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As the Sino-American War escalated, the United States annexed Canada in 2067. The foundation for Canada's annexation was laid in 2059, with the establishment of the Anchorage Front Line as America's bulwark against the Chinese. The increase in military presence raised tensions with Canada, but permission was eventually granted in 2067, after the Chinese invaded a year earlier. The behavior of the United States in Canada led to mass protests and rioting in several Canadian cities, but Canadian protests went unheard. In fact, Canada became Little America in the minds of U.S. citizens.
Did you know...

that Lionheart is the only released non-Fallout game to ever use the SPECIAL system?


that it is impossible to beat ZAX at chess due to a bug?


that a nuke can be found in the Enclave Oil Rig and under the Cathedral?


that the super mutants from Vault 87 become bigger, stronger, and less intelligent as they age?


that the camera used to photograph Necropolis was a Codac R9000?

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23 April 2015 by Nittykitty (talk)


Effective today, the Skyrim Steam Workshop is allowing users to set price restrictions on modding content and charge for individual mods. This move comes as a joint effort between Steam and Bethesda, complete with a revised Steam Workshop refund policy and a fancy graphical explanation of the changes, and appears to be focusing on allowing mod makers to receive monetary recognition for their work.

While there is no Fallout Steam Workshop, it's not a stretch to assume that something similar to one is planned for the release of Fallout 4, whenever that is.

I don't know, I'm disgusted by it and figured a news post would be a good idea - modding is still very strong for New Vegas. I take one look at that and I see the end of modding and the beginning of community contributed DLC. A petition is circulating through the Steam comments, if you're interested.

UPDATE, 18:00, 24 April 2015 (UTC):

The Steam mods available for purchase have been hidden. Interesting.

21 March 2015 by GarouxBloodline (talk)

Update #1: - 00:06, April 1, 2015 (UTC)

As an update on what, exactly, our very own 3-Dog (Erik Dellums) has been up to since we last saw him in the Capital Wastelands, an interview was recently created with the eccentric disc-jockey, by a pre-War magazine that appears to have survived the Great War, and has chosen now to make their presence known across the wastes. They call themselves Fortitude Magazine, which is a rather accurate name for a group of journalists which have managed to survive the nuclear fires, and the aftermath that came with it these past couple-hundred years.

To read the interview yourself, make sure to check out the story here!

Now: is this what 3-Dog was referring to in his mysterious tweet? Stay tuned, as there is much more to this story.

Original Story:

  1. It should be noted, that this blog is not insinuating that this tweet confirms anything, in regards to recent Fallout 4 speculation.
  2. Feel free to discuss this tweet, and speculate to your heart's innermost desires.
  3. If there are further developments, this blog will be updated accordingly.

~Thank you for reading. GarouxBloodline (talk) 03:53, 22 March 2015 (UTC)

Fallout tidbits.png
Fallout tidbits
The Fallout tidbits are a summary of various minor articles and newsbits concerning Fallout games.
If you want to propose a link to be included in the next tidbit post, simply post it in a comment under this one.

14 February 2015 by GarouxBloodline (talk)

Disclaimer: In this blog, I make reference to, with the inclusion of a link, a scam app that is available for download. Please be warned that the reviews make mention of an alleged virus, and that my recommendation is to stay away from the download to avoid any possible risks involved. This is not to mention the negative impact of giving the scam app yet another download score. Thank you for reading.

I would like to re-address a prominent issue that I had touched up upon in the past, back when I was still at Nukapedia. Scam apps are becoming a larger issue as wikis become more and more popular. This is seen in numerous cases where information is directly lifted from a wiki, and is re-released as original content, without any sort of clear sourcing/credit given. Sometimes, these guides/walkthroughs/narratives are sold for a profit - other times, the apps are free. Whatever the case, it all boils down to blatant plagiarism, which has been proven to effectively bypass the shoddy screening process utilized by companies such as Apple, Samsung, and other large giants of mobile platforms.


To partially catch up on this issue, my prior blog is still available.

The reason why this topic is being brought up again, is because I have, once again, become aware of such a scam app, which is dubbed the 'Wasteland Survival Guide'. I am not entirely sure as to whether or not the information was lifted from Nukapedia or The Vault - but that does not matter, as the information was clearly lifted from either one of us, or possibly from both of us. Obviously, there is not much that we can do at this point. The mobile giants have to weigh the benefits of removing apps, or leaving them alone - a few dissenting people with small voices will make it clear in their minds that, legally, it would be less stress just to leave the app alone.

So what should be done? Hit the giants where it hurts - their reputation. Make Wikia/Curse aware. Make Bethesda/Zenimax/Obsidian aware. Write to prominent gaming websites, and see if they are willing to boost the signal. Take to social media, and make sure that whomever is hosting the app(s), are fully aware of the controversy involved. Ultimately, one app means very little in the grand scheme of things. But as wikis are regularly being exploited with their growing popularity amongst gamers, and with wiki volunteer workers given little to no credit, there gets to be a point where a stand needs to be made, so that the giants may be exposed, and are forced to take accountability for their complacency and bureaucracy. It is certainly time to shine a spotlight onto the vultures that see wikis as easy targets to feed off of.

It is up to you, the editor, the reader, to make a difference. GarouxBloodline (talk) 10:00, 14 February 2015 (UTC)

11 February 2015 by Tagaziel (talk)
Bethesda Softworks.png

As PC Gamer reports, Bethesda is going to hold its first ever E3 conference, joining the Big Publishing House Club alongside Electronic Arts and Ubisoft.

As usual, the rumor is that they will announce Fallout 4, without basis, also as usual. There are no details available on what Bethesda is going to announce, though given that Bethesda Softworks handles publishing for more than just Bethesda Game Studios (makers of Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls VI: Skyrim), they might also announce something completely different. Dishonored 2: Darkness of Tyvia comes to mind.

1 February 2015 by GarouxBloodline (talk)
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Welcome to the Weekly News Digest!
Welcome wastelanders, to the third edition of the Wiki News Digest- a revival of the concept which was last used officially on The Vault back in 2011, and has been brought back in increments by our resident administrator Tagaziel in the more recent years. Been a bit of a slow week, with this WND being a bit late - but make sure to stay tuned-in for next week's WND, which will be covering some interesting concepts and introducing new themes.

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Vault-Tec Circle.png
Vault-Tec Circle.png

Vault_15: Out of all of the vault experiments that survived the falling fire, Vault 15 had a very special significance that can be witnessed in nearly every Fallout game. Sometimes there are simple homages, but two of the largest contributions that this vault made to the wastelands, are the creation of Shady Sands, and the creation of some of the most ruthless raiders and tribals to ever plague post-apocalyptia, which includes factions such as the Khans, the Vipers and the Jackals. Their legacy lives on even today, as seen with the founding of the imperialistic New California Republic, and the near extermination of each of the previously mentioned raiders and tribals. The Khans in particular have seen various rebirths, becoming the New Khans, and later, the Great Khans.

Where would the wastes be if Vault 15 was never created? The Followers of the Apocalypse, and even Caesar's Legion might not even have existed, and many factions such as the Brotherhood of Steel, the Enclave and the Master's army would have kept a lot more power in their destructive paths. Got an opinion of your own as to what Fallout would have been like without the existence of Vault 15? Share those opinions with us in the comments section!

Featured Gallery
The Brotherhood of Steel, over time, has seen to the creation of a very unique culture. Their insignia and symbols, as examples, are notable to all wastelanders, even as they have changed to suit different chapters.

Fallout news
DISCLAIMER: Before I begin this segment, I do need to make it unfortunately clear, that there is no official Fallout 4 news at the current moment. The only real "news" floating around these days over Fallout 4, are all hoaxes, and such "news" will not be covered by me or this WND. If any user here, has access to official news, backed up by official and verifiable sources, then please, let us know, and we will have a story written out fast enough to make your head spin. Thank you for understanding!

For those of you big into cosplaying, a wildly popular group of post-apocalyptic cosplayers known as the Wasteland Warriors have been growing larger and larger by the week. Based in Germany, their works doesn't just end at costumes, as they are also known to create their own functional wasteland vehicles. Make sure to check them out and show some support!

All RPGs, whether they be Icewind Dale, Skyrim or even Fallout, have had difficulties in securing the voice actors necessary to provide proper diversity and immersion. Fallout: New Vegas was no exception, with Joshua Sawyer giving an explanation as to why General Oliver did not have his own unique voice-actor.

For this week's ShoddyCast episode, a very special vault dweller is the talk of the wastelands - Gary. Experimented upon and cloned repeatably, Gary, should he still be alive, and his clone army have terrorized the wastes, and always find themselves in the most forgotten corners of Capital Wasteland. One moment you are walking through an abandoned pre-War bunker, and the next you are looking down on yet another clone corpse. A sight that has become so common, that you might begin to question your own sanity.

Got a fun story involving Gary and his eccentric family of clones? Make sure to share in the comments section with your fellow wastelanders!

Weekly trivia - Lore Knowledge
For last week's question, the question was: "Which variety of Nuka-Cola never made it out into the general public before the Great War happened?" While many different variations of Nuka-Cola saw very limited public exposure, with one variant being of questionable creation by a mad man, only one never saw the light of day, and that variant just so happens to be Nuka-Cola Clear!

For this week's poll question, I will be testing expanding upon the ShoddyCast video covered this week. Which Gary had his arm cut off for his Pip-Boy, where was he killed, and why was his death deemed necessary?

Answers go into the comments section, and results will be posted in next week's release! Not a big fan of the polls/trivia, and want to contribute your own? Please, shoot me a message, as I would love to hear them!

Weekly contest - extended
The faction contest: With the release of Fallout: New Vegas, Obsidian showed us that factions have come a long way since Fallout 3, and that they still have quite some ways to go. In this weekly contest, I am looking for our users to choose any factions from any of the Fallout games, and rewrite that faction from the ground-up. Think of these questions when writing:

  1. What purpose does this faction achieve? Do they have an important role, or are they simply flavor material?
  2. Is this faction truly black or white, or can it achieve a morally gray position?
  3. Are the faction members relatable, and do they have realistic goals?
  4. What is the lore behind this faction? How were they formed, and how have they grown since then?

Depending on the number of competitors, this contest may end next Tuesday, or it might be extended. Images are optional, but will greatly help your chances, so long as they are original. Prizes will be revealed once a good number of competitors have confirmed their entry into the contest.

Wrapping up

Thank you for joining me today, and I hope you all enjoyed your time reading! Next week (14th) I will be releasing a special Valentine's WND, with many many many new changes that I hope everyone will enjoy. Hope to see you all then. :)