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Basic Sentry Bot (Fallout 4)

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Basic Sentry Bot
Fo4 Sentry Bot.png
A Sentry Bot scanning
Basic StatsLevel: 30
Perception: 10
Base health: 750

Basic Sentry Bot is a robot in Fallout 4.


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The heaviest class of combat robot in the United States military, the sentry bot sacrifices speed and maneuverability for sheer resilience and overwhelming firepower. While the Assaultron is designed for melee combat and the Mister Gutsy is a jack-of-all-trades, the sentry bot's purpose is to engage the enemy at range with a variety of weapons, including miniguns, Gatling lasers, rocket launchers, and even back-mounted cluster grenade launchers, while its thick armor and multiple redundant systems allow it to survive extended engagements. It's commonly considered to be one of the most dangerous robots ever created and RobCo Industries' finest fighting robot. Late models are also provided with the ability to self-destruct to prevent enemy from recovering the robot.[1] Early sentry bot models were issued serial numbers in the SB-#### format (model, then serial), with later models transitioning to the standardized alphanumeric registration in the ABC-###### format.[2]


The sentry bot has been modified extensively and now presents a significant threat all around. While it is equipped with arm-mounted minigun and rocket launcher combination, its true asset is its protection and speed. It can rapidly maneuver across the battlefield and close distance with frightening speed to use its weapons with pin-point accuracy. It is also capable of charging at the enemy, using its sheer weight to deliver plenty of damage on contact. Fortunately, its mobility causes a buildup of heat and it has to temporarily shut down and vent its fusion core at regular interval. Forcing it to exert itself and exploiting these few seconds of vulnerability is key to defeating it. A couple of pulse munitions help too.


  • 35 Court: Guarding the power armor spawn.


  1. Fallout 4 loading screen hints: "The Sentry Bot is one of the most dangerous combat drones ever created, and utilizes a variety of heavy weapons systems to destroy its enemies. Upon death, it erupts in a devastating explosion."
  2. Serial numbers in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.