Ashley Cheng (Point Lookout)

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Mentioned-only character
Ashley Cheng
Biography and appearance
LocationTurtledove detention camp
Mentioned inPoint Lookout
QuestsThe Velvet Curtain
Gametitle-FO3 PL.png
Gametitle-FO3 PL.png

Ashley Cheng is a skeleton in 2277.


Ashley Cheng is a deceased person that can be discovered unceremoniously within the morgue at the Turtledove detention camp. More specifically, Cheng's body can be discerned as hidden away inside of one of the morgue's drawers.

Behind the scenes

This "Ashley Cheng" is a reference to Ashley Cheng, the production director for Fallout 3.


Ashley Cheng is mentioned only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.