G.I. Blues

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G.I. Blues
FNV GI Blues.png
GI Blues.png
Things coming to a head
Quest data
locationKing's School of Impersonation
given byThe King
reward500-1500 XP
Freeside fame
One favor of the Courier's choice
achievementG.I. Blues
Xbox Live gamerscoreIcon gamerscore.png20PlayStation 3 trophyIcon ps3trophy.pngBronze
base id0010e196
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I've heard all about what happened. Maybe it is time for little less fightin' and more talkin'.

— The King

G.I. Blues is a side quest in Fallout: New Vegas.

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to The King.
  2. Hire Orris and check out how he operates.
  3. Report to The King that Orris is a fraud.
  4. Talk to the squatters at the Old Mormon Fort about their attackers.
  5. Pass the NCR citizenship test
  6. Talk to Elizabeth Kieran in the ruined store.
  7. Convey to The King what you've found out.
  8. Defuse the situation between Pacer and the NCR.

Detailed walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Orris[edit | edit source]

By talking to the head of the Elvis impersonations school, The King, you are asked to help them with a problem. The King's first request is to examine a bodyguard that he doesn't trust to be on the up and up. This is done by hiring the certain bodyguard, named Orris, and in order to see why he's so popular with the local tourists. The King supplies the player with the 200 bottle caps needed to hire Orris and sends you off.

Hire Orris and he will escort you across Freeside to The Strip North Gate. Upon nearing the North Gate, Orris will stop the player and voice that he "doesn't like the look of some of those guys up ahead" and opts to make a rather long detour.

When you follow Orris down the side street he will run far ahead of the player to kill a group of Freeside thugs. When questioned as to how he knew of the thugs' presence, Orris tells the player it was instinct. At this point, the player can catch Orris lying:

  • The player can interrogate Orris further by means of an Intelligence check of 6, followed by a Barter check of 50. Doing so results in caps from Orris.
  • Passing a Medicine check of 30, the player can examine the "dead thugs" to reveal the scam.
  • Attacking one of the "dead thugs" will cause them all to get up and fight back, noting that they are not being paid enough for this. Orris will also attack the player if he is close enough to notice.

If you don't catch Orris' lie, return to Te King and tell him you haven't learned anything. The King will be incredulous and demand you hire Orris again, but he won't reimburse you. This time, the walk across Freeside will go smoothly, without any detours. Once you reach the North Gate for the second time, Orris will reveal he knows you're working with the Kings and attack with the help of his four thugs.

After discovering Orris' fraud or killing him, report back to The King who will reward you and give you another task. If Orris is still alive, The King will order his men to "pull him off the street when no one's looking" and Orris will disappear from the game.

Old Mormon Fort[edit | edit source]

The Kings reports that some Freesiders were roughed up by anonymous thugs and they're in the Old Mormon Fort recovering. Roy and Wayne will tell you about one of their attackers talking to a "Lou Tenant"... or "lieutenant."

When you discover that off duty New California Republic troops roughed up some of The Kings loyal natives, go back and tell The King. He's disappointed with the lawlessness of off duty troops and asks you to probe a bit deeper. Evidently, there is a history of squabbling retaliations between The Kings and NCR.

NCR humanitarian convoy[edit | edit source]

The final part of this quest requires the player to discover who's getting free NCR meals and water in Freeside. By talking to Julie Farkas in the Old Mormon Fort she sends you to talk to her friend Elizabeth Kieran at the ruined store.

Alternatively, you can ask around the squatter camps. The missionaries have a note on them you can pickpocket for the store location, or you can claim to be an NCR citizen to get the location. However, the missionaries don't buy it and ask a series of questions to prove your citizenship.

  1. Who is the most popular NCR President of all time?: The answer is President Tandi.
  2. What was the original capital of the NCR?: The answer is Shady Sands.
  3. What animal is on the NCR flag?: The answer is the two-headed bear.

The missionary can be payed 10 caps (with a Barter check of 70), to get them to give you the same information you'd get from pickpocketing them.

Rotface, a beggar near Mick and Ralph's can be paid 150 caps for the location (or 50 caps with a Barter check of 25) and 250 caps for the password (or 100 caps with a Barter check of 50).

Ruined store[edit | edit source]

At the ruined store, there will be two guards guarding the door. Each will ask you for a password. They can both be persuaded to let the player in without the password with a high enough speech level. Strangely enough the guard on the left gives a speech check of 30 and the one on the right one of 60. Once inside the store, talk to Elizabeth to discover that the NCR only distributes food to NCR citizens and not to locals due an unknown member of the Kings (most likely Pacer) having prevented an envoy from reaching the king with an offer to aid in the supplying of Freeside. If you want to remain on level terms with the NCR, not having to kill them, you must make sure Elizabeth tells you about the Envoy

When you return to tell the Kings, Pacer will immediately approach you as you walk in. He will claim Elizabeth Kieran's side of the story is a lie and nothing to bother the King with. For your troubles, he'll give you 200 caps (or 300 with a Barter check of 50).

Pacer's in trouble[edit | edit source]

Depending on dialogue lines chosen you can influence the outcome of this quest, make sure you tell the King about the envoy for the non-violent ending or keep this information to yourself to end the quest with violence. Immediately after this conversation ends, a King pops up and tells that Pacer got himself into some trouble with the NCR near the train station. Depending on dialog chosen prior, the King will order you to either tell the NCR of the misunderstanding with the envoy or to kill the NCR troopers. Leave the King and head over to the station for the final confrontation.

As you approach the quarrel, you will see Pacer cowering in a bus stop covering with the NCR shooting at him and his fallen Kings. You must have told the King about the envoy for this resolution, or else he will have given you the order to end the conflict by helping Pacer kill the NCR troops. If The King ordered you to fight NCR, kill Elizabeth Kieran and the NCR troopers.

If you wish to resolve the situation peacefully, you must holster your weapons or put your hands down to allow the deal to be considered by NCR. Approach Elizabeth Keiran and tell her to let Pacer go. Assure her that there will be no more rough instances between the Kings and the NCR.

Return to The King and let him know about the situation. He will reward you with a favor of your choosing. In this case, you can get:

  1. Entrance to the strip, this will allow Ralph to hook you up with a fake passport.
  2. Permission to join the Kings, giving you a kings jacket and you're able to get you hair done by asking Sergio.
  3. 1000 caps
  4. You can also use the favor on the Kings' Gambit quest. Using the favor will allow you to stop the violence against the NCR, but no other favors can be chosen, as the King will claim that this makes you even.

Journal entries[edit | edit source]

1 Hire a guard named Orris near the northern gate of Freeside.
2 Follow Orris to the south gate and watch for any suspicious behavior.
3 Return to the King and report what you've learned about Orris.
4 Go to the Old Mormon Fort and question some injured locals about their assailants.
5 Return to the King with your findings.
6 Head to one of the Squatter camps in Freeside and learn why NCR soldiers have been entering the area.
7 (Optional) Talk to Julie Farkas and see if the Followers know anything about the situation.
8 (Optional) Talk to Major Elizabeth Kieran, and mention Julie Farkas if she's reluctant to help.
9 Return to the King and inform him of the NCR supply drops.
10 (Optional) Inform the King that the NCR previously sent an envoy to discuss distributing supplies to Freeside.
11 Head to the train station in northwest Freeside and try to negotiate with the NCR.
12Quest finishedReturn to the King and let him know the situation with the NCR has been defused.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • During the quest, when talking to Wayne, he will mention he heard someone say "Lou Tenant", Roy then says that he means "Lieutenant", then calls him "dumber than a mutant". This is easily a reference to Lou, from the first Fallout.
  • G.I. Blues is the name of a movie starring Elvis Presley. It is also the name of a song that is sung by Elvis.
  • The victims you are sent to speak with at Mormon Fort are Roy, Wayne and Farris. Roy Wayne Farris is better known as WWF/WWE professional wrestler Honky Tonk Man, whose wrestling theme was that of an Elvis impersonator.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • PCIcon pc.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png After hiring Orris, he just stands still pointing his gun instead of shooting the thugs. You can fix it by killing them yourself which will advance the quest, though after he runs off he can sometimes die mysteriously before making it back to Freeside's north entrance. This bug may be caused by pick pocketing Orris's ammunition, even though he will still have some in his gun. Reloading another save will also fix this bug.
  • PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png After returning to the King to inform him the NCR sent a representative to speak with him the player may get stuck. Part of the dialog sequence has a King gang member run into the room. The King gang member will get stuck trying to run through The Kings dog. After waiting a couple minutes he eventually gets through and the dialog continues.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png When asked to investigate the presence of NCR soldiers in Freeside, if the player doesn't ask Julia Farkas about the NCR before talking to Elizabeth Kieran, you may encounter a bug when asked to back up Pacer in the shootout with the NCR, where Pacer simply runs continuously into a wall with no dialogue options available.
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