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Lucas Simms
Lucas Simms.jpg
Biography and appearance
raceHuman, African American
familyHarden Simms - Son
appearancesFallout 3
questsThe Power of the Atom
SPECIAL5 ST, 6 PE, 6 EN, 5 CH, 5 IN, 7 AG, 5 LK
derived statsHit Points: 60 → 80
DR: 4%
tag skillsBig Guns: 57→ 77
Small Guns: 59 → 79
Speech: 55 → 75
level6 → 10 (player level x 2)
actorGregory L. Williams
base id00000a60 (Megaton)
xx00e23e Sacred Bog hallucination)
ref id00003b46 (Megaton)
dialogue fileLucas Simms' dialogue

Name's Lucas Simms, town sheriff. And mayor too when the need arises.

— Lucas Simms

Lucas Simms is the sheriff and mayor of Megaton in 2277.


Simms was born in 2236. He grew up in Megaton and won his position by a unanimous vote of the town's citizens. He is fascinated by the stories of the Wild West and named his son, Harden, after John Wesley Hardin, an Old West outlaw. Simms is also a member of the Regulators.[1]

He often contests the title of Mayor with Colin Moriarty. While Moriarty claims Megaton to be 'his city,' every resident comments on how Simms is the real Mayor. Simms warns the player of talking to Moriarty, saying the same to his son. Likewise, Moriarty despises Simms.

In 2277, Sheriff Simms foiled an ill-conceived raid on Megaton by a band of raiders headquartered at Springvale Elementary School. During the conflict, Simms shot and killed the raiders' leader, Boppo.

Interactions with the player character[edit]

Interactions overview[edit]

Icon severed ear.png
This character drops an ear when killed (Contract Killer).
This character starts quests.


Effects of player actions[edit]

  • If Simms is killed there are unique dialogue choices with Manya and Harden Simms.
  • If you choose to tell Lucas about Burke's plot, you can save Simms by killing Burke before he has a chance to shoot Simms. This also spawns a dialogue choice of Lucas commenting on how he "must be getting slow", and will thank you for saving his life.
  • If you choose to tell him that you plan on detonating the bomb, he will turn hostile along with every other Megaton settler.
  • If the player chooses not to save him and then kill Burke, the player will receive positive karma and then have the option of looting both of their bodies with no additional negative karma. This is an easy way to get the Chinese assault rifle very early on in the game. You can then receive the reward for disarming the bomb from Lucas's son, Harden.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Sheriff's duster
Sheriff's hat
Type 93 Chinese assault rifle Housekey - Lucas Simms -
  • To acquire the sheriff's duster, just reverse pickpocket either combat armor or some type of power armor, then wait 24 hours, and he should have equipped the armor. You should save before attempting this, because if Simms catches you, he will become hostile.


  • The Strength Bobblehead can be found inside his house.
  • There is a secret hatch in the upstairs of his shack which leads to a balcony/vantage point overlooking Megaton.
  • If Stockholm dies, it is possible for Lucas to take his place overlooking Megaton.

Notable quotes[edit]

  • "These are my people. This is my town. You so much as breathe wrong and I'm gonna fuckin' end ya."
  • "I haven't killed a drifter in weeks!"
  • "Were you just kidding 'bout disarming that thing?"
  • "Glad to see you're staying out of trouble. Wouldn't want to waste good bullets on your sorry hide."
  • "I breathe a lot easier knowing that thing is truly dead."


Lucas Simms appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes[edit]

  • Simms' welcoming speech mirrors Marcus' first speech to the Chosen One in Fallout 2 when the player is wearing a vault suit.
    • Simms: I'll be damned, you're from that vault, Vault 101. *chuckles* I ain't seen one of those jumpsuits in a long time.
    • Marcus: Well, what the hell. I haven’t seen one of those outfits for a long, long time. Takes me back.
  • You can insult him by saying "nice hat, Calamity Jane," a reference to the cowgirl Calamity Jane.


  • Like all Fallout 3 non-player characters, Simms may disappear or die. Check Recovering missing NPC in Fallout 3 for help.needs verification
  • He will sometimes follow the Lone Wanderer across the Wasteland. The reason for this is that the Lone Wanderer talked to him before he could auto-talk to you as you enter Megaton for the first entrance. Therefore he will follow you till he can initiate conversation with you.needs verification



  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.82: "He grew up in Megaton and understands better than anyone what it takes to survive and thrive in the Wasteland. Big and imposing yet warm and friendly, Lucas won his position by a unanimous vote of the people of Megaton (most of whom genuinely love him). He serves as mayor, sheriff, judge and just about any other position that's needed. It's also no secret around Megaton that Lucas Simms is fulfilling some weird childhood cowboy fantasy. He named his son Harden after the Old West outlaw John Wesley Harden. Simms is also a member of a secret society known only as "the Regulators."