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This page is about the quest. For the location, see GNR building plaza. For the radio station, see Galaxy News Radio (radio).
Galaxy News Radio
Galaxy News Radio (quest).jpg
05 Galaxy News Radio.png
The Virgo II lunar lander
Quest data
locationGNR building plaza
Museum of Technology
Washington Monument
given byThree Dog
reward400 XP
Information about your father
Full access to Galaxy News Radio station
Weapons cache key
achievementGalaxy News Radio
Xbox Live gamerscoreIcon gamerscore.png20PlayStation 3 trophyIcon ps3trophy.pngBronze
base id00022486
Related quests
Following in His Footsteps
leads to:
Scientific Pursuits
Jiggs' Loot

Galaxy News Radio is a main quest in Fallout 3 as well as an achievement/trophy.

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Three Dog about your father.
    1. (Optional) Pass a Speech check to find the location of your father.
  2. Retrieve the satellite dish from the Museum of Technology.
  3. Hook up the dish to the Washington Monument.
  4. Return to Three Dog.

Detailed walkthrough[edit | edit source]

By completing Following in His Footsteps, Three Dog will offer you information about your father, in exchange for restoring the satellite relay dish for Galaxy News Radio (he says a super mutant thought it would a good idea to use it as target practice). Accepting his offer to start the quest immediately, or failing the speech check, begins the quest on those terms. Passing a Speech check automatically skips the need to replace the radio transmitter's dish.

Succeeding at the speech check makes this an optional quest, with the reward being the location of a weapons cache, which still if Three Dog does not give the information.

Museum of Technology[edit | edit source]

Three Dog will give directions to the Museum of Technology and the Washington Monument. A door leading north in the Galaxy News Radio building leads downstairs, with a one-way door to the northern section of Dupont Circle and the Metro Junction entrance; the Metro is the only access to the museum and the monument.

Inside the Museum of Technology you need to find the Virgo II lunar lander, which is located in the west wing of the building. You can obtain this information from a terminal in the atrium to the right of the entrance when you come in. Note however that the place is crawling with super mutants. Your goal is to reach the West Wing going through the Vault-Tec demonstration vault, upstairs.

The west wing is divided into three areas: the Planetarium, the Delta IX Exhibition, and the Virgo II Exhibition. Be ready for a fight as all these areas are patrolled in some way by super mutants. You need either a Science of 25 or Lockpick of 50 to get through the Planetarium. If neither of these skill are not high enough, go through the Delta IX rocket exhibit. Once you've found the lander and cleared all hostiles, grab the dish by interacting with the lander and make your way to the exit.

Find the Washington Monument[edit | edit source]

The mounted dish

Exit the museum and head west toward the Washington Monument. It is also on The Mall and can be seen from the entrance of the Museum of Technology as a giant obelisk. There are Brotherhood guards stationed there and you'll need to use the terminal to open the security doors. The password is given to you in your notes at the beginning of the quest. Take the elevator to the top and interact with the radio equipment to install the dish (positive Karma is given for installing the dish). Return to Three Dog at Galaxy News Radio and let him know the signal should be much stronger now.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Even though you are led to this quest through the main story line, it is one of the quests that can be skipped. You can retrieve the Project Purity Personal Journals from the Jefferson Memorial, go directly to Doctor Li at Rivet City, or even straight to Vault 112 in the basement of Smith Casey's Garage, where James is imprisoned in a pre-War simulation, thus bringing about the quest Tranquility Lane. If you do elect to skip this quest, then you can always return to Three Dog and ask to help with the "good fight," and he'll offer you the quest.
  • After you replace the satellite dish, the Galaxy News Radio signal increases in quality and can be heard throughout the Capital Wasteland. Tune into GNR and, shortly after you fix the dish, you'll hear Three Dog talk about the improved signal.
  • If you don't make the speech check or fail it, you can't get into the weapons cache in Hamilton's Hideaway. Three Dog does not possess the key either, so killing him will not work.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • After the relay has been repaired, Three Dog makes a one-off broadcast which includes the phrase "you can't stop the signal". This is a tagline of Mr. Universe from the 2005 sci-fi movie Serenity. Mr. Universe broadcasts the truth, whether pleasant or not. This is similar to Three Dog's fighting the "good fight".

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Sometimes, after you mount the dish, the front door to the Galaxy News Radio Station will be locked, and will need a "key". There is no way to get the key for the door, and, if you talk to the intercom, it will only repeat "Door's open. Quit buzzin me, willya?" This happens if you exit out the front door instead of the back door when Three Dog tells you to, or if you exit out the back door before you talk to Three Dog.
  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png If you successfully pass the Speech check which allows you to circumvent the quest as a requirement for getting information on James, whenever you talk to Three Dog in the future, he will always respond with "Ready to make a deal?" and is under the misapprehension that you still "need" information on Dad. Even if the player successfully completes all quests related to James and his story is completed, Three Dog will still only talk about taking on his "deal" and that without it, there will be "no dad" .