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"Big Jesus" Mordino to 2236
2237 to Abandoned Car Fort
Abandoned Home (Grayditch) to Amata's Fate
Amata Almodovar to Ascorti
Ascorti's Ace to Bczeke.msg
Beachview Campsite to Blood Packs
Blood Sausage to Britain
British Army to Cal Morrell
Calamity to Cenega
Centaur to City-Killer Combat Shotgun
City-Killer combat shotgun to Cosmic knife
Cosmic knife (Super Heated) to Dandy Boy
Dandy Boy Apples to Denver City
Denver City Police Department to Douglas Finch
Douglas Rappaport to Elder of the Brotherhood
Eldridge to Evil gnome (Gawdy)
Evita Eastwood to Fallout 3 Assault rifle
Fallout 3 Capital Wasteland World Map to Father Elijah's Robe
Father Elijah's Robes to Follower's Outpost
Follower's Safehouse to GRA assault carbine light bolt
GRA baseball bat to Giant radscorpion (Fallout: New Vegas)
Giant radscorpions to Gun Runner Caravans
Gun Runner Gate Key to Help Beatrice in a bar fight
Help Bess the Brahmin to Hubcaps
Hubert to Items
Items.txt to Jingwei's Shocksword
Jingwei's dialogue to Keller Family Transcripts
Keller Family transcript to Larsen
Las Vegas to Little Leaguer
Little Loop to MRHANDYB.MSG
MRHANDYC.MSG to Matter modulator project
Matthew to Metal spoon
Metallic Monks to Mole rat meat
Mole rat meat (Fallout: New Vegas) to NCR Mantle Armor
NCR Mechanized Division to Nightstalker squeezin's
Nightstalker tail to Operation: Anchorage achievements and trophies
Operation: Anchorage ammunition to Pek
Pek's dialogue to Poplar's hood
Poplar hood to Prototype sentry bot
Protoype Mr Gutsy to Raider blastmaster armor
Raider blastmaster helmet to Regulator HQ
Regulator Headquarters to Robo-thor armor
Robo-thor helmet to Sammy
Sammy's Safe Combination to Security Bot
Security Card to Simon Krieger
Simon Krieger dialogue file to South Vegas Ruins West Entrance
South Vegas Ruins west entrance to Strip letter 10
Strip letter 11 to Tamara Young
Tame the Devil Dog to The Pitt bridge
The Pitt bugs to Tommy the Balls
Ton to Ulysses' mask
Ulysses' outfit to Vault 106 Master Key
Vault 106 Overseer to Violet's Head
Violet's Mangled Head to Westside resident
Westside south entrance to YesMan
Yes Man to “sneak” critical