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Zion Canyon is what remains of Zion Nation Park in Utah. Zion was not directly hit by the bombs of the Great War, leaving it as largely unspoiled wilderness. As opposed to the Mojave Desert, Zion Canyon is very much alive. The Virgin River has carved up the landscape and many caves perforate the canyon. Wildlife – some friendly and some dangerously mutated – flourishes in the coniferous and deciduous forests of Zion.

The canyon is home to three tribes: the Dead Horses, the Sorrows and the White Legs. The latter tribe has recently gone to war against the two former tribes, seeking a place in Caesar's Legion. Each tribe inhabits their corner of the canyon; the Dead Horses, Sorrows and White Legs can be found in the Eastern Virgin, The Narrows and Three Mary's, respectively. The leader of the Sorrows, Daniel, encourages the Sorrows to evacuate from the canyon to escape the White Legs, but the Dead Horses war chief, Joshua Graham, insists on taking the fight to the White Legs instead.

Did you know...

that Harold is not a ghoul but a special kind of FEV mutant?


that it is impossible to beat ZAX at chess due to a bug?


that deathclaws are genetically modified Jackson's Chameleons?


that J.E. Sawyer would like to make a game set during the Resource Wars?


that the medical computer in Vault 8 can tell you about a secret for after you finish Fallout 2?


that Obsidian Entertainment was formed by some former Black Isle Studios employees?

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