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Andrew Endicott's dialogue

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Andrew Endicott's dialogue
Game Information
NPCAndrew Endicott
Data FileZeta.esm
Gametitle-FO3 MZ.png
Gametitle-FO3 MZ.png

Dialogue file table

Dialogue file table
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo01 DLC05CaptiveHolo1 What? Talk into this thing? Just... talk? I don't have to do anything else? DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_00009A05_1
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo01 DLC05CaptiveHolo1 DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_00009A05_2 ALIEN
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo01 DLC05CaptiveHolo1 Ow! All right! <Zap!> Ow! I said all right! Just stop! DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_00009A05_3
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo01 DLC05CaptiveHolo1 Hello. Um... hello. My name is Andrew Endicott. DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_00009A05_4
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo01 DLC05CaptiveHolo1 On the night of May 17th, the year our Lord 1697, I was... I was taken. From my home in Salem Village. DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_00009A05_5
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo01 DLC05CaptiveHolo1 I... I do not know where I am, exactly, or why I came to be here. DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_00009A05_6
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo01 DLC05CaptiveHolo1 I have seen, through... windows... the stars, and sun, and beloved Earth. Down there, below me. DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_00009A05_7
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo01 DLC05CaptiveHolo1 So it would seem I am aboard some vessel, suspended in the ether. Ironically, it would seem, so close to where I thought Heaven must surely lie. DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_00009A05_8
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo01 DLC05CaptiveHolo1 But this is not Heaven. And my captors are not angels. I am not entirely unconvinced that the scripture is wrong. That Heaven and Hell are reversed. DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_00009A05_9
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo01 DLC05CaptiveHolo1 For my captives are devils. Demons from my nightmares. Even now they watch me, make me talk. DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_00009A05_10
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo01 DLC05CaptiveHolo1 They seem to want me to tell my story. I know not why. A record of their deeds, perhaps? Or am I just a pawn in some... some evil game. DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_00009A05_11
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo01 DLC05CaptiveHolo1 And there are others. Other... captives, I mean. From whence they came I cannot say. DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_00009A05_12
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo01 DLC05CaptiveHolo1 Some wear strange dress, as if they are from... a different time. And some are... frozen! As in ice! Unmoving! But, I think... alive. DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_00009A05_13
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo01 DLC05CaptiveHolo1 I believe they plan the same fate for me. Will I be frozen, too? Will I... DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_00009A05_14
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo01 DLC05CaptiveHolo1 DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_00009A05_15 ALIEN
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo01 DLC05CaptiveHolo1 Ow! Stop it! I did what you said! You wanted me to talk, so I talked! Just leave me! Leave me be! DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_00009A05_16
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo05 DLC05CaptiveHolo5 DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000A881_1 ALIEN
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo05 DLC05CaptiveHolo5 Oh god, what are you doing to me? What's that thing? Get it out of me! DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000A881_2
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo05 DLC05CaptiveHolo5 Ahhh.... that hurts... oh, please... stop... no.... <grunting> DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000A881_3
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo05 DLC05CaptiveHolo5 <growling noises> DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000A881_4
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo05 DLC05CaptiveHolo5 DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000A881_5 ALIEN
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo07 DLC05CaptiveHolo7 Private Lawrence Mears, U.S. Army Medic, Serial Number 3476511. DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000A980_1
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo07 DLC05CaptiveHolo7 DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000A980_2 ALIEN
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo07 DLC05CaptiveHolo7 Private Lawrence Mears, U.S. Army Medic, Serial Number 3476511. DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000A980_3 Say it more deliberate... defiant.
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo07 DLC05CaptiveHolo7 DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000A980_4 ALIEN
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo07 DLC05CaptiveHolo7 AGH! Fuck! You... can do what...ever you want to me... I'm not saying jack sh...Stick it where the... sun don't shine... DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000A980_5 In extreme pain... torture.
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo07 DLC05CaptiveHolo7 DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000A980_6 ALIEN
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo07 DLC05CaptiveHolo7 AGGGH! Oh my g... P-priv.. ate Law-lawrence M..mea..rs. U.S. Ar...army M-m-m...edic... DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000A980_7 Extreme pain, under extreme torture.
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo07 DLC05CaptiveHolo7 DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000A980_8 ALIEN
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo10A DLC05CaptiveHolo10A Just take it easy. If they wanted us dead, we'd be dead. They must need something from us. DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000A97D_1 Responding to: "What are we gonna do? They just threw me in this..."
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo10A DLC05CaptiveHolo10A Hey! I said, calm down! If they hear you they may come for us. Try and take it easy! DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000A97D_2 Responding to: "Yeah! They need us for FOOD or something!..."
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo10A DLC05CaptiveHolo10A I said to SHUT UP! <slap>... I'm... I'm sorry I did that. Please, forgive me. But we need to keep our heads on straight if we're going to survive. DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000A97D_3 Responding to: "NO! GET US THE HELL OUT OF HERE!..." <Slap> SFX is a face being slapped.
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo13 DLC05CaptiveHolo13 Our defenses consist of 3 battalions of light infantry, 34 pieces of field artillery, 108 armored vehicles and 42 aerial vehicles. DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000AA35_1 in trance like state
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo13 DLC05CaptiveHolo13 DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000AA35_2 ALIEN
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo13 DLC05CaptiveHolo13 We have 38 ICBM's always on alert and ready to fire when the word is passed down from the White House. DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000AA35_3
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo13 DLC05CaptiveHolo13 DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000AA35_4 ALIEN
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo13 DLC05CaptiveHolo13 The codes to activate the launch sequences are... are... uhhngh.... no... I can't let you... uggh... get out of my mind! DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000AA35_5 break out of trance mid way through and attempting to resist
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo13 DLC05CaptiveHolo13 DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000AA35_6 ALIEN
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo13 DLC05CaptiveHolo13 Agggh! The c-codes... are... ugh.... no... I can't betray... AGH! My head! I can't... won't... AGGGGH! Agggh... DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000AA35_7 fighting off a machine trying to make you tell truth... screams of pain and death at the end.
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo13 DLC05CaptiveHolo13 DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000AA35_8 ALIEN
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo16 DLC05CaptiveHolo16 DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000A951_1
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo16 DLC05CaptiveHolo16 Oh man... what did you... why can't I feel my arms... DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000A951_2
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo16 DLC05CaptiveHolo16 ...wait... are those... are those MY ARMS? WHAT DID YOU DO? OH GOD, PUT THEM BACK! PUT THEM BACK ON! DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000A951_3
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo16 DLC05CaptiveHolo16 DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000A951_4
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo18 DLC05CaptiveHolo18 DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000AC00_1 ALIEN
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo18 DLC05CaptiveHolo18 <sobbing> DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000AC00_2
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo18 DLC05CaptiveHolo18 Please.... just please, let me go... DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000AC00_3
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo18 DLC05CaptiveHolo18 <mechanical sounds> DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000AC00_4
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo19 DLC05CaptiveHolo19 DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000AC01_1 ALIEN
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo19 DLC05CaptiveHolo19 <Mooing> DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000AC01_2
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo19 DLC05CaptiveHolo19 DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000AC01_3 ALIEN
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo19 DLC05CaptiveHolo19 <Mooing> DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000AC01_4
Topic DLC05CaptiveHolo19 DLC05CaptiveHolo19 DLC05Gener_DLC05CaptiveHol_0000AC01_5 ALIEN
Topic RCTopicPaulieAddict Did you know that Paulie Cantelli is an addict? He's totally strung out. It's going to kill him one of these days. DialogueRi_RCTopicPaulieAd_00095A92_1