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"Big Jesus" Mordino to 2237
2238 to Abandoned Car Fort
Abandoned Home (Grayditch) to Amata Almodovar's dialogue
Amata Dossier to Ashley Betters
Ashley Cheng to Beagle's dialogue
Beam (Weapon) Me Up to Blood Shield
Blood Ties to Broad Daylight
Broad Machete to Calculator
Calculator's Lair to Cell block
Cell block B key to Citadel Lab
Citadel Lab Armament Locker to Corvega township
Cory Dornbusch to Dan Kingdom
Dan Kobachesky to Den Brotherhood Outpost
Den Brotherhood outpost to Door Override Card
Door component to El Rey Motel
El Rey motel to Evan King's house
Evasion to Fallout 2 promotional items
Fallout 2 quests to Fast Times
Fast Travel to Flower Child (character)
Flower Duet From Lakmé to GRA Laser pistol
GRA Laser pistol combat sights to Giant Albino Rat
Giant Ant to Grudd Bear
Grundel to Heavy Incinerator (Fallout: New Vegas)
Heavy Machine Gun to HouseToolsTerminal3
HouseToolsTerminal4 to Irradiated potato
Irradiated potato crisps to Jet
Jet (Fallout: New Vegas) to Katana authentic blade
Katana balanced grip to Lakelurk king
Lakelurk meat to Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial Poster to MFC cluster (Mad Bomber)(GRA)
MFC cluster (Mad Bomber) (GRA) to Mary Holden
Mary Holden's dialogue to Mesmetron Manual - Summary Page
Mesmetron Power Cell to Mobile Base
Mobile Base Crawler to N80 10mm pistol
N99 to New Vegas treaty
New York to Old World Blues
Old World Blues (Quest) to Pathfinder
Patient to Point Lookout (add-on)
Point Lookout (addon) to Project Purity
Project Purity Journal: Entry 1 to Radscorpion (Fallout)
Radscorpion (Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel) to Red Racer Factory terminal entries
Red Racer Jumpsuit to Rivet City terminal entries
Rivet city to STOREROM.MSG
STR to Sean
Sean (Fallout) to Sierra Madre Vault terminal entries
Sierra Madre Vending Machine to Snowblind Studios, Inc. v. Interplay Entertainment Corp.
Snowblind Studios engine to Stimpak, homemade
Stimpak (Fallout) to TREAD.MSG
TRENT.MSG to The House Always Wins, VI
The House Always Wins, VII to Timmy Neusbaum's dialogue
Timmy The Gnome to Tyler Hinkle
Tyler Morris to Vault-Tec HQ
Vault-Tec Headquarter terminal entries to Vernon East/Takoma Park
Vernon Square to We Will All Go Together
We got the tech, now we need the doc. to XL70E3
XL70E3 (Fallout 2) to “sneak” critical