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Meantime and Van Buren apparently unrelated to inXile's plans

Brian Fargo has clarified in a statement to IGN's inquiry that the Meantime and Van Buren trademarks are not related to inXile's future plans. Let the speculation commence.

Brian Fargo registers Van Buren and Meantime trademarks


As RPG Codex has discovered, Brian Fargo inXile Entertainment has registered two new trademarks: Meantime and Van Buren

As many of you probably know, the original Meantime was a time travel cRPG by Interplay using the same engine as the original Wasteland and some of the same development team, which was canceled in the early 1990s. And Van Buren was the codename of the canceled version of Fallout 3, which was developed by Black Isle Studios in the early 2000s.

Does it mean that these ill-fated games will eventually see the light of day, even if in the form of spiritual sequels, like Wasteland 2 and Torment: Tides of Numenera? We'll let you know as soon as we know more!

Source: RPG Codex

Tragic: The Garnering Tournament

Rebirth Edition.png
Rebirth Edition.png

Dear Vault dwellers, this is the Automated Overseer speaking:

We would like to announce that in accordance with Vault Specifications for Card Games and Other Forms of Gambling (unified text from 25th May, 2077), GarouxBloodline has started preparations for a Vault-wide card game tournament: Tragic: The Garnering.

Sign-up in this thread on the forums! If you suspect you are starting to develop symptoms of Tragic addiction, please contact the EML immediately for more information!

Step-by-Step Guides
Visual & Textual Game Examples

Welcome, Competitors!

To the first official tournament for a trading card game known as Tragic the Garnering. For those unfamiliar with TtG, I have written up a short introduction at the bottom of this blog that will help everyone become familiar with the concept, and its relevance towards Fallout and its community. Now, onto the details of the tournament, and what is to be expected.

How to enter:

  1. You must have a registered account! If a bureaucrat is willing to step forward and help check I.P. addresses, then the anonymous are welcome as well, so long as we have assurances that there are no duplicate competitors. Bureaucrats are not to be approached, however; they may volunteer if they are comfortable with helping. The anonymous are also welcome should they identify themselves with a registered account on this wiki.
  2. There are steps that need to be taken before you can begin a match with your opponents. This will require downloading files, which I hold full responsibility for as to their authenticity. If you are not comfortable with downloading files from any particular source, we do have alternative methods available to help suit personal preferences.
  3. Once the first two requisites have been met, one simply needs to to register their name as a comment on this blog. Please structure your comment as follows:
  • Username or nickname (should you be an approved anonymous competitor).
  • A short statement agreeing to show good sportsmanship, by respecting other competitors and alerting the game masters within a reasonable time-frame should you not be able to make it to a match on time, or at all.
  • A declaration of whether you are new, an amateur, or a professional Magic the Gathering player. If you declare yourself as new or as an amateur, also attach a note should you desire extra assistance during matches to help you become better acclimated to the rules and playing board. Our game masters will stand-by, typically through the use of Skype, to help clarify/mediate any questions/incidents.

Now what?

Once you have successfully been registered, you will be given a choice:

1. Choose a pre-built starter deck, which are soundly structured, but also use lesser cards. Colour options are as follows: white, blue, black, green or red.


2. Receive 5 booster packs (50 cards). These packs are random, meaning there is a moderate chance of not being able to create a structurally sound deck using the cards received. Each booster pack holds 1 rare, 2 uncommons, and 7 commons, which will make for a much larger variety of card choice to pull from, and has the chance to provide better cards than what can be found in starter decks. Basic lands are freely available, and as many as you like can be used within your deck (we recommend 20 or less). Each deck must be made up of 60 cards, and only using cards that you received through us (we will keep tabs on which cards each player has available to them).

Time to play!

Now that you have built your deck, I would like to take this chance to explain what you are up against. Every game will be a 1v1 match, in which you will be paired off against random players at first, and then those that fit your same skill-set as you progress up the ladder. Once the champion has been declared, they will face off against me, in which I will be using a specialized deck using cards from our upcoming expansion set. This will be a challenge, as the expansion set will be addressing synergy. But if you manage to beat me, you will also win whichever deck you played against!

  • 3rd Prize - A booster pack and the option to showcase your game within the Hall of Fame.
  • 2nd Prize - A booster pack, the option to have a spoof card made specifically for you, and the option to showcase your game within the Hall of Fame.
  • 1st Prize - A booster pack, the option to have a spoof card made specifically for you, 3 random legendaries in which you may pick one for keeps, and the option to showcase your game within the Hall of Fame.
  • Grand Prize - A new deck made up of cards from our yet to be released expansion set! If you want an early advantage over other players, this is the prize you want to shoot for.

  1. There is a 'save game' function on the playing board that we will be providing for the tournament. Both players need to save their games after winning/losing, and then they need to send in the saved game files to our game masters for review before the next matches are set up. If a competitor forgets to save their game, and should either of the players not consent to the winner/loser, then the player that did not save their game will be disqualified from the main tournament unless exceptional circumstances are involved. However, should other competitors forget, you will be brought back in to fight against each other for a small prize as a thanks for showing an interest in the game. The only set-in-stone exception to this rule is if both players consent as to who won, and who lost.
  2. All players must use cards that were given to them by game masters. Within this tournament, this means you may only use cards received from booster packs or starter decks. If you use a card not given to you from these two sources, within this tournament, you will be disqualified.
  3. Mistakes are made, and sometimes rules are unintentionally broken. If said mistakes are fixed in-game, no points will be deducted. However, major mistakes that are made, and that are not rectified in-game, will result in our deduction of a point from you. For every 5 points exceeded, you will be bumped down from the prize pool positions. For instance, if you win 1st place, yet you have 7 points deducted, you will be bumped down to 2nd place, instead.
  4. Blatant cheating and poor sportsmanship will obviously not be tolerated. Both of these will not only result in your disqualification, but also in your cards being taken back so that they may not be used in future hosted tournaments.

If you are new to Magic the Gathering, or you are unfamiliar with certain rules, I have created a thorough guide to help explain the game to you, which can be found in the guide section at the beginning of this blog. If the guides are not enough, I will make sure to have game masters on the side, through the use of Skype or other similar programs, to act as a mentors/mediators.

  • If you are unable to see the stats of your opponents cards, that means your file is either outdated or corrupted. Please download the file again for the latest version available to the public.

A Brief Introduction to Tragic the Garnering

Tragic the Garnering was first introduced in Fallout 2, as a spoof to the widely popular trading card name known as Magic the Gathering. I have taken that spoof, to create my very own, and free-to-play version of Tragic the Garnering, which pools together elements from all sorts of sci-fi, from games such as Fallout and Wasteland. Utilizing two programs known as the Magic Set Editor and Magic:Apprentice, I have brought this concept to life, and am now releasing Tragic the Garnering for the enjoyment of all wasteland/apocalyptia lovers.


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Hoax News: Fallout: Shadow of Boston


The Hoax Season is upon us, Vault dwellers. A FAKE trademark for a Fallout: Shadow of Boston has been submitted for registration with the Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt, by one Ann K. Ford from Paris, on behalf of Bethesda Softworks. VG247 points out it's consistent with the leaks for a similar title from February, the reality is that the title is misspelled (what company misspells its own flagship title?) and the IMDb listing for it is long gone.

Why were we calling BS on this? Here's the raisins:

  1. No such trademark has been submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and submitting it there first is the general practice of the company (The Skyrim trademark was filed for in June 2010 at the USPTO).
  2. Ann K. Ford (DLA Piper) is the U.S. Chair of the Trademark, Copyright and Media Practice of the company. In Washington, D.C., not Paris.
  3. If it was Bethesda, it would be doing it via DLA Piper UK, as seen in this DPMA entry.
  4. Not to mention, all Bethesda trademarks are registered to its parent company, Zenimax Media, not Bethesda Softworks. Example.
  5. The European Union's Office for the Harmonization of the Internal Market only requires the payment for registration to be made within 30 days of filing, not at the moment of submission. Check it yourself.
  6. Bethesda's next installment will be called Fallout 4 or Fallout IV. That's why Skyrim is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, not The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

Once it's deleted, you can read it here, in case you want to show it to your children.

New digs


Fellow Vault dwellers, Gamepedia has recently underwent a major upgrade into MediaWiki 1.23. Due to the changes introduced, we have also reskinned the wiki into a more minimalist, low maintenance skin. This is the stage one change, but as with all major changes, there can be issues. Your help in locating and identifying them will be greatly appreciated! Please leave your questions, opinions, and queries in comments below or on our Facebook page. Thank you!

No Fallout 4 at GamesCom 2014


As Pete Hines tweets, Fallout 4 is not going to be seen at GamesCom:

Mick @Michael_F1967 @DCDeacon So Bethesda are on a list for Gamescon, apparently its an action-adventure RPG. I wonder what it could be?

Pete Hines @DCDeacon @Michael_F1967 the evil within and eso. now you can stop wondering

Back to patiently waiting!

Bethesda confirmed at Gamescom 2014 with action adventure and role-playing games


As stated on the official GamesCom site, Bethesda Softworks Zenimax Germany GmbH (Bethesda, for short) will attend the expo.

What's the kicker? This:


This exhibitor shows the following products and commodity groups: Click on a commodity group to search for exhibitors of this group..


  • Action / Adventure
  • Role-playing games

Is it Fallout 4? The Elder Scrolls VI? Wolfenstein: The Newer Order? Regardless of the actual reveal, we will keep you posted (and, if possible, be there when it happens).

Classic Fallout games return to Steam


The first three games set in the Fallout world: Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics, all three of which were removed from Steam at the beginning of this year, when the rights to the titles were lost by Interplay and gained by Bethesda Softworks, have now returned to the Steam store.

  • All three games have Steam Cloud enabled for save games.
  • Fallout 1 & Fallout 2 can be launched in either default or classic versions. Default allows for high resolutions and Classic is the original, unmodified release.
  • Fallout Tactics is unmodified. Multiplayer works with direct connect.
  • While Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 can run on Windows 8, Fallout Tactics is not Windows 8 compatible.

Currently, there is no news on whether the games will return to other services, such as

Wasteland 2 localization drive (and tidbits)


It's a dry spell in Fallout news, one that gives the Death Valley a run for its money. But fear not, Wasteland 2 has you covered:

Join the worldwide Wasteland 2 localization crowdsourcing effort!

One of the most common questions asked of us since we started talking about Wasteland 2, even before we successfully concluded our Kickstarter, was “do you guys need any help localizing the game? I can help!”

But I’ve done localization work from a high level enough times to know you can’t just throw people at it and it’ll all work out. So we put our heads together and came up with the best way to use the power of the crowd for our localization in such a way as to still get high quality localized versions of our games.

Stage one of that is what truly involves you, our backers and fans. We have set up a project on Get Localization where anyone willing can sign up to localize the game in French, Italian, German and Spanish. We will provide you with translator instructions and a glossary of terms, and you can dive in and right away start translating from English to your own language. Wasteland 2 is a wordy game, and it’s a massive effort. We’re excited about once again opening up the doors to involve fans directly into the game making process like this.

Once the bulk of this work is done like this, our plan is to then hand this to professional editors in these languages, who will do editing passes to fix errors, clean up stylistic inconsistencies. This way we’ll ensure the end product is of the quality we should expect for Wasteland 2.

Thank you for your involvement!
Matt Findley
inXile President

Our Get Localization Project Page

Is there a minimum time investment required?
There is not! Sign up and however much you’d like to translate, we’re thankful for.

How much guidance do we get?
Inside the project page we include links to the translator instructions we are using for this project, as well as an indepth glossary of terms.

What languages will you be localizing this way?
We are localizing the game in French, Italian, German and Spanish with this method. Polish and Russian localizations are of course still planned, but they will be done by Deep Silver so we won’t be using this method for those.

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Fallout tidbits 01-2014

Fallout tidbits.png
Fallout tidbits
The Fallout tidbits are a summary of various minor articles and newsbits concerning Fallout games.
If you want to propose a link to be included in the next tidbit post, simply post it in a comment under this one.

It's a slow time in Fallout news and certainly not enough to warrant a separate newspost for each. Here's a quick summary of the latest developments, starting with the most important Fallout 4 information.

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Curse partners up with Bethesda for The Elder Scrolls Online beta key giveaway

Curse TESO Key Giveaway.png

While we normally don't post about The Elder Scrolls series, this is something well worth noting., our host, has partnered with Bethesda Softworks for an exclusive beta key giveaway for their new MMO game. That's right, Curse is the only place where you can obtain a beta key for The Elder Scrolls Online.

The giveaway is available under this address. A word of explanation: For the first two days, the giveaway is limited to Curse Premium account holders. But don't worry, after these 48 hours, the giveaway is free and open to all for the next five days.

Going to Tamriel? Make sure to follow our Facebook feed to know when the giveaway clears.

Chris Avellone interview at RPGamer

Chris Avellone 2009.jpg

RPGamer's Johnathan Stringer interviews Chris Avellone about his career and what games he would love to make. Naturally, a large part of the interview on Fallout series: Van Buren (and the respective PnP game), Fallout 3, and Fallout: New Vegas.

JS: Changing gears to the Fallout series, you were working on Van Buren which was to become Fallout 3.

CA: Ah yes, good ol' Van Buren!

JS: Yes, there is not really a lot known about this game, how far along were you in development?

CA: Well, I should start off by saying Van Buren went through two stages. One was a very long pre-production period where I was basically the only one working on it for about three to three and a half years. Then Baldur's Gate III was cancelled at Interplay, and the entire Baldur's Gate III team moved on to Van Buren. A few months later, I left Interplay, and Josh Sawyer took over the second iteration of Van Buren. So, for the first part of Van Buren, I was doing area design, pen & paper testing, and checking out mechanics like trying to figure out how ghouls would work as a player character race and super mutants and such. So yeah, there were a lot of mechanics development, a lot of storyline development, and area development. But in terms of actual gameplay aspect, I believe that the vertical slice/demo done proving out some of the basic navigation mechanics were as far as it went, and there were a lot of area design documents. But Van Buren hadn't gone much beyond that and would probably be more of a question for Josh.

JS: Van Buren looked to have an isometric view and gameplay style as was in the first two Fallouts, were you bitter at all about how that plan was cancelled and eventually turned into a 1st or 3rd person shooter RPG? And, though it was well received, do you think the series should have stayed in that same isometric view style?

CA: I am not bitter at all. Actually, Fallout 3 wasn't ever the reason Van Buren was cancelled. Van Buren was cancelled because management didn't feel it was a viable title compared to console titles, and Van Buren was going along the lines of just being a PC only title. Which, you know, had been the case for quite some time before they decided to cancel it. So, I am a little upset they reached that decision somewhat late, but my disappointment is geared towards Interplay's decision and not anything related to future Fallout installments.

I do think Bethesda had a huge challenge with Fallout 3 because they had to remind people what Fallout was, and they had to reintroduce people to the world, which I thought they did a really great job with it. I think, for example, you growing up as a vault dweller, and how they handled that, was a good introduction to the world. I liked their open world mechanics as I think exploration is a big part of the Fallout universe and Fallout 3 did a really great job of doing that. So yeah, I played Fallout 3 and really enjoyed it a lot, and I played the DLCs and enjoyed those, and am really happy to see where they take Fallout in the future.

JS: Well you must have liked Fallout 3 as you worked on the follow up Fallout: New Vegas. Were there some elements of Van Buren that found their way into New Vegas?

CA: Yes! There were so many that crept in. And oddly enough, a lot of it came out of the pen & paper sessions that we were running at Interplay. A lot of the personal conflicts the player characters were having in those sessions that I was game mastering actually ended up as plot lines in New Vegas. Like, the whole idea of the Stealth Boy technology can drive super-mutants and nightkin insane was something we had running in the pen & paper campaign. The Big Empty that we had for Oldworld Blues, that was also a part of Van Buren, although it was more like a military bootcamp in that version. We had the Hoover Dam, and it was set up like this whole floating city that had been built around the dam on one side, and that was moved into New Vegas, although it evolved into a different fashion. We just had a whole bunch of stuff from Van Buren that we brought over into New Vegas, though it just ended up changing design-wise over time, and evolving into cooler and better things.

Source: RPGamer via RPGWatch

Partnership with ShoddyCast's Fallout Lore series

We are proud to announce that, thanks to our very own Tagaziel, starting from Chapter 3: Brotherhood of Steel (West Coast) The Vault is the official fact checking partner of ShoddyCast's wonderful Fallout Lore webseries. We are certain that with this partnership the series will grow even better. Below you can watch the latest episode. Please like it. :)

And one more little thing. As you may have noticed, the main page once again features the link to our Google+ page. The page is once again active and is now merged with our YouTube channel. So add it to your circles and give it +1. Thanks. :)

Fallout 3 no longer needs GfWL codes on Steam


According to Gstaff, Global Community Lead, the Fallout 3 update removed the need to activate GfWL codes for Fallout 3 copies purchased on Steam:

Steam simply removed the need to activate GFWL codes when purchasing Fallout 3 on Steam.

Original story

As Joystiq reports, key elements of Fallout 3's integration with Games for Windows Live were removed by a recent Steam update. These are SupportsCDKeyCopyToClipboard, ShowCDKeyOnLaunch, and entries concerning legacy key registration.

Apparently, these are enough to shoot the kneecaps off of Microsoft's dying DRM scheme. Bethesda has yet to issue a statement on the matter or remove the GfWL client from the game entirely, as it will still be installed along with the game on Steam.

Source: Joystiq

Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics removed from GOG

Sadly, Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics have been removed from the catalogue due to the settlement of the Bethesda vs. Interplay lawsuit. The rights to the classic games are now entirely owned by Bethesda. We're still hoping they might re-release them in the future! The games can still be downloaded if you purchased them before.


Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics for FREE


If you never played the classic Fallout games, now you have no excuse not to play them. offers Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics completely free for the next 48 hours. All you need to do is register an account. Go!

Kotaku leaks apparent Fallout 4 casting call


Kotaku leaked documents that allegedly cover a casting call for Fallout 4. The contents of the documents released by Kotaku are fairly interesting, though they raise a couple of questions:

  1. A voiced main character has never been included in Bethesda Game Studios', except for Redguard.
  2. This would be the first game (excluding Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel) where the intro narration is not read by Ron Perlman, uncharacteristically for Fallout.
  3. How did the author confirm the authenticity of documents if Bethesda declined to comment?

As usual, we encourage skepticism. This may be legit or this may be the author of hoax releasing their script to Kotaku. Stay tuned for more information.

Casting 01.png Casting 02.png

In the meantime, we hear the Wasteland 2 beta is here...

Survivor2299 was a hoax

Tunnel Snakes Rule.jpg

After nearly a month of the Fallout fan base buzzing about with rumors about a new Fallout game from a mysterious web address, The Survivor 2299 has taken a turn, likely to throw the fan base – redditors especially – into a riotous uproar.

On December 6, 2013, five days before the countdown was scheduled to end, the site initially produced a YouTube video to Rick Astely's "Never Gonna Give You Up", but was soon updated to a non-cryptic "THAT'S IT TUNNEL SNAKES" and a YouTube remix of Butch DeLoria's catchphrase, "Tunnel Snakes rule!" Soon after, the website linked to another YouTube video; this time, a single violin, dismally lamenting. The site also thanks r/Fallout, "the most amazing community on reddit." The website was constantly re-updating, taking the blame off people that could be construed as having been involved in the openly admitted hoax. Among these pardoned are YouTube user 'Elevated Level', Butch DeLoria, Polish web designer Pytor, Liam Neeson and creator of

Whether you were hanging on the website's every sporadic update or speculated it was a hoax from the beginning, we all learned a valuable lesson: always take too-good-to-be-true developments with a grain of salt. Oh, and also that the Tunnel Snakes apparently rule.

The Survivor 2299 update - Nothing Happened


As you may have noted, the first countdown on the Survivor website ended. That must be exciting, right? Well, not quite.


The above message appeared on the site, after it crashed and burned. The message has been decoded by /r/fallout and means:


There is also a new Morse code:

Calling all stations, calling all stations, calling all stations. This is Overseer of Vault 119. Emergency. Unknown enemy. SOS SOS SOS. Vault 119. Quabbin. 7667. SOS SOS SOS. Vault 119. Quabbin. 7667. Enemy unkno-

Such drama. Cue thunder clap.

The Fallout 4 European trademark is a hoax


As CVG reports, the Fallout 4 European trademark registration is apparently a hoax and has been removed from the OHIM website. It seems we'll have to wait for our Fallout 4 a while longer.

Source: CVG via No Mutants Allowed
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