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Atomic Shop

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Atomic Shop is an in-game micro-transaction shop that offers a selection of cosmetic elements for purchase, including skins for equipment and workshop items, player icons, gestures, and so on and so forth. All purchases are made using Atom Points, which can be purchased in bulk or earned by playing.

Purchases made using the Shop are intended to fund the continuing development of Fallout 76 content. To avoid unbalancing the game, the items are all cosmetic in nature, with no gameplay effect.

Atom Points[edit | edit source]

Atom Points are the currency of the Shop and are earned naturally by completing challenges in the game. They can also be purchased in four different packages for real money.

Available items[edit | edit source]

Character and photomode customization
  • The Shop includes a number of additional emotes, poses, facial tattoos, and photo frames for use in the photo mode in Fallout 76.
Material modifications
  • The Shop offers a number of material modifications that can be applied to various types of armor and power armor at workbenches, giving them a cosmetically different appearance. Some of the mods, such as Mothman paint for power armor and camouflage paints for combat armor, can be used to trick other players much like real-life camouflage works.
  • PIP-Boy skins are also on sale.
Wearable items
  • The Shop also offers a selection of unique furniture and furniture skins for purchase.