631.08 Hz ULF radio signal

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631.08 hertz ultra low frequency radio signal is a radio "station" that can be listened to in the Sierra Madre. It allows the player to eavesdrop on Dog/God.

Content[edit | edit source]

Act 1[edit | edit source]

Conversations[edit | edit source]

Dean[edit | edit source]
  • [D] "Used to know a ventriloquist with more skill than you, at least he had the sense to know his own name without carving it into his chest."
  • [G] "Mirrors tell me my name when needed... and I have a name for you, several. Thief, coward... showman. Radiation couldn't kill the truth, could it."
  • [D] "The truth, buddy, is this: you and me, we're now family as long as we got these bowties on. So watch your mouth, you don't scare me."
  • [G] "Touched by radiation, and you choose to spend your time here. You could have just left... but you're too obsessed to let go."

Dog[edit | edit source]

  • "{Himself}So hungry."
  • "Don't like this place. Want to go back, {quieter} back to the base. {Beat, quiet} Or the Church, miss the Church."
  • "{Himself, a little scared} Insides growling."
  • ":: Mournful whining to self ::"
  • "{Hushed, whispering, looks around}Hope the voice doesn't come back. Mean. Bad."
  • "{Rocks on legs}Where is Master? Did he go away? {Apologetic}Dog will be good this time."
  • "{Slight disgust}Swallowed something bad. Taste like burnt wires."
  • ":: Stomach rumbling.::"
Waiting[edit | edit source]
  • ":: Impatient Growl ::"

God[edit | edit source]

Player is not around[edit | edit source]
  • "Can't believe the idiot swallowed his collar."
  • "What's taking that human so long. "
  • "{To himself}If that human wasn't wearing a collar..."
  • "Wonder what that human's insides would look like laid out over the fountain."
  • "{To himself}Might be able to rip the Pip-Boy off his arm without killing him. Hmm."
With the player[edit | edit source]
  • "Air tastes like copper. {Beat, smiles}Or Old World gold."
  • "Almost got away... then the idiot's hunger screws it up."

Act 2[edit | edit source]

Conversations[edit | edit source]

Dean[edit | edit source]
  • [D] "Sierra Madre's mine, my heart's right where it belongs."
  • [G] "{Taunting}You can't abide it. There's no heart. You hate it, I can hear it in your words."
  • [D] "Sounds like you need your hearing checked. Sierra Madre, it's meant for me."
  • [G] "You could have left the Sierra Madre. Left this Villa, joined your own kind."

Dog[edit | edit source]

Waiting for the Gala[edit | edit source]
  • "Where are lights. Dog want to see the lights."
  • "Can't wait to see the lights."
  • ":: Impatient Growl ::"
  • "{Scared}Hurry up, Dog doesn't like being here."
  • "{Crude rhyme}Got to go... Casin-oooo."
  • "Didn't... we do this before? Can't remember."
  • "Want show and lights and yelling to start."
Gala[edit | edit source]

The following lines are played, if the player was nice to Dog at the switching station

  • "{Hypnotized by light show in sky}Lights and fire."
  • "{Quiet}Pretty."
  • "{Frowns}Lots of noise."
  • "{Curious}Where is Master? Did Master make fires in the sky?"
  • "{At festival}:: Delighted clapping ::"

The following play, if the player forced Dog to stay

  • "Nooooooooooo!"
  • ":: Howling, frightened. ::"
  • "Let me out, let me out!"
  • "Noise hurts, noise {emph}hurts!"
  • "Streets are hurting my ears!"
  • "Too bright, too bright."
Trapped at the switching station[edit | edit source]
  • ":: Weeping. ::"
  • ":: Whimpering ::"
  • ":: Howling in frustration ::"
  • "Please let me out."
  • "Dog is sorry, sorry, sorry."
  • "What did I do?"
  • "Let me out, let me out!"

God[edit | edit source]

Asked to do his job at the switching station[edit | edit source]

The following are played, if Dog was persuaded

  • "{To himself}Quiet, Dog, stay in the cage."
  • "{Urgent}Hurry, we're targets out here."
  • "Almost inside. Finally. {Beat, himself}Then I can get rid of the baggage."
  • "{Disgust}Sick of these Old World deathtraps."
  • "{Low, eager}The Sierra Madre's almost mine."
  • "{Snarling}They better not try and leave me here..."

The following, if he was forced to do it

  • "{To himself}When this festival fires, I'm the first one in the door."
  • "Last time I ever deal with human trash..."
  • "After the Bomb, still slaves to technology, events, Pip-Boys, collars... hnnnr."
  • "I'll whip you for this, Dog. I'll crush your cage with you inside it for making me go through this."
  • "All this - if I get inside the Sierra Madre, it's all worth it. All of it."
  • "As soon as those collars go off... we'll settle things, yes."

Gala[edit | edit source]

  • "{Surprised}Hnh. The human pulled it off."
  • "Just like last time. Come on, Dog, you know the drill."
  • "Gate won't be open for long."
  • "Need to stay out of sight... can't afford to be distracted now."
  • "What the Old World saw in these light shows is beyond me."

God hates player:

  • "{Impressed}The human did it. {Evil}Good."
  • "Not going down like last time - Dog, you're staying in the cage."
  • "Time to get to the gate, "friends" or no friends."
  • "{To himself}Fires and speakers are going to bring the Ghost People out in full."
  • "{Eager}Coming for you, human... you just wait."
  • "Madre's mine."

Act 3[edit | edit source]

Setup[edit | edit source]

Dog and God's personality are waging war on each other in these lines - they blend the words as they fight back and forth.

— Developer comment
  • "{1 - Sad, sing song}...going to make casino burn, no more being..."
  • "{2 - "No more being..."}...back in the cage. Stop what you're doing, we can..."
  • "{3 - "we"}...can hear you now. {Beat, cold}Not much longer, not..."
  • "{4 - snarling, "you're not..."}...listening to me. {Frustrated, furious, emph}Tired of being your minder, tired..."
  • "{5 - "tired"}...of putting Dog to sleep, he wakes up in cage, hungry, Dog wants..."
  • "{6 - "wants"}...to protect you, always wanted to protect you, the reason I have to take control is..."
  • "{7 - "The reason I have to take control is..."}...Master. Master set me free, Dog needs to..."
  • "{8 - "You need to"}...listen to me. {Sudden moment of weakness, slight plea}If you do this, we {emph}both..."
  • "{9 - "We both"}...die. Dog wants to die. Don't care anymore, tired of you, tired of place. Master will..."
  • "{10 - "Master will"}...help us. Please let me help us. If you don't, then you're..."

Dog personality dominates[edit | edit source]

  • "{1D}Hello? Voice? You there? {Waits, deliver this as a snarl}It's Dog...{confused}...Dog can hear himself. Voice is... is in cage? Locked. "

This is after God's personality has been buried. The end should start sounding dangerous, like it may not have been the right thing to do.

— Script notes
  • "{2D - Frowns, building determination}Now Dog speak. Now Dog not afraid. {Beat}And... {frowns}hungry. {Emph}More hungry."

This is after God's personality has been buried. This should be an uh-oh moment, as the player realizes this may not have been a good thing to do.

— Script notes
  • "{3D - Slightly unsettling here}Dog find food... tear apart food, eat. Chase it down, can't run, feed. Finally, until Dog is full."

God personality dominates[edit | edit source]

  • "{1G}I... {chuckles, not unkindly, more relieved}he's asleep. Finally. {To himself}Shhhhhh."

God is being genuine here... all he wanted to do was keep Dog out of harm's way.

— Script notes
  • "{2G - Tired, serious, no malice}Dog... all I wanted was for you to listen to me, let me care for you. Keep you from hurting yourself..."
  • "{3G - Stronger, to himself}Now I can. And one day, when you're ready, I'll let you out. When you're calm, and we... understand each other. "
  • "{4G}And we're at peace, you and I, mind and instinct. Then the world will be ready for us."

Merged[edit | edit source]

This is delivered in God's voice, but he's calm, and both God and Dog have been submerged, this is same voice, different personality.

— Script notes
  • "{1B}What is this place? "
  • "{2B}Feel strange, like... sleeping. On my neck, is this... a chain? I... {recognition, looks down and sees the name carved there}what's carved on my chest."
  • "{3B}"God." No... not God. Something in reverse... hnh. Was that one of them...?"
  • "{4B}Should rest, get my strength back... then explore this place, see what it holds."