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Raul Tejada
Raul Tejada.jpg
Biography and appearance
affiliationState of Utobitha (unwillingly)
locationBlack Mountain, Prison building
Raul's shack
familyRafaela Tejada - Sister (deceased)
appearancesFallout: New Vegas
questsCrazy, Crazy, Crazy
Old School Ghoul
SPECIAL6 ST, 6 PE, 4 EN, 2 CH, 7 IN, 8 AG, 5 LK
derived statsHealth: 280 → 320
tag skillsGuns: 92 → 100
Repair: 90 → 100
Science: 90 → 100
perksRegular Maintenance
Old Vaquero
Full Maintenance
level14 → 22
actorDanny Trejo
designerTravis Stout
base id000e60efref id000e6105
dialogue fileRaul Tejada's dialogue

I'm an open book, boss. Granted, the book's in Spanish and some of the pages have fallen out, but I'm an open book.

— Raul

Raul Alfonso Tejada[1] is a pre-war, Mexican ghoul mechanic and gunslinger living in the Prison building at the top of Black Mountain in 2281.


[edit] Background

Born in 2047,[2] Raul has had a long and storied history. Before the war, Raul was a delinquent living at Hidalgo Ranch outside Mexico City.[3] He was a good shooter and mechanic,[4] both of which occasionally got him in trouble with the law, although his family mostly kept him in line.[5] The ranch survived the war, being far enough from Mexico City,[6] but the stream of refugees from the cities proved more difficult to deal with.[7]

The Tejada family were as accommodating as they could be, but they eventually simply ran out of room and food, and had to start turning people away. Things got so violent Raul and his father had to get their guns to drive them away.[8] Around two dozen people returned later that night, after they went to sleep. They barred the doors and set the house ablaze.[9] Raul and Rafaela survived the fire that destroyed their ranch. He smelled the smoke and managed to get himself and his little sister Rafaela out through a window.[10] However, his parents, grandmother, two brothers and two of his sisters, the whole rest of his family died.[11] They ran from the ranch being pursued by the group that attacked their home. He killed the ones that came after them,[12] but the rest he left be. He didn't want to throw his life away seeking revenge, because he had to take care of Rafaela.[13]

After the fire he knew that he couldn't stay at their ranch anymore, the refugees wanted him dead so badly they put a bounty out on him.[14] His sister was scared however, he had to convince her to come with him by promising to take her to see the vaqueros.[15] They thought they should go to Mexico City to look for help, not knowing the nature of atomic bombs.[16] Though it wasn't hit as hard as other places, by the time the Tejadas reached Mexico City, it could only be described as a "radioactive ruin."[17] Those people inside the city got by through looting, already forming the area's first raider tribes.[18] The Tejadas were living like scavengers, always looking for their next meal and medicine for Raul's burns.[19] This is the time Raul believes that his ghoulification began.[20]

One day Raul found a novelty costume shop,[21] he was just looking for something to slice up an wrap his burns with. That's when he found an old Vaquero outfit still untouched on the rack.[22] He took it and wore it back to their camp. Rafaela loved it, it made her laugh for the first time since the bombs fell.[23] However it was dangerous to be dressed this noticeably. Raul started to build up a legend to become know as the Ghost of Mexico City, his reputation sometimes drove off trouble but most of the time it caused it.[24]


Rafaela liked it, so Raul began to wear it and soon became a legend in the area. His post-apocalyptic gunslinging antics attracted the attention of glory seekers, but he always saw them off. Sickened by radiation, Raul spent some time too ill to go scavenging with his sister (this illness was to be indicative of the early stages of "ghoulification"), and as such she was left to provide for the two on her own. One day, after she failed to return from a market where she had been scavenging for food, Raul went in search of her only to find her brutally murdered, her corpse violated by raiders so horribly that she was only identifiable by a tiny scar on her knee. Raul tracked down the raiders at the market responsible and killed them to the last man, discarding the Vaquero outfit that had attracted him the attention that he felt had killed his sister.

Raul concept art

Leaving every aspect of his former life behind, including as Raul cleverly says, "his face", he wandered to the Gulf Coast and inhabited an unclaimed Petró-Chico refinery. He spent a long period of time here, thinking about his life so far. He found a Petró-Chico jumpsuit and began to wear it, taking the name "Miguel"; the name on the nametag. He eventually arrived in the Arizona town of Tucson, now known as Two Sun. He settled there, becoming a mechanic and a general handyman, his guns stashed away where they could do no further harm. After 75 years of relative peace, he met Claudia - a prostitute working in a local brothel who bore a striking resemblance to Rafaela.[43][44] Spurred by this reminder of what he lost, he took the time to look out for her - though for obvious reasons never visited her.[45]

This peace was not to last. Arizona, overrun with raiders and tribals before the rise of Caesar's Legion brought stability to the region,[46] brought 'Dirty Dave' and his six brothers to town looking for bullets. Raul sold them ammunition, hoping they would leave now that they had what they wanted - instead, they decided they wanted the brothel.[47][48] Once in the brothel, Dave and his brothers killing 4 girls and taking Claudia for their own use.[49][50] Raul gave chase, and after a three day pursuit across the wasteland, Raul caught up with them.[51] By the time he found Claudia, she was already dead.[52] Angry, Raul charged in killing all of them in the resulting showdown, however, youth was not on his side anymore and the battle left him severely injured only staying alive out of pure spite for Dirty Dave and his brothers.[53][54][55] Having taken several bullets, Raul stayed at their camp until he got the strength to get up and walk back to Two Sun and recovered.[56][57] Feeling dejected, Raul wandered west to the Mojave Wasteland, where he listened to the Black Mountain Radio. One day he lost the signal being transmitted and decided to go have a look. There he offered his services to Tabitha, the nightkin who broadcasted there, and fixed the transmitter, but to his dismay Tabitha decided to keep him around, mostly repairing broken toasters for the super mutants as well as performing repairs to Rhonda.[58]

If freed from captivity, he will join the player out of gratitude. A new taste of adventure reminds Raul of his tumultuous past, prompting him to consider if he should embrace his old gunslinging ways. In which case he will be forced to decide between two different ways of life.

When compared to the other human companions of the Wasteland, Raul is perhaps the most tolerant towards the Legion when compared to everyone else who would suffer should the Legion be victorious. He is not affected by the Legion's presence on the wasteland and admires the security and order brought by the Legion, although being a ghoul he wouldn't be able to join them with their hatred towards all forms of mutants. He also has quite an insightful amount of knowledge about Mr. House, as Raul knew of House's pre-War exploits.

[edit] Interactions with the player character

[edit] Interactions overview

General Services Quests
Essential: Yes
  • When companion in casual mode
Companion: Yes
Plays Caravan: No
Merchant: No
Repairman: Yes
  • Repairs up to 100%
Doctor: No
Rents bed/room: No
Starts quests: Yes
Involved in quests: Yes

[edit] Quests

  • Crazy, Crazy, Crazy: Raul can be recruited as part of the quest Crazy, Crazy, Crazy, or simply by traveling to Black Mountain and busting him out.
  • Old School Ghoul: While Raul is an active companion, talk to and exhaust all dialogue options for Loyal, Corporal Sterling, and Ranger Andy. Upon finishing the last conversation, Raul will open up a new dialogue with the Courier. (Note: Obviously, killing any of the non-player characters will cause the mission to fail resulting in Raul's new apparel to be unobtainable, except through console commands)

[edit] Other interactions

  • He is a very competent repairman, but will only offer repairs at his shack, and even then will not offer a discount. He must first be dismissed as a companion ("for the best") before repairs can be done.
  • Before he is a companion he will do repair jobs for free (this bug was fixed by patch
  • Raul has a sweet tooth, and will comment and eat anything sweet put in his inventory like Sunset Sarsaparilla.

[edit] Effects of the player's action

  • If the player obtains Raul as a companion before killing/helping Tabitha, and while listening to Black Mountain Radio, the player will hear Tabitha on the radio say "No! I wont let you take my Raul!" Afterwards the station will no longer play music.

[edit] Endings

This section is transcluded from Fallout: New Vegas endings. To change it, please edit the transcluded page.
# Slide Voice-over narration In-game condition
1 Raul end slide 01.png After a long and eventful life, Raul's luck finally ran out during his time with the Courier. Raul dies.
2 Raul end slide 01.png Still grappling with self-doubt over his usefulness in the face of old age, Raul was never able to find peace with himself. Eventually, he left the Mojave and assumed a new name, as he had done so many times before. Free Raul or acquire him as a companion, do not complete his personal quest Old School Ghoul.
3 Raul end slide 01.png Invigorated by his travels with the Courier, Raul once more took up his guns in memory of his lost Rafaela. Soon after, the Mojave was filled with tales of the ghost-vaquero who hunts down those who prey on the weak. Acquire Raul as a companion and complete his personal quest, Old School Ghoul, by convincing him to become a vaquero again.
4 Raul end slide 01.png Convinced that his time as a gunslinger was past, Raul made peace with the idea of growing old. After traveling with the Courier for a time, he retired and settled down in Outer Vegas, where he would spend his days fixing ancient machinery. Acquire Raul as a companion and complete his personal quest, Old School Ghoul, by agreeing that his time as a gunslinger has passed.

[edit] Inventory

Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Petró-Chico outfit Raul's .44 Magnum revolver
Raul's lead pipe
- -

[edit] Notes

  • Raul is the only character in Fallout: New Vegas (excluding add-ons) who can Repair up to 100% condition, that is not affected by any faction reputation.
  • Like Desmond Lockheart, Raul's mustache survived his ghoulification.
  • Like Jason Bright, Dean Domino, and (if Megaton is destroyed) Moira Brown, Raul's voice is not raspy or hoarse, a trait rare among ghouls.
  • If you ask Raul to Stay Close in regular dialogue, he will say, "Any closer and you'll need a RadAway, boss." Only glowing one ghouls irradiate their surroundings, and not other ghouls, so this is probably his normal sense of humor.
  • Raul is exceedingly difficult to pickpocket, even with aid of a Stealth Boy.
  • All caps you have given him for repairs will vanish from his inventory when/if he becomes your companion again.
  • When Raul is first taken to Jacobstown, he will comment "If these super mutants take us hostage and make us fix toasters for them, it's on you", referring to his time at Black Mountain.
  • When you first meet him you can ask who he is, then, after ending dialog once you can ask him the same question again, where he asks you if you got shot in the head because you forget so fast.
  • He is similar to Vic from Fallout 2 because they are both enslaved, both are repairmen, and refer to the player character as Boss.
  • Raul will complain about his bum knees if given heavy armor to wear.

[edit] Notable quotes

  • "My name is Raul Alfonso Tejada. Can I leave now? Or did you want to come back and ask me again in five minutes?"
  • "<Sigh.> No. No, boss, I'm, a prisoner of the crazy Super Mutant with the wig and the glasses. I was kind of hoping you were here to set me free. Or maybe I'm not a pretty enough damsel for that, huh?"
  • "Sure, boss. I'd be happy to prolong my captivity and psychological abuse to tighten some lug nuts for you."
  • "Sure, boss, the old man will crawl around in the dirt to keep hidden."
  • "Don't worry, Boss, the decrepit old man can carry all your stuff for you. Really."
  • "Hey, I'm one of you! Don't eat me, eat the smoothskin! Oh, uh, sorry boss." (When entering REPCONN Test Site)
  • "If these super mutants take us hostage and make us fix toasters for them, it's on you." (When entering Jacobstown)
  • "I guess hunting ghouls down like they're wild animals is okay. I mean, they're probably going to die anyways, right boss?" (When participating in We Will All Go Together)
  • "It's like looking into a mirror. A tacky, cowboy-festooned mirror." (After talking to Festus)
  • "Right, because a ghoul in a vaquero outfit is really going to blend in with the scenery."
  • "Any closer and you'll need a RadAway, boss."
  • "Ahh, sarsaparilla. That's just what this dry old throat needs."
  • "Questions, boss? You mean you don't know everything there is to know already?"
  • "I can't believe we're allowed inside the Lucky 38. That place has been a legend since before the War..."
  • "Anything to hold your attention, boss."
  • "I'm not much use besides being a portable encyclopedia, really. I guess you could use me as a pack brahmin, but my knees aren't so good any more."
  • "Sure, boss. What do you want to know?"
  • "Always happy to repeat myself for you, boss."
  • "Anything you say, boss."
  • "You're a veritable guyser of curiosity, boss."
  • "{Under heavy strain, being sarcastic}Hey, don't worry about it, boss. The decrepit old man can easily carry all your stuff for you. Really."
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[edit] Non-player character comments

  • "Head voices know smelly ghoul. He old and good with guns." (Nightkin)
  • "Your Ghoul friend better not be radioactive." (NCR civilians)
  • "I've never seen a ghoul up close. Not sure I wanted to." (Boomers)
  • "Your pet ghoul smells like ass." (Fiends)
  • "What a revolting sight. To call that a friend?" (Legion)
  • "Oh good, now I have to put up with the stench of rotting ghoul as well. I hope the air filters are working." (Brotherhood of Steel)
  • "Wouldn't want to live forever if I had to look like a ghoul." (Powder Gangers)
  • "Your pal's one ugly motherfucker." (Great Khans)
  • "I'll never get used to the sight of ghouls." (Followers)
  • "That's one ragged Ghoul you've got with you. Seems like a good guy, though." (Freesiders)
  • "Nice to see a human palling around with a ghoul. I see a lot of people around here avoid them." (The Kings)
  • "Be advised, visitors will be held responsible for the behavior of any non-human sapients accompanying them." (Strip Securitrons)
  • "They let Ghouls into the Strip, now?" (Strip MPs)
  • "All humans are welcome here, even Ghouls." (Outer Vegas denizens)
  • "We tolerate Wasteland savages, as long as they respect our rule around here." (Outer Vegas denizens)
  • "Your friend smells like a bag of rotting meat", "Your friend is one ugly motherfucker!" (General)
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[edit] Appearances

Raul Tejada appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

[edit] Behind the scenes

  • Raul Tejada was written by Travis Stout.
  • His quote about the super mutants asking him to fix toasters is yet another Fallout nod to the strangely useful skill in Wasteland, "Toaster Repair."

[edit] Bugs

  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Unlike other companions, Raul won't walk around while in the Lucky 38, merely standing in the main room to the right of the door until spoken to.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png After fast traveling to a location Raul will occasionally start running away as quick as he can for no reason. Also if you catch up to him up to him you cannot talk to him. To correct this either enter a building (That makes your game load a new area) or fast travel to another location.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png The recon armor helmet seems glitchy and does not fully wrap around his head.
  • PCIcon pc.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png The back of his head clips through many hats and other forms of headgear.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Raul will only repair if you dismiss him and then talk to him in his shack while he is not a companion, and he will ask for caps for the repairs, despite being your follower.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Not sure if this is actually a bug, but Raul won't fight the Legion. During Eureka! he stays by Oliver's compound. He seems to respect what Caesar has done, however, he will fight any Legion kill squads if the Courier has a bad reputation with them.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png When Raul awakens after being knocked unconscious, sometimes he will claim to have had a nightmare of Petro Chico Boy "stealing his chicharrones (spanish for pork rinds)", but the subtitles will incorrectly use the word "chitlins" instead of "chicharrones".
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Sometimes if the player speaks to him in the lucky 38 presidential suite a great khan may spawn the reason is unknown.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png The Desert Ranger combat helmet will glitch, causing the back of Raul's head to be visible through the helmet.
  • PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png By pressing "Take All" when pickpocketing Raul, the caps will still appear in the player's inventory despite being caught. To repeat this again, take him outside his shack and fire him. this means you can get infinite free repairs.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png When leaving a casino, if given a weapon, the weapon's weight will be present, but no item can be seen.
  • PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png If you have Raul as a companion and the "Oh Baby!", knocking him out will lead to him launching into the air upon regaining consciousness.

[edit] References

  1. Raul Tejada: "Raul Alfonso Tejada, aka Old Miguel, former gunslinger, sole survivor of Hidalgo Ranch, and ghost of Mexico City at your service."
  2. Raul Tejada: "I was born in 2047, boss. If you do the math on that, I'm sure you'll get within a decade or so."
  3. Raul Tejada: "I grew up in a place called Hidalgo Ranch just outside Mexico City. It wasn't much, just a bit of farm with a house for three generations of Tejadas."
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  10. Raul Tejada: "My whole family was trapped inside. I smelled the smoke and got myself and my little sister, Rafaela, out though a window, but everyone else...."
  11. Raul Tejada: "My parents, my grandmother, my two brothers and two of my sisters all died."
  12. Raul Tejada: "Rafaela and I ran. We were pursued by some of the men who attacked our home, but I was always a good shot."
  13. Raul Tejada: "The ones who came after us, I killed. The rest, I left be. I had to take care of Rafaela, not throw my life away on revenge."
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  17. Raul Tejada: "I don't think it was as hard hit as DC or Bakersfield, but it was bad enough. By the time we got there, the city was a radioactive ruin."
  18. Raul Tejada: "Still, the city was full of looters, already forming into the beginnings of raider tribes. Crime was bad before the War, but now it was a nightmare."
  19. Raul Tejada: "We were living like scavengers, scraping by on what little food we could find, always looking for medicine for my burns."
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  29. Raul Tejada: "When I found her body, the only way to recognize her was this funny little scar on her knee from when she was a little girl."
  30. Raul Tejada: "Terrible doesn't begin to cover it, boss. I'd let my whole family down - first the ranch, now Rafaela, I was the last Tejada."
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  34. Raul Tejada: "I stayed there for a little while, and I thought a lot about my life. I thought the guns I'd lived by and what they'd gotten me."
  35. Raul Tejada: "I decided my guns hadn't gotten me anything, and it was time to give it up. I took off that old vaquero outfit, and put on a Petro-Chico jumpsuit."
  36. Raul Tejada: "The name tag said "Miguel," so I started using the name myself. Eventually I made it to Arizona... but that's another story, boss."
  37. Raul Tejada: "I left everything when I left Mexico: my home, my family, my name - even my face. I know it's surprising, boss, but I wasn't always this handsome."
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  54. Raul Tejada: "They shot the shit out of me. I would have died, I think, if I wasn't full of rage."
  55. Raul Tejada: "By being a meaner old cuss than the rest of them, boss. I wanted to keep living until they weren't, so I just kept shooting until they were all dead."
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