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"Big Jesus" Mordino to 2236
2237 to Abandoned Car Fort
Abandoned Home (Grayditch) to Amata's Fate
Amata Almodovar to Ascorti
Ascorti's Ace to Bczeke.msg
Beachview Campsite to Blood Packs
Blood Sausage to Britain
British Army to Cal
Cal Morrell to Celsius
Cenega to Citizenship test
City to Cosmic Knife (Super Heated)
Cosmic Knife Spear to Dana Scully
Dancing Flame to Denton Butterfill
Denver to Double Barrel Shotgun
Double Down to Elder Owyn Lyons -- personal log
Elder intro to Evict the widow
Evil Genius to Fallout 3 (PC)
Fallout 3 (PlayStation 3) to Father Clifford's Key
Father Clifford's key to Folleto
Follow Vault Girl to GRA anti-materiel rifle suppressor
GRA assault carbine to Giant mantis (Fallout: New Vegas)
Giant mantis female to Gun Nut
Gun Robot to Hell's motel
Hellfire Armor to Hub farmer
Hub gambler to It's a Sin
It's a Sin to Tell a Lie to Jimson's dialogue
Jing to Keller Family Refugee
Keller Family Transcript to Larry Fukuoka
Larry Liberty to Little Gecko (Fallout: New Vegas)
Little Gecko (Fallout 2) to MP Trooper Helmet
MP confiscated goods trunk to Matt Killmon
Matt MacLean to Metal cooking pan
Metal cooking pot to Mole Rat Wonder Meat
Mole Rat race track to NCR Frag Grenade
NCR Grenade Rifle to Nightkin sniper
Nightstalker to Operation:Cloacina
Operation: Anchorage to Peabody's dialogue
Peacemaker to Pool cue (Fallout 3)
Pool cue (Van Buren) to Protonic inversal axe
Protonic inversal throwing axe to Raider Wastehound helmet
Raider Wharf to Regional Health Hazards
Regis to Robo-Scorpion Pincer Mk3
Robo-Thor Armor to Sam Glover
Sam Pritchard to Securitron Mk I
Securitron Mk II to Silver sting
Sim Regen Armor to Soundtrack
Source text to Strip Letter 7
Strip Letter 8 to Talon company guard dogs
Talon company mercs to The Pitt Steelyard
The Pitt Train Yard to Tommy
Tommy (Lonesome Road) to Ulysses' Duster
Ulysses' Logs to Vault 101 security armor
Vault 101 security helmet to Vindicator MiniGun
Vindicator Minigun to Weston Lesko's dialogue
Weston Lesko dialogue to Yellow Reactor Keycard
Yellow dog to “sneak” critical