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Fo1 Boneyard Townmap.png
The Boneyard is what remains of the city of Los Angeles, California. The headquarters of Vault-Tec Industries was located somewhere in the L.A. area, and a Vault-Tec demonstration Vault, which was not part of the vault experiment, was built there. Los Angeles was basically decimated during the Great War, but skeletal remains of skyscrapers still stand in this once huge city, hence being the Boneyard. The majority of people in the Boneyard are people who came to the city after the destruction, mostly to scavenge what they could, be it equipment, food or people. Los Angeles houses gunrunners, gangs, and various people with delusions of grandeur. The largest concentration of people live in a "suburb" called Adytum.
Did you know...

that Wanamingos are not aliens but pre-War weapons of war?


that Frank Horrigan was based off Clint Eastwood's character in In the Line of Fire?


that abominations are the result of alien experiments on abducted humans?


that J.E. Sawyer would like to make a game set during the Resource Wars?


that Fallout is a spiritual successor to Interplay's 1988 game Wasteland?


that a Fallout game for the original PlayStation was in the works, but was eventually canceled?

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3 June 2015 by Tagaziel (talk)
45108 1 1.png

With the world poised on the brink of war, Vault-Tec is reporting a record-- [cut short]

Folks, it seems we've got some breaking news, stand by.

We seem to have lost contact with out affiliate stations, stand by.

We, we do have coming in confirmed reports of nuclear detonations.

My god.The soldiers were right.

War. War never changes.

It's official, folks, Fallout 4 has been announced by Bethesda Game Studios on the official Fallout site:

It's time for the hype train to officially depart station Skepticism and head for station Release. What do we know about it thus far?

2 June 2015 by Kastera1000 (talk)

Earlier this morning, the official Fallout Facebook page, and the Twitters of Peter Hines and Bethesda Game Studios posted the hashtag #PleaseStandBy and linked to the official Bethesda Softworks website, which depicts a television test pattern and countdown, set to expire at 8:00 AM GMT on June 3. As they do, the tenacious Fallout subreddit has uncovered other "stuff" (for lack of a better word) elsewhere on the BethSoft website, including found by /u/anorion, /assets/video-glitch.png found by /u/SubZer0G (which /u/hoxiwolf says is just static) and a bunch of other assets (like icons and ratings) found by /u/SubZer0G again.

With E3 2015 just around the corner, and this being posted specifically to the Fallout portion of BethSoft's website, this is pretty damning evidence that this isn't not something. All we can do now is sit, and await the big reveal when the count down counts down.

11 May 2015 by Tagaziel (talk)

Vault dwellers, it's time to don your excursion gear, for something has happened that actually does have a shred of credibility to it. As VideoGamer reports, a CG artist tied to Guillermo Del Toro's Mirada Studios listed Fallout 4 on their profile on LinkedIn. The person in question has wrote that he has worked on a cinematic trailer for the game.

Compared to the rest of the rumors and factoids circulating over the past few years, this one actually comes from a credible source. And seems to be confirmed, as Polygon reports:

We received an email from Mirada Studios demanding we pull this story. A representative cited inaccuracies, but also confirmed the story was breaking a non-disclosure agreement. As nobody at Destructoid signed an NDA, we're assuming that confirms somebody else broke NDA. I wonder who might be in trouble.

Fallout 4: It is likely happening. We'll see.

Source: PC Gamer

4 May 2015 by Veryblackraven (talk)
Fallout PnP skill cards.jpg

Chris Avellone appeared as guest in Episode 48 of Gamer's Tavern Podcast. Quite surprisingly he decided to shed more light on mysterious Van Buren PnP - a campaign he ran at Interplay as a part of Van Buren pre-production.

As you may remember, Van Buren PnP was first mentioned by MCA some six months ago. Since then we had virtually no information on this game other than a few photos of skill cards and dice. Now we finally have a chance to delve a bit deeper into the game's background. E.g. MCA talks on Van Buren version of Elijah, how his character evolved from an early idea of a BoS-turned-Cipher companion into an antagonist we know from Dead Money. He also gives us a glimpse on an early, capitalistic slaver army version of Caesar's Legion, which completely lacks any references to ancient Rome.

The podcast itself really deserves attention of every Fallout fan, and many bits and pieces from it are definitely going to be added to The Vault archives on earliest occasion. Thanks WorstUsernameEver40901 for spotting this.

23 April 2015 by Nittykitty (talk)


Effective today, the Skyrim Steam Workshop is allowing users to set price restrictions on modding content and charge for individual mods. This move comes as a joint effort between Steam and Bethesda, complete with a revised Steam Workshop refund policy and a fancy graphical explanation of the changes, and appears to be focusing on allowing mod makers to receive monetary recognition for their work.

While there is no Fallout Steam Workshop, it's not a stretch to assume that something similar to one is planned for the release of Fallout 4, whenever that is.

I don't know, I'm disgusted by it and figured a news post would be a good idea - modding is still very strong for New Vegas. I take one look at that and I see the end of modding and the beginning of community contributed DLC. A petition is circulating through the Steam comments, if you're interested.

UPDATE, 18:00, 24 April 2015 (UTC):

The Steam mods available for purchase have been hidden. Interesting.