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11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

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Mentioned-only faction
11th Armored Cavalry Regiment
Blackhorse Regiment
TypeArmored cavalry regiment of the United States Army
HeadquartersFort Irwin
Relations and associations
ParentUnited States Armed Forces
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Allons! (let's go!)

— 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment's motto

The 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment (Blackhorse Regiment) was a United States Army unit stationed at Hopeville and Ashton before the Great War.


Constituted on February 2, 1901 as the 11th Cavalry Regiment of the Regular Army, the 11th was organized on March 11, 1901 at Fort Myer in Virginia. Its long and meritorious duty record included conflicts such as the Philippine-American War, Cuban Pacification, Mexican Expedition and World War II.

Their final duty before the Great War was protection of the ballistic missile facilities in Hopeville and Ashton. Equipped with the latest in combat armor technology, they were used to contain the protests of the local hippie community at Hopeville. Protesting against the Sino-American War and the military-industrial complex, the protesters were arrested and shipped to Big Mountain to serve as test subjects for the various technologies contained within.

After the Great War, armor and weapons belonging to the regiment were eventually reused by NCR troops deployed to the Divide.

Behind the scenes


The player can find advanced armor that once belonged to regimental troops in Lonesome Road.