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For other Robobrains that appear throughout the Fallout series, see Robobrain.
LocationThe Commonwealth

Robobrains are a type of cyborg that have recently appeared in the Commonwealth, and were introduced to Fallout 4 with the Automatron DLC.

Background[edit | edit source]

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Developed shortly before the war by General Atomics International, the Robobrain was designed to accept brains as its central processor. Preserved in biomedical gel, these were officially pulled from the skulls of primates (typically chimpanzees),[1] though unofficially, many were taken from executed criminals, military prisoners, and other hapless subjects.[2][3][4][5] Some brains came from inmates deemed criminally insane, resulting in unstable robots, even when the brain was wiped[6] (Van BurenGametitle-VB.png with CODE). The mind wiping process itself was not foolproof, sometimes requiring a second round of processing.[7] If the extraction process itself didn't damage the brain beyond use.[8] Despite the project's difficulty in acquiring suitable subjects from stock, they were able to create several successful generations of cyborg.[9] Which were deployed in number[10][11] and sold to public-private industries.[12] They were able to handle small arms[13] and some even had a Mesmetron installed, such as for interrogations[14] and less-than lethal attacks.[15] It also had a self repair system onboard.[13]

Robobrains were a secretive project, as such facilities that developed and produced them were hidden from the public. Of particular note is RB-2851, which was constructed under Eagle Hill, East Boston. Operated by the United States Army's Robotics Division,[16] its operation was entirely secretive and compartmentalized.[17][18][19]

There "volunteers" who were transferred from civilian penitentiaries were held in prison cells and psychologically evaluated for candidacy. They were the worst of the worst, murderers both mentally stable and not, some even former military. Subjects with high intelligence and healthy mental state were considered good candidates. Before being implanted into a robotic body, subjects were interviewed to observe how they reacted to their new condition. Candidates who were able to cope with their new condition during the interview were considered feasible. While the long and short term memories of such subjects were flushed before insertion; failed subjects were terminated.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Specifications[edit | edit source]

The Robobrain's chassis is a large, bulky cylinder with two continuous tracks providing mobility. The torso is heavily armored, containing the internal power plant, sensors, and storage. The central processing unit, the brain, is located in a dome mounted on top of the chassis. A pair of flexible extenders emerge from the sides of the torso, with manipulators that boast opposable claws. Together with very precise servomotors and rotator mechanisms, they enable the robot to manipulate its surroundings with extreme precision.

Robobrains are primarily ranged combatants, and have the highest accuracy of all robot types. However, they perform well in melee combat if properly equipped. In addition, Robobrain heads come with an integrated Mesmetron ranged weapon. This weapon causes some damage, but also disorients and can sometimes stun targets. One weakness is that the treads only allow for one armor segment, giving it less armor than other robot types.

While functioning Robobrain heads are nearly impossible to come by in the Commonwealth, there are reports of raiders combining more typical robot heads with the more durable Robobrain torso sections scavenged from any inoperable Robobrains they find. A report just crossed this desk yesterday sighting a group of homicidal robots, including a Robobrain with the legs from a Sentry Bot. Surely this terror-stricken individual has just been exposed to too much radiation. Who would program robots to wipe out entire towns? And who would have access to Robobrain heads after all these years to build such a horrible creation?

Gameplay attributes[edit | edit source]

Although Robobrains were designed to be capable of wielding two-handed firearms, and did so in previous Fallout games, they cannot do so in Fallout 4. Instead, in Fallout 4 they are limited to robot-specific weaponry.

These cyborgs act as lieutenants of the Mechanist's robot army.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Robobrain[edit | edit source]

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Appearances[edit | edit source]

Robobrains are mentioned in Fallout 4[20] and appear in the Fallout 4 add-ons Automatron and Far Harbor.

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