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Legion denarius
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Legion coinage or Legion money is a type of currency in Fallout: New Vegas produced by Caesar's Legion.


[edit] Background

Caesar's Legion uses two types of coinage, the denarius and aureus, as their main form of currency, which were also used in Roman times. They are minted by the Legion from scavenged[1] silver and gold, with each coin bearing the profile of Caesar. Despite Caesar's poor relations with the other factions in New Vegas, Legion currency is still accepted as payment in the Mojave Wasteland, even from NCR merchants owing to the precious metals the denarius and aureus are minted from. The exchange rate is 4 bottle caps to 1 denarius, and 100 bottle caps to 1 aureus.

[edit] Denominations

[edit] Legion denarius

FNV Legion silver coin.png
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The denarius (silver), which bears an image of a younger Caesar on the obverse and Caesar, Joshua Graham and Bill Calhoun on the reverse. The inscriptions are in Latin, "Caesar Dictator" meaning "Dictator Caesar" or "Absolute Ruler Caesar" on the front and "Magnum Chasma" meaning "Great Abyss" or "Great Fissure" on the back, referring to the Grand Canyon. The symbolism is simple - the denarius commemorates young Caesar's journey to the Canyon and his first victories as a dictator of the Grand Canyon tribes.

[edit] Legion aureus

FNV Legion golden coin.png
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The aureus (gold), which bears the portrait of the older Caesar on one side and the symbol of the 10th Legion (the bull) on the other. The inscriptions are in Latin, "Aeternit Imperi" meaning "For the eternity of the empire" on the front and "Pax Per Bellum" meaning "Peace through War" on the back.

[edit] Behind the scenes

Side note: in the olden days when we planned to support post-Hoover play, I did want to introduce two new forms of currency in the event that the player supported an NCR or Legion victory: an NCR $500 bill with either President Kimball or Chief Hanlon on it, depending on the ending, and something commemorating the Courier on the back, also a Legion double aureus (worth 200 caps) commemorating the Courier on the back and conquered General Oliver on the front (in the style of Vercingetorix on Roman coins following Julius Caesar's conquest of Gaul).

Yes. One of the things I wanted for post-Hoover play (that never happened, obviously) was an actual double aureus coin in the game with General Oliver's face on one side and something symbolizing the Courier on the back, in the spirit of the conquered Vercingetorix coins minted to celebrate Julius Caesar's victories in Gaul.

Both the denarius and aureus were a form of Roman currency used during the time of the Roman Empire, with the aureus being valued at 25 silver denarii.

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