MDPL-13 power station

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MDPL-13 power station
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map markerMDPL-13 Power Station
cell namePowerPlant (exterior)
zPowerStationInterior01 (dpp)
zPowerStationInterior02 (p. ss.)
ref id0000165a (exterior)
0005559e (der. pw. pl.)
00052a67 (power subst.)
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The MDPL-13 power station is in the mid-northeastern portion of the map. It is located midway between the Germantown Police HQ and Greener Pastures disposal site, southwest and northeast, respectively. The closest location is Minefield; a short walk from there to the north-northwest will bring you to this power station.[1]


[edit] Layout

The power station complex is comprised of a derelict power plant that is the earmark of this power station, as one may identify it by its three chimneys, and power substation.

The derelict power plant is accessible via the gate or the garage door. If you access via the gate, you will enter the office with a desk and several file cabinets. The office door accesses the room with three chimneys. Inside, there are ghoul-type enemies and an automatic turret hostile to anyone, including the ghouls. Climb the stair to the catwalk. The room on second floor is accessible via catwalk and has a locked floor safe. A usable terminal is on the desk. If you access via the garage door, you will immediately see several lockers and one locked personal footlocker; the door beside the lockers lead you to the room with three chimneys.

[edit] Notable loot

On the western side of the complex is a power substation that contains:

On the eastern side of the complex is the derelict power plant building, in which you can find:

[edit] Notes

  • The alien crash site is almost directly north from here, where you will pick up a radio signal. It will strengthen as you get closer to a crashed alien ship which contains one of the most powerful energy weapons, the alien blaster, and some ammunition for it (alien power cells).
  • The Talon Company or Regulators may ambush you upon exiting the main building, they spawn in the corner with the trash bins.
  • If you have completed the Waters of Life quest when you leave the main building a Vertibird may drop off some Enclave Soldiers to the north in a clearing behind the rocks.
  • This is one of the two buildings that can be seen from almost anywhere in the Capital Wasteland; the other is the Washington Monument.
  • All ingredients required for a Nuka-grenade are lying around near or on the workbench in the power substation.

[edit] Appearances

The MDPL-13 power station appears only in Fallout 3.

[edit] Gallery


  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.324:
    Substation Notes
    "Almost due north of the Minefield Water Tower [2.O] are two buildings with a group of power transformers between them. If you're being pursued (usually by a Deathclaw), use the rocky outcrop behind the substation to reach the roof. Otherwise, head into the Substation; amid the junk is a Work bench with a Bottlecap Mine and the listed items nearby. There's a terminal and floor safe too."
    Derelict Power Plant Notes
    "The main building here (with the map) is a large and broken-down power plant; the three chimneys make this one of the Northern Wasteland's most prominent landmarks. You can enter the facility via the garage or through the metal doors to the south. The doors are recommended, as there are turrets to deactivate, and the terminal is just through the doors."