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Battle for Boston Airport

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Battle for Boston Airport
LocationBoston International Airport, Boston, Massachusetts
ResultDecisive victory
Establishment of a main headquarters for the BoS in the Commonwealth
Involved parties
Brotherhood of Steel (Eastern division)Fo4 Eastern Division BoS Flag.png Brotherhood of Steel (Eastern division)Feral ghouls
Arthur MaxsonNone
Brotherhood of Steel soldiersFeral ghouls
NoneAll above ground ferals
Connected events
Part of:
Brotherhood of Steel expedition to the Commonwealth
Battle of Fort Strong

The Battle for Boston Airport was the culmination of the Eastern division of the Brotherhood of Steel's expedition to the Commonwealth.



In the years before 2287, the Brotherhood sent two reconnasaince squads, Artemis and Gladius to gather intelligence about Boston and the surrounding area. Artemis went silent by 2287, but Gladius was still operational. During the latter half of the year, the Prydwen under full VB-01 Vertibird escort came from the west, over Fort Hagen township and downtown Boston and docked at Boston International Airport.


The Brotherhood's first goal in the Commonwealth was to establish themselves a headquarters to support further operations, but the facility was infested with feral ghouls. To this end, the assault on the airport was their first combat mission in the region. The Vertibirds provided fire support to the teams to hit the ground, slaughtering dozens of ferals that roamed to locale. They then proceeded to hunt down the remaining ferals and ghouls running away.[1]


After the guns fell silent, the Brotherhood docked the Prydwen above the terminal and fortified the surrounding location with barricades. With their headquarters established above the airfield, they could get to work taking the fight to the mutants of the wasteland, as well as The Institute.


The Battle for Boston Airport is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


  1. The Sole Survivor: "What about Clarke?"
    Lucia: "We joined the Brotherhood around the same time, about two years ago. We've always been friends... well, until recently."
    The Sole Survivor: "Why? What happened?"
    Lucia: "It was... it was after the battle."
    The Sole Survivor: "The battle?"
    Lucia: "The battle for the airport. It was our first real combat mission. It was something to see. The Prydwen coming in under full Vertibird escort, guns blazing. We were one of the first teams to hit the ground. Dozens of ferals. We opened fire and cut them down, then hunted the ones that tried to run. It was everything I had hoped for. But Clarke... he hasn't been the same since. It's like he's just given up. Since then, I've noticed him slipping off by himself, once or twice a day. I never thought much of it, but... Do you think you could follow him? See what he's doing? His shift should be over in a few minutes. Maybe it's nothing. But... I'm worried about him."
    (Lucia's dialogue)