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Backwoodsmanhighpoly 01.png

Thrilling, true stories FOR RUGGED MEN!

— Tagline

Backwoodsman is a magazine in Fallout 76.

Background[edit | edit source]

Appearing once a month and available for a measly $35, the Backwoodsman was a sensationalist rag aimed at survivalists, running a variety of stories ranging from the barely plausible to completely bizarre. However, there are nuggets of wisdom hidden among the stories, especially once Appalachia became... Decidedly more bizarre on account of all the mutations.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Finding an issue of Backwoodsman will temporarily give you a unique bonus, like cheaper weapon crafting or increased healing from cooked food. All bonuses expire after 30 minutes.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Issue Contents Effect Location
Backwoodsmanhighpoly 01.png

  • Black Market Knives to Impress Your Lover
  • Owls Came for Me in the Night
  • GET OFF MY LAWN! "It was like the Alamo... with bears."
  • Constructed turrets deal 50% more damage
Backwoodsmanhighpoly 02.png

  • Turn Your Urine into Malt Whiskey
  • Lost and Snake Bit!
  • Down Home Cookin'; Who's Left and Who's Leftovers?
  • +50% healing from cooked food
Backwoodsmanhighpoly 03.png

  • Homesteading Horror!
  • "Darn, I'm Trapped in a Dam!"
  • Beaver Attack Blues; "They weren't just deadly... they were industrious!"
  • Repairs to Settlements cost 50% less materials
Backwoodsmanhighpoly 04.png

  • Guano to Gunpowder
  • Rabies... Schmaybies!; Beat Blood Borne Diseases Faster
  • Hardy as a Sasquatch; 36 Days of Eating Vampire Bats
  • 50% reduced chance to become diseased from food and drink
Backwoodsmanhighpoly 05.png

  • Home in the Hills: "I started a buzzard brawl!"
  • Carnivorous Rabbits of Appalachia
  • Taxidermy Feature: Making the Most of a Carcass
  • Hunger and thirst restored by 30% more when eating food or drinks
Backwoodsmanhighpoly 06.png

  • The Appalachia Squirrel Massacre: Tree-Rats Attacked My Lover
  • Special Feature: I Survived for 10 Days Eating My Own Fingers
  • Are You a Machete Man? (Page 28)
  • +15% damage to animals
Backwoodsmanhighpoly 07.png

  • I Chopped Off My Hand!
  • Turn Your Chest Hair Into a Rope
  • Curse of the Mountain Voodoo Man
  • Art of the Tomahawk: Ancient tribal secrets, revealed
  • +50% damage with Tomahawks
Backwoodsmanhighpoly 08.png

  • The Gunsmith of Harper's Ferry
  • Self-Surgery 101: Where and where not to cut
  • Kidnapped by Commies! (page 19)
  • Crafting weapons now costs 50% fewer materials.
Backwoodsmanhighpoly 09.png

  • Queen of the Piranhas: Terror Down River!
  • "I killed a bear with a PORCUPINE!"
  • Collect extra meat when you search dead animals.
Backwoodsmanhighpoly 10.png

  • Nightmare in the Garden
  • Raised on Wolverine Milk
  • Whiskey Feature: Clean your bullet wounds without sacrificing flavor
  • 50% chance for double yield when harvesting plants.

Gallery[edit | edit source]