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"Big Jesus" Mordino to 2236
2237 to Abandoned Home (Grayditch)
Abandoned House to Amata Almodovar
Amata Almodovar's dialogue to Ascorti's Ace
Ascorti's Ace and City Hall to Beagle
Beagle's dialogue to Blood Shield
Blood Ties to Broad Daylight
Broad Machete to Calculator's Lair
Calculator's Lair (mission) to Centaur (Fallout 2)
Centaur (Fallout 3) to Civil Defense Administration
Civil War Draft Poster to Cosmic knife Heated
Cosmic knife clean to Dane
Dane Maddams to Denver design document/2
Denver design document/3 to Downed Chinese Pilot
Downloadable Content to Election Day
Election of Day to Example of field operation - Mariposa Military Base excavation
Excalibat to Fallout 3 Companions
Fallout 3 Credits to Fatigue
Fatman to Follower of the Apocalypse
Follower scholar to GRA hunting revolver
GRA hunting revolver match barrel to Giant rat (Fallout Tactics)
Giant rat meat to Gun Runner gunsmith
Gun Runners to Help Me!
Help Murphy make Ultrajet to Hubologist holodisk
Hubologist space shuttle to Ivan dialogue file
Ivanpah Dry Lake to Jo is suspecious of the Slags. Find out about the dead bodies at th...
Jo is suspicious of the Slags. Find out about the dead bodies at th... to Ken-Gar Mining Company
Ken Barner to Laser Pistol (Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel)
Laser Pistol (Fallout: New Vegas) to Little Yangtze log 3
Little Yangtze terminal entries to MVAIRLOC.MSG
MVBSHELF.MSG to Matthew Monaco
Matthew Murakami to Metro access & generator
Metro car to Molerat
Molerat Race Track to NCR Ranger
NCR Ranger (Fallout: New Vegas) to Ninth Circle
Ninth Circle Supply Key to Operation: Anchorage locations
Operation: Anchorage miscellaneous items to Penn. Ave Northwest
Penn. Ave South to Portable Laser Beacon
Portable generator to Psycho (raider)
Psycho Addiction to Raider painspike armor
Raider psycho-tic helmet to Reilly's Directions to Statesman Hotel
Reilly's Rangers to Robot Head
Robot Motivator to Samurai
Samurai's Sword to Security uniforms
See Phyllis to Simu-Sun
Simulation Note to Space ship
Space shuttle to Studious Tinkerer
Stumpy to Tank cannon
Tank gun to The Pitt vehicles
The Pitt weapons to Toolbox
Top Bun to Uncle Leo
Uncle Roe to Vault 11 Survivors (Audio Log)
Vault 11 election guide to Virgin Street
Virgin mary pistol to Whiskey (Fallout: New Vegas)
Whiskey (Fallout 3) to You Gotta Break Out a Few Eggs
You Gotta Shoot'em in the Head to “sneak” critical