18
10 Barter +20, Speech +20

Related perks[edit]

Perk Requirement Level Additional Requirements
Child At Heart 4 4
Scoundrel 4 4
Impartial Mediation 5 8
Animal Friend 6 10
Master Trader 6 14 Barter 60

Ways to increase[edit]

Fallout: New Vegas[edit]

Charisma in New Vegas modifies Barter, Speech and Companion Nerve. Companion Nerve gives each companion in the party +5% to their damage and armor, up to a maximum of +50% at 10 Charisma.

Regardless of Barter or Speech level, some interactions will not be available if your Charisma is too low (eg. when talking to Corporal Betsy). These ultimately do not have any significant effect on game play, nor do they provide any special bonuses.

Related perks[edit]

Perk Requirement Level Additional Requirements
Ferocious Loyalty 6 6
Animal Friend 6 10 Survival 45

Level names and statistics[edit]

Value Name Companion Armor & Damage Skill Modifiers
1 Misanthrope +5% Barter/Speech +2
2 Old Hermit +10% Barter/Speech +4
3 Creepy Undertaker +15% Barter/Speech +6
4 Peevish Librarian +20% Barter/Speech +8
5 Substitute Teacher +25% Barter/Speech +10
6 Cheery Salesman +30% Barter/Speech +12
7 Diplomat +35% Barter/Speech +14
8 Movie Star +40% Barter/Speech +16
9 Casanova +45% Barter/Speech +18
10 Cult Leader +50% Barter/Speech +20

Ways to increase[edit]


  • If the player has a Charisma of 8 while having no stats at 1 or a Luck of 10/1, Doc Mitchell will say "Good to see them bullets didn't affect your charm none."
  • If the player has a Charisma of 2 or lower, Doc Mitchell will say "Huh. Must be some frontal lobe damage."


The character’s looks and charm are Charisma. The higher the character’s Charisma, the easier it is to deal with non-player characters (non-player characters). Magic Wielders use this attribute to influence their spirit, so Mana is partially determined by Charisma.[1]


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