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map markerJacobstown
buildingsJacobstown Lodge
Jacobstown bungalow
factionsSuper mutants
doctorsDr. Henry
questsGuess Who I Saw Today
Nothin' But a Hound Dog
Unfriendly Persuasion
For Auld Lang Syne
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JacobstownLodge (lodge)
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Was a resort pre-War. I renamed it to Jacobstown after an old friend. Died a long time ago.

Marcus, Fallout: New Vegas

Jacobstown is an old, pre-war ski resort in Mount Charleston that is now a super mutant settlement in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281.


[edit] Background

Post-Great War, the area was of little interest to travelers and scavengers due to its remote location and lack of salvageable material. It was not until the past twenty years that it became a permanent settlement for any group. Marcus, the mild-mannered super mutant sheriff of Broken Hills, took it upon himself to find a refuge for the "broken-minded" of his kind. It proved to be more difficult than holding on to Broken Hills, but he eventually discovered Mount Charleston and decided it was a good spot to set up a community.[1]

Unfortunately for Marcus, not all of the super mutants and nightkin were content to live under his rules. Davison and Tabitha broke off on their own, eventually winding up with their own dysfunctional super mutant communities. Though Marcus is disappointed at how things turned out, he does the best he can to take care of Lily and the other super mutants and nightkin at Jacobstown.

Jacobstown is named after Jacob, a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin and past traveling companion of Marcus, who together previously founded the town of Broken Hills. It was in remembrance of his old friend, who had died long ago, that Marcus renamed the old resort.

[edit] Layout

Given the snowy climate and the look of the town itself, it appears to be a ski lodge resort with certain modified or fortified parts, located in the nearby Mount Charleston area north-west of New Vegas. The entrance features a giant sign on a tower that says "Jacobstown". Left of the entrance is a pen full of bighorners. The large building to the rear is the Jacobstown Lodge.

At the entrance of Jacobstown, where you meet Marcus for the first time in this game, there are two super mutants standing guard either side. Near to the one on the right there is a hollowed-out rock which has a small heart painted on it.

You will also find Lily and Keene in the town for the quest Guess Who I Saw Today, and Doctor Henry for the quest Nothin' But a Hound Dog and For Auld Lang Syne.

[edit] Buildings

[edit] Inhabitants

[edit] Notable loot

[edit] Jacobstown Lodge

Main article: Jacobstown Lodge

[edit] Related quests

[edit] Notes

  • If you have visited Neil, he may tell you the location of Jacobstown and mark it on your map.
  • When speaking to Marcus, a certain dialogue option can have him explain certain events from Fallout 1 and 2, including the Master's Army, and the destruction of the Oil Rig.
  • Occasionally, other super mutants will state: "Sometimes I miss being in the Master's army."
  • There is a terminal in the broadcasting center of Black Mountain that can be hacked by the Courier. On it, there are entries from Marcus who takes pity on the soldiers and decides to make Black Mountain a haven for super mutants. Tabitha, the present ruler of Black Mountain, can be quoted from her radio broadcasts with Rhonda as saying that the first-generation super mutants have left Black Mountain to found their own city.
  • The mutants inside and outside of the Jacobstown Lodge will respawn, excluding named non-player characters, such as Lily or Marcus.
  • Other than the super mutants and nightkin, Jacobstown is also home to an unnamed super mutant master. He has a "normal", cultured voice instead of the more the slurred voice used by the other super mutants, but says the same generic dialogue phrases.
  • In an upstairs room of the lodge is the only pinball machine in Fallout: New Vegas.

[edit] Appearances

Jacobstown appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

[edit] Behind the scenes

  • Jacobstown sits at the same general location as the town of Mount Charleston, a small alpine community high in the mountains west of the Las Vegas Valley noted for Mount Charleston Lodge, the building in Jacobstown in based.

[edit] Behind the scenes

  • Megan Parks handled world building for the location: asset creation, prop placement, land building, and vista.[2]

[edit] Bugs

  • Sometimes one of the mutants inside Jacobstown might become hostile as you enter the town, turning the entire town to become hostile to you. This can be solved by loading a prior save. The save should be before talking to Marcus and discovering Jacobstown.
  • At higher levels, cazadors will often spawn near the front gate to Jacobstown. Attacking any mutants (including Marcus)
  • There are some random spawning encounters in random places near Jacobstown and the highway to Jacobstown. Cazadors, aggressive Big Horners, or some non-player characters (such as legionnaires, which aren't supposed to spawn in the area) may spawn and start attacking player and the mutants.
  • Sometimes he may just say, "Keep your head down - there could be snipers around". This makes any communication with him impossible. There is no known fix for this bug, however it may work to disable, enable, kill and resurrect him using console commands.

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  1. Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.294: "Marcus, a mild-mannered Super Mutant sheriff of Broken Hills took it upon himself to find a refugee for the "broken-minded" of his kind: low-intelligence Super Mutants and schizophrenic Nightkin. It proved to be more difficult than holding on to Broken Hills, but he eventually decided Jacobstown was a good spot to set up a community. Despite splinter groups (Davidson and Tabatha), Marcus does his best to take care of Lily and the other Super Mutants and Nightkin at Jacobstown."
  2. Megan Parks' portfolio