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Battle of Fort Strong

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Battle of Fort Strong
Fort Strong sign.jpg
The entrance of Fort Strong
LocationFort Strong, Boston, The Commonwealth
ResultDecisive Brotherhood victory
Capture of Fort Strong from super mutants
Transferal of Fat Man munitions to the Prydwen and Boston Airport
Involved parties
Brotherhood of Steel (Eastern division)Fo4 Eastern Division BoS Flag.png Brotherhood of SteelInstitute super mutants
Elder Arthur Maxson
Paladin Danse
The Sole Survivor
Brotherhood of Steel supporting Knights and Paladins
One flight of VB-01 Vertibirds
One super mutant behemoth
Super mutant
MinimalAll super mutants
Connected events
Part of:
Brotherhood of Steel expedition to the Commonwealth
Battle for Boston Airport

The Battle of Fort Strong was a military conflict fought between the Eastern Division of the Brotherhood of Steel and the super mutants occupying Fort Strong in 2287.



After the Prydwen moored itself in Boston Airport, it became abundantly clear that the super mutant horde across the harbor was a serious issue. More than merely being mutant abominations within spitting distance of the Brotherhood headquarters, Fort Strong was a weapons development facility before the Great War, best known for developing the Fat Man and mini nuke munitions. These stockpiles would be an incredible boon for the Brotherhood, prompting Elder Maxson to order that they be secured.[1]


A flight of VB-01 Vertibirds departed from the Prydwen and headed southwest to Fort Strong on the tip of the peninsula. The super mutants immediately engaged the Vertibirds, as well as the troops being dropped off. The knights and paladins advanced through the testing range remains and up the hill to the fort's armory. The Sole Survivor swept through the facility and exterminated all of the super mutants inside before being dismissed by Paladin Danse back to the Prydwen.[2]


Following the battle, the Brotherhood logistics division secured the munitions kept in the Fort Strong Armory, and a squad was dispatched to watch over the fort.


The Battle of Fort Strong appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Arthur Maxson: "Now that you've familiarized yourself with the Prydwen's crew, are you ready for your next assignment, brother/sister?"
    The Sole Survivor: "What sort of assignment are we talking about?"
    Arthur Maxson: "The kind of assignment where all of the training you've done finally begins to pay off. Let's get right to it then, shall we? Take a look over there. That's Fort Strong, and it's infested with Super Mutants. Having those aberrations of nature close enough to smell is making me sick to my stomach. To make matters worse, they're sitting on top of a massive stockpile of Fat Man shells we could use in our campaign. I want you to head over there, wipe out everything that moves, and secure that stockpile. Understood?"
    The Sole Survivor: "Consider it done."
    Arthur Maxson: "Look, I realize you're eager to take the fight to the Institute, but it will have to wait. The Brotherhood cannot allow those abominations to have a nuclear arsenal at their fingertips. Now... we have a vertibird on standby, fully armed and ready to depart. Use it to carry our message to Fort Strong and wipe those dirty mutants from the face of the earth. Dismissed."
    (Arthur Maxson's dialogue (Fallout 4))
  2. Show No Mercy