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Jacobstown is a super mutant refuge nestled high in a Mount Charleston ski lodge in the Spring Mountains. Until recently, it was of little interest to scavengers and prospectors because of its isolated position and the treacherous road leading up to it, but this made it a prime location for Marcus to settle a mutant refuge. Unfortunately for him, not all of the super mutants and nightkin were content to live under his rules. Some went off on their own, eventually forming their own dysfunctional super mutant communities, like the State of Utobitha at Black Mountain. Marcus is disappointed at how things turned out, but does his best to take care of the super mutants and nightkin at Jacobstown. Former Enclave scientist Doctor Henry is even researching how to rehabilitate nightkins that have developed schizophrenia from prolonged Stealth Boy use.
Did you know...

that the T-51b power armor was the pinnacle of personal protection technology at the time of the Great War?


that Daren Hightower was the head of the Water Merchants in 2161?


that Shady Sands, Khans, Jackals and Vipers all come from the same vault?


that Caesar's Legion was originally going to appear in the canceled Van Buren?


that Vault 15's city map in Fallout 2 is not of a vault, but a Series 1000 Shelter?


that the Commonwealth is in Massachusetts?

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28 October 2015 by Tagaziel (talk)

Bethesda has just posted a sneak peek for the Art of Fallout 4 book to their official social media site. It's beautiful:

27 October 2015 by Tagaziel (talk)
¡No Pasarán!

As you may have noticed, the full list of Fallout 4 achievements and trophies has been released. Among others, you can notice a couple of interesting facts:

  • The Brotherhood of Steel, the Railroad, and the Minutemen are joinable factions.
  • You can apparently betray the Brotherhood of Steel, indicating a degree of non-linearity.
  • You will decide the fate of the Commonwealth at the end of the game, implying multiple choice endings.
  • Settlement building features are an actual part of the gameplay.
  • Blowing up the Prydwen is worth an achievement.
  • Companion romances are also a thing.
Source: Exophase

10 August 2015 by GarouxBloodline (talk)
Vault Hunter by Pansejra.png

Hello, fellow Vault Dwellers!

Curse, in conjunction with the Strategic Nuclear Moose, would like to take this chance to present the collective Fallout community with a unique opportunity: a competition to celebrate the recent Fallout 4 news, and the fans that have made the Fallout community such an amazing one. This competition will be a Fallout theory challenge, in which contestants can put forth their most creative and desired Fallout theories, for a chance to win from our prize-pool! For the official rules, and to help figure out if you are eligible to enter and/or win, please check into this link.

This competition will be hosted at The Vault, and we are looking for up to 60-80 entries, all of which can be accepted into the fold for a chance to win prizes such as, but not necessarily limited to, official: Fallout bobbleheads, vynils, the Fallout Anthology, or even a brand-new copy of either Fallout 4, or its eventual Game of the Year edition! Even should one not win, we will still be offering free ghoulification as a consolation prize! What... not interested? Why, of course you are!

Start on your entries now, as open slots are going to fill up quick! Not sure how to join in on the fun? Continue reading for further information:

Museum of Freedom mural 1776-1942-2077.jpg
Submitting an Entry, the Judging Process, & the Prize-Pool


  1. Entries must be submitted through The Vault. Entries may be in the form of a user-sandbox, a personal blog, or a forum. Linking to whichever medium has been used, on this blog once the entry has been finalized and is ready for judging, will finish the process, and we will take said entry into official consideration.
  2. If you came from another community in order to participate, please state which community you came from in your entry's header. The Vault does not give many chances such as this one, so make sure to represent!
  3. Please follow a professional format with your entry! We are not imposing any strict limitations on how one should write, outside of our guidelines listed below, but shoddily-written entries will not be taken into consideration! Here is an example for what a professional entry might look like: James is a psychopath
  4. Note: We are not looking for any one particular criteria in one's entry! Want to make a realistic entry full of facts and science? Go for it! Want something a bit more zany? That is also perfectly fine - your imagination is the limit!


  1. 80 is the total amount of entries that can be accepted in this competition. The number of actual entries accepted/proposed may vary.
  2. Once an entry has been approved, it will be added to a directory, where the judges will be keeping tabs.
  3. Every time an entry is added to this directory, the judges will read it, and give it a pre-judging rank. These pre-judging rankings will help determine which entries make it into the final judging.
  4. Once the pre-judging period is over once October rolls around, the top 10-20 entries, dependent on the pre-judging average, will be pooled together, and a final judging will take place. The final judging will determine the 6 finalists, and the rank average given will determine which position each of the finalists have earned.
  5. In the off-chance that two or more entries are tied for a winning position, we will be holding a stand-off event where the respective contestants will be subject to a mini-challenge to help break the tie(s). The details concerning said "," are at the discretion of the judges and relevant contestants.
  6. Note: Judges are allowed to put forth their own entries. However, judges are not allowed to vote for themselves, and all rankings will be kept private until the very end of the competition - this includes keeping rankings private from the other judges.


Prizes are not set-in-stone, and are given out transiently - so, while we are offering a copy of Fallout 4 -or- its GotY edition as our showcased prize, the 1st-place winner does not have to choose it, and may, for example, choose a bobblehead, instead. This opens up the showcased prize for the 2nd-place winner, should they choose it, and so on. The available prize-pool is as follows:

  1. A copy of Fallout 4 -or- its eventual GotY edition.
  2. A copy of the Fallout 4 Prima Survival Guide.
  3. A copy of the Fallout 4 Collector's Edition Prima Survival Guide.
  4. The Fallout Anthology collection.
  5. A Vault Boy plush.
  6. A Fallout vinyl of your choice.

Competition Guidelines
  1. Please please please read our official rules, before considering an entry.
  2. Entries can only be accepted from residents of the U.S. -or- Canada. Residents of Arizona, Massachusetts and the province of Quebec, Canada, are ineligible to enter and/or win. Due to shipping/legal concerns involving physical goods, there is no way around this. Sorry. :(
  3. Adult-content is allowed, within reason. No pornography, shock-content, or other illegal content is allowed, which includes any content that would break any Terms of Understanding/Agreement on any given host website. What constitutes a breach of this guideline, is up to myself, the judges, and local administration.
  4. Images are allowed, within reason. While adding tasteful images will/might help determine a winner, or winners, being obnoxious with their use will almost certainly harm one's chance to make it into the final round.
  5. Video is not allowed. This will be a competition based around writing skill and writing comprehension. While images are fine, the use of video implies that you are not able to construct your views without the use of a rather tedious medium. As an example, you may not substitute lore explanation with a video from ShoddyCast, instead.
  6. Plagiarism is not allowed. If we catch any users plagiarizing from other writers, they will be removed from the competition, replaced, and we will report their actions to the local administration.
  7. Advertising is also not allowed, outside of representing your community in the entry header. Please do not use this competition as a chance to call attention to anything other than your entry, and Fallout.
  8. The anonymous are not allowed to participate. This was a hard-decision for us, but with so few entries being allowed, we find ourselves making the decision to lower chances of entry fraud.
  9. Duplicate accounts are not allowed to participate.

Thank you all for joining us during this exciting time, and we will be looking forward to seeing some creativity and competitive spirit!

7 August 2015 by Tagaziel (talk)

The Vault's Tagaziel has been to Gamescom in Cologne on the opening day and had the pleasure of visiting Europe's largest gaming trade fair.

What follows is the travel log - for his personal thoughts, visit No Mutants Allowed, where he is asking a difficult question and rambling about Fallout quite extensively.

Fallout 4 logo.png
27 July 2015 by Tagaziel (talk)

QuakeCon has come and gone and with it, the exclusive Fallout 4 presentation intended purely for congoers. However, we live in an age where information is power - power that cannot be contained. Thanks to Fawkes of, we now have access to a transcript of the presentation. Together with GarouxBloodline's liveblog and snippets from Jake Raybon, we have a pretty accurate image of the presentation!

Fallout 4 logo.png