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The 12 gauge shotgun shells are types of ammunition in Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and Fallout Tactics.

Background[edit | edit source]

The most common type of shotgun shell, 12 gauge rounds are the de facto standard for shotguns across the wasteland, corresponding to an 18.53mm/.729 bore. Purebore ammunition is the most popular and most durable shell brand to hit the wastelands after the Great War, loaded with leaden pellets that can take down humans, mutants, and monstrosities with equal ease. All shells have a print reminding the users that they are not for use by children under 3. Shoot responsibly![1]

Variants[edit | edit source]

12 gauge shotgun shell, buckshot[edit | edit source]


The industry standard for shotgun shells, filled with regular leaden pellets.

12 gauge, 4/0 buck[edit | edit source]

Shotgun Shell.png
Gameplay article:

A specialized type of shotgun ammunition, using just four large pellets in place of the regular seven. This makes them more powerful and more accurate.

12 gauge, 4/0 Buck Magnum[edit | edit source]

Shotgun Shell.png
Gameplay article:

A variant of the 4/0 buckshot ammunition. Not only does it use four large lead pellets, it is also loaded with a larger than usual powder load, resulting in better damage and penetration.

12 gauge, bean bag[edit | edit source]

Shotgun Shell.png
Gameplay article:

A specialized shotgun shell, where the lead shot is contained within a fabric "pillow". Said pillow is filled with lead shot and is designed to deliver a non-penetrative blow that will cause minimal long-term damage, but will cause the body to spasm violently, stunning and immobilizing the target. A long term favorite of law enforcement agencies, bean bags are perfect for subduing targets, though care should be taken as they can still cause actual trauma to unprotected targets.

12 gauge, coin shot[edit | edit source]

Shotgun Shell.png
Gameplay article:

A near-legendary method of loading shotgun shells, originating from the 19th century wild west and tall tales of gun fighters. In the Mojave, shotgun users use Legion denarii to prepare these shotgun shells. They replace regular lead pellets with these coins, adding an additional pellet to the shot. Legion denarii can sometimes survive impact and be found in the victims. Naturally, coin shot is also a very expensive type of ammunition, both for the denarii inside and the novelty value.

12 gauge, Dragon's Breath[edit | edit source]

Shotgun Shell.png
Gameplay article:

An exotic type of shotgun ammunition, the leaden pellets are loaded with a charge consisting primarily of magnesium pellets and shards. When fired, they ignite creating a short-lived torrent of fire which sets the target alight for five seconds.

12 gauge, Magnum[edit | edit source]

Shotgun Shell.png
Gameplay article:

Standard 12 gauge shotgun shells loaded with a higher than normal amount of gun powder, resulting in higher pellet velocities, increasing the amount of damage dealt to the target. However, the load also puts more stress on the weapon components, resulting in faster weapon deterioration.

12 gauge, pulse slug[edit | edit source]

Shotgun Shell.png

A specialized variant of ammunition, with the tip of a Brenneke-style slug replaced by a device designed to release an electromagnetic pulse on impact. This contraption is particularly well suited against power armor and robots.

12 gauge, slug[edit | edit source]


The 12 gauge slug is a Brenneke-type solid lead slug cast with outside fins, allowing it to deform in the shotgun barrel and fly in a stable trajectory. As it is a single projectile, the slug focuses all the power of a powder load is transferred to it, resulting in excellent accuracy and range.

12 gauge, flechette[edit | edit source]


A specialist variant of the shotgun shell, with the standard leaden shot replaced by five metal flechettes, originally designed to kill snipers hiding in dense foliage. These arrow-like projectiles trade a minor reduction in damage for excellent penetration of targets. Furthermore, the shells are designed in a way that allows them to be fired near-noiselessly. As such, using them is like using silencer on regular weapons.

12 gauge, rubber[edit | edit source]

Gameplay article:

Ammunition. 12 gauge shotgun shells, rubber.

12 gauge (junk)[edit | edit source]

Sourcebox default.pngThe following is based on the JSawyer mod and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

A makeshift shotgun shell loaded with scrap in place of leaden pellets. The uneven profile and subpar composition of the pellets make it an ammunition of last resort, which is still better than nothing.


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    "{9501}{}{Shotgun ammunition. This particular ammo is marked: "12-gauge shells, not for use by children under the age of 3."}"
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