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Anders' dialogue
Game Information
Data FileFalloutNV.esm

Dialogue file table[edit | edit source]

Dialogue file
Topic AndersRot I think you're better off where you are. Hang around, I'll be back. {In agony}No! God, please! VMS46_AndersRot_00142A98_1
Topic VMS46vRRCAndersTopic001 Good luck on your journey. Thanks. See you around. VMS46_VMS46vRRCAndersTopic_00142A9F_1
Conversation GOODBYE Goodbye. Goodbye. {In Agony}No, please! Don't leave me here! VMS46_GOODBYE_00142AA9_1
Conversation GOODBYE Goodbye. Goodbye. So long. VMS46_GOODBYE_00142AAA_1
Topic AndersCross Who did this to you? {In agony}Unh... Legion caught me. Said this... was the penalty for drug runners. Please... let me down. VMS46_AndersCross_00142AA3_1
Topic AndersCross Who did this to you? A Legion patrol caught me trying to cross the river. When they found the, umm, package I was carrying, they strung me up there. VMS46_AndersCross_00142AA4_1
Topic AndersDrugs You're smuggling drugs? {In agony}Please... for the love of God, let me down! VMS46_AndersDrugs_00142AA0_1
Topic AndersDrugs You're smuggling drugs? Well, not exactly. More like... trying to expand our markets. I heard there was a lot of untapped territory down south, but the Legion caught me. VMS46_AndersDrugs_00142AA1_1
Topic AndersFree Let's get you down from there. Unnnh. VMS46_AndersFree_00142A9C_1
Topic AndersJackandDiane Are you Anders? Jack and Diane sent me to look for you. {In agony}Thank God. Let me down, please! VMS46_AndersJackandDiane_00142A9A_1
Topic AndersJackandDiane Are you Anders? Jack and Diane sent me to look for you. They did? Heh. Probably mostly Jack's idea, he always was the soft touch. VMS46_AndersJackandDiane_00142A9B_1
Topic AndersJackandDiane Are you Anders? Jack and Diane sent me to look for you. Thanks. You've saved my life, and done the Great Khans a huge favor. I'll be heading back to Red Rock Canyon now - maybe we'll see each other there. VMS46_AndersJackandDiane_00142A9B_2
Topic VMS46vRRCAndersTopic000 Actually, I have a few questions first. Okay, but keep it quick. I'd like to get out of here before the Legionnaires come to check on me. VMS46_VMS46vRRCAndersTopic_00142AA2_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {In agony}Unnnh... please... help me. VMS46_GREETING_00142AA5_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Thanks for getting me down from that cross. I owe you one. VMS46_GREETING_00142AA6_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Thanks again for saving my ass. VMS46_GREETING_00142AA7_1