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Battle of Bunker Hill

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For the quest in Fallout 4, see The Battle of Bunker Hill.
Battle of Bunker Hill
FO4 Bunker Hill.png
LocationBunker Hill, Boston
DateAfter or during 2287
Involved parties
The InstituteInstitute flag.png The InstituteBrotherhood of SteelBoS logo.png Brotherhood of SteelThe RailroadFo4 Railroad Flag.png The Railroad
Sole Survivor (optional)
Sole Survivor (optional)Sole Survivor (optional)
Gen-2 synths
Brotherhood KnightsRailroad heavies
Connected events
Part of:
War for the Commonwealth

The Battle of Bunker Hill is a post-War engagement that can occur between the Institute, Railroad, and Brotherhood of Steel at the settlement of Bunker Hill, if the Sole Survivor elects to complicate their assignment by informing the Brotherhood and/or the Railroad as to the Institute operation.


With the retrieval of the synth from Libertalia[1] the Survivor has proved that they are not, at least, a zealous ally to the Railroad or the Brotherhood. X6-88's after-action report led Father to conclude that their parent was ready for a more challenging mission, one that would also clear any doubt as to where their loyalties lie. The mission entailed the retrieval of four synths recently taken by the Railroad to a safehouse at Bunker Hill. Provided with the recall codes and a Courser escort, the Survivor only had to enter the Hill, locate the synths in the underground lock-up, and remove them into Institute custody.[2]


The Battle only occurs if the Survivor is on friendly terms with the Brotherhood or the Railroad and elects to inform them of the Institute reclamation. Elder Arthur Maxson will consider it a golden opportunity to send a message to the Institute and order the immediate eradication of the four synths, putting the Survivor in charge of the mission. In all likelihood, without the Survivor's report, the Brotherhood would not have been able to intercept this operation.[3] Desdemona will instead ask the Survivor to extract the synths and prevent their death or recapture.[4]





Behind the scenes

The Battle is named after the namesake of the monument itself; the first Battle of Bunker Hill, in 1775 during the American Revolutionary War.


The Battle of Bunker Hill takes place in Fallout 4.


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    Sole Survivor: " I have something urgent to report, Elder. The Institute is attempting to recover escaped synths at Bunker Hill."
    Arthur Maxson: "How did you obtain this information? Our reconnaissance hasn't reported anything of the sort."
    Sole Survivor: " I received the information from the Institute itself."
    Arthur Maxson: "And you've done the right thing by reporting this to me directly. Well done, soldier."
    Maxson: Your report provides us with a golden opportunity to state our intentions to the Institute. I'm placing you in command of this mission. Exterminate the synths at Bunker Hill, and whomever the Institute sends to retrieve them. Maxson: I'll instruct Kells to assign you the appropriate backup. "
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