Ancient Blade

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Ancient Blade
Fo4 ChineseSword.png
TypeOne-handed melee weapon
DamageLevel 1: 10
5: 16
15: 21
25: 26
35: 31
45: 36
Damage TypeBallistic
Attack RateMedium
Weapon Modification
Weapon Versions
  • Base variant
  • Other
    Editor IDMTR05_ChineseOfficerSword

    Ancient Blade is an unique melee weapon in Fallout 76.

    Background[edit | edit source]

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    These swords are made in the style of 7th century Jian double edged straight swords. Produced by the People's Liberation Army specifically for use by its officers and issued in the Sino-American War, many were captured and came to the American home front as souvenirs – some even found their way into fifth columnist hands. Since the Great War, these weapons have become an uncommonly used by wastelanders and raiders alike.

    Characteristics[edit | edit source]

    Despite their touted quality, Chinese officer swords are surprisingly inadequate at what they do: They are comparable to ancient revolutionary swords, and even switchblades or combat knives are a viable alternative. Still, the swords can be modified to include a serrated or electrified blade (or both), which greatly improve their damage. Other bladed weapons lack these combined options, forcing to choose between improved damage or electric/stunning attacks.

    Modifications[edit | edit source]

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    Mod Effects Crafting
    Serrated Blade

    Targets bleed. Exceptional damage.

    • Damage: +15%
    • Causes targets to bleed
    • Value: +40%
    • Weight: +20%

    2 Oil
    No Upgrade


    Locations[edit | edit source]