Prototype medic power armor

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Prototype medic power armor
Fallout 3 Army Power Armour.png
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DR40item HP1000
effects+25% Radiation Resistance
-1 Agility
T-45d power armor and variants
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Gear up soldier!

— Prototype medic power armor

The MP-47/A prototype medic power armor is a U.S. Army variant of T-45d power armor. It was designed to administer medical attention to the user as necessary during combat.


[edit] Characteristics

The prototype medic power armor has the ability to administer Med-X, which it will do if the player's health drops below 33%, if a limb's health drops below 25%, or if both of these conditions are met Med-X will be dispensed every 2.5 (in-game) hours. Unlike standard Med-X injections, this process carries no risk of addiction. However, it does draw from the player's supply of Med-X, and thus the feature is useless if the player has none. Its outward appearance is nearly identical to T-45d power armor series.

In addition to the Med-X dispensing system, the armor features an on board voice that resembles Mister Gutsy in terms of sound and personality. The voice, similar to a follower, will sound alerts if it detects an enemy presence.

As noted in the accompanying manual, the prototype version of the suit lacks the ability to dispense anything other than Med-X, whereas the completed version (which doesn't exist in Fallout 3) would have had a wider range of features, such as deploying stimpaks. The armor was planned as an automatic medical supply dispenser, meaning troops would not have to be evacuated for medical treatment. The user manual found with the armor details that the final version was to also include a lethal chemical that would trigger if the soldier deserted.

[edit] Notable quotes

  • "Listen up you God-damned puke! You are now wearing prototype medic power armor. You take care of me, and I'll take care of you!"
  • "Take some Vitamin-M and Get back in the fight you pansy!"
  • "You're a soldier, not a civie! Have some juice and suck it up!"
  • "Let'em eat lead!"
  • "Time to kick some ass!"

[edit] Location

The armor is found on a dead Brotherhood Initiate inside the Old Olney Sewer, stuck in a culvert with a wastelander and mercenary; also dead. Enter through either of the entrances to the sewer, and make your way to the narrow hallway. The door leading to the room is located on the outward side of the hallway, the entrance is usually guarded by a deathclaw.

[edit] Notes

  • Med-X administered by the suit is registered differently from Med-X that is administered normally. If you look at the effects page in your Pip-Boy 3000, it will read "suit Med-X - Ignore Neg Eff +1, Dam. Res. +25." The extra effect of the suit's Med-X ("ignore neg eff +1") negates the effects of crippled limbs (i.e. if you get a crippled leg, the suit's Med-X will prevent you from limping). You can also co-administer Med-X the normal way, which will be listed separately (but concurrently) as "Med-X - dam. res. +25," This allows one to receive a total of +50 damage resistance from Med-X.
  • This Armor has the U.S. Armed Forces insignia instead of the Brotherhood of Steel's, unlike normal power armor.
  • The T-51b power armor cannot be repaired by this armor. This armor, however, can be used to repair the T-45d power armor.
  • This armor can be very helpful in battle as it will always shout out phrases such as "Let'em eat lead!", alerting you of any danger. In some cases, its Perception may be better than your own, and it can spot enemies coming from any direction.
  • Despite its unique technological value, the armor cannot be given to the Brotherhood Outcasts.
  • If you talk to one of the BOS at the Citadel, they will say how they did not send anyone in to retrieve the armor because of the surrounding deathclaws.
  • The talking effect has a detrimental effect on your sneaking ability allowing an enemy to discover your location without you moving.
  • Even though the user manual for the armor asserts that "even a child could use it", the player must still be trained in the use of power armor to make use of the suit.
  • In the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues, the stealth suit Mk II dispenses stimpaks and Med-X, essentially making it an updated cross between the Chinese stealth armor and the prototype medic power armor.
  • In New Vegas, this armor remains in the game files however, equipping the armor will no longer alert you.

[edit] Bugs

  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png The armor may disappear if you enter the sewers but do not collect the armor while inside for the first time. Why this happens is unknown. The conditions vary.
  • PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png If the PMPA is broken, attempting to equip it and then exiting Pip-Boy still initializes aforementioned quote regarding equipping the armor.
  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png The armor may also disappear if the trap door is triggered and you do not enter the sewer. The armor may not spawn when coming to Old Olney a second time to explore the sewers.
  • PCIcon pc.png Sometimes the body that holds the armor might become invisible. This can be fixed if the player stumbles across his body.

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