Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide

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Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide
FNV Official Guide.png
Regular edition (left) and Collector's edition (right) of the official game guide.
authorDavid S.J. Hodgson (main author)
publisherPrima Games
release dateOctober 2010
mediumPrint/.pdf file
464 (collector's edition)
websiteFallout: New Vegas Prima Official Guide
Fallout: New Vegas Collector's Edition Prima Official Guide

Fallout: New Vegas Prima Official Game Guide is the official strategy guide for Fallout: New Vegas, published by Prima Games and written by David S.J. Hodgson, the same author who penned the Fallout 3 Official Game Guide. It contains detailed information about every quest and quest arc in the game, locations, and more. Notably, the collector's edition of the guide contains an additional 32 pages which include concept art and lore penned by Obsidian Entertainment developers. The faction profiles have been archived here, the location profiles here, and the Behind the Bright Lights & Big City section here.

The regular paperback and digital editions sell for $24.99, while the hardcover collector's edition costs $34.99 and is not available in digital format. The MSRP may vary by retailer.

Character archetypes[edit]

Whatever the environment, and however you want to approach your adventure, there is a character archetype for you!

The guide features a number of character archetypes, bonus prefab characters for different styles of play. According to the guide, they have been extensively bench-tested to be the very best at their specific role.

Mistakes and oversights[edit]

  • The first release for the German market did not include the map poster, although advertised otherwise.
  • The Action Point description states that firing a pistol costs 10 AP, switching between standing and crouching costs 10 AP, firing a rifle takes 25 AP, and firing a Big Gun takes 75 AP. Interestingly enough, the section is a excerpt from Fallout 3's Official Game Guides regarding AP which was also incorrect.
  • Some speech dialogue options are left out. For example, in the There Stands the Grass section of the guide, it is not mentioned that with 70 Science you can prevent Keely from deleting the data.
  • The third assassination attempt during You'll Know It When It Happens, by the disguised engineer with the knife, is entirely skipped over and ignored.
  • The Guide says that the unique hunting shotgun, Dinner Bell is located at the Old nuclear test site. It is actually given as a reward by Red Lucy in The Thorn, after completing the quest Bleed Me Dry.
  • The Guide fails to include the location of the Duck and Cover! skill book at Ranger station Foxtrot.
  • The Guide states that the Powder gangers are involved in the quest Hard Luck Blues, when in fact they have nothing to do with the quest.
  • In the walk-through for the quest Come Fly With Me, the guide states that using the rockets' navigation terminal to cause the rockets to crash into each other will give the player Karma, when in fact the player loses Karma.
  • When listing the ways to gain Arcade's trust for the quest For Auld Lang Syne, the guide lists the REPCONN Test Site as being one of the locations the player has to visit to get a reaction from Arcade. However, REPCONN Headquarters is the location the player must visit; the player will get no reaction from Arcade by visiting the REPCONN Test Site.
  • In the guns & gear section of the guide it lists the Papa Khan helmet despite the fact that it has been cut from the game. It also shows a picture of the helmet itself on page 21.
  • Also in the guns & gear, the guide has a section for the shady hat and the apocalypse gladiator helmet when in fact they're not in game but legacy content from Fallout 3.
  • Marks the Fat Man as a unique weapon that can be found in Quarry Junction and on prospectors when it can actually be bought and found in a few other places like at the Gun Runners and at Nellis AFB.
  • Lists mini nukes as unique items and lists only 11 obtainable when there are 14, plus those that can be gotten by killing the Boomer with a Fat Man, who respawns.
  • Fails to mention the Big Book of Science that can be obtained for completing That Lucky Old Sun in the Followers of the Apocalypse's favor.
  • States that that the Destroyed party hats found in the REPCONN Test Site are regular party hats.
  • [p.50 - 51] Does not list the Coyote alpha male and fire ants in the creature section.
  • Does not list moonshine, turbo, the dog tag fist, powder charge, .44 magnum, SWC (hand load) and 5mm round as craftable items.
  • Under the indigestible section, it lists a few items such as Spore plant pods and strange meat pie (imitation) when the former wasn't in the game at the time of the guides release and the latter isn't placed anywhere in-game.
  • In the ending descriptions, it says that the last independent quest in the 'Remnants' section is called 'No Gods, No Monsters' when it is in fact called, 'No Gods, No Masters'
  • In the section for I Could Make You Care, it lists traveling to Nipton as one of the triggers needed to begin the quest.
  • On the map that you get with it is marks the El Rey motel as a factory, not a building.
  • It states that 25 Speech is required to use the chemistry set in Doc Mitchell's house, when it actually requires 25 Science.
  • [p.251] In the Sunshine Boogie guide it says: "If you check the Array Command Interface at the base of the steps, the Array should be functioning at 120 percent efficiency." Although the terminal is actually called the: Array Control Interface.
  • [p.258] In the quest flowchart for The Legend of the Star and A Valuable Lesson, it's lists the quest fail for Legend of the Star as happening when the player takes a Sunshine Sarsaparilla badge, but actually happens when the player completes dialog with Fetus after handing in the star caps.
  • [p.267] Lists a quest fail trigger for damaging the heads of Cook-Cook, Driver Nephi and Violet in Three-Card Bounty when in-fact it the player will only earn a cheaper cap reward for the mangled heads.

Mistakes in the Collector's Edition edition[edit]

Errors, omissions, or inaccuracies either newly introduced or unchanged from previous editions of the guide.

2278 "Following the abduction and killing of four soldiers, NCR troops assault the Great Khans' settlement at Red Rock Canyon and massacre several dozen men, women, and children. This event goes unreported in NCR press."

  • [p.212] In the I Forgot to Remember to Forget walk through, it states that it and the 1st Recon survival armor can be acquired by the player by simply taking them from Boone. This is not true, as the armor can only be added to the player's inventory with console commands and even then, it will cause graphical errors.