Battlefield holotape

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Battlefield Holotape
FO4 Holotape.png
QuestsThe Lost Patrol
Editor IDBoSM01_HolotapeVarham
Base ID000b1dbc

The battlefield holotape is a personal holotape entry in Fallout 4.

Location[edit | edit source]

This particular tape can be discovered on the corpse of Knight Varham.

Transcript[edit | edit source]


Paladin Brandis: ...ambushed on the road. We're outnumbered five to one! Varham, report!

Knight Varham: Core's down to 5%!

Paladin Brandis: We'll have to scuttle the armor. We can't let them-

Knight Astlin: Varham!

Paladin Brandis: Dammit! Astlin, set the self-destructs! Faris, fall back! We'll head for the old military base, then try to make it to our holdout. The code will be our callsign. All right, move! Move! Move!

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