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For the Fallout compendium, see Fallout Bible.
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The Bible (also known as the Holy Bible) refers to a collection of books written thousands of years prior to the Great War of 2077. Few complete editions of the book are known to have survived in the wastelands. One such possible appearance, however, is seen in 2281 in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts, where Joshua Graham is shown reading what appears to be a Bible when he is in the Sorrows Camp after the quest "Deliverer of Sorrows", and also appears as an acquirable item for the player called Scripture. It is also known that New Canaanites use the King James version of the Bible.[1] But due to its relative thinness, it is unlikely to be a complete edition of the Bible.

However, many instances exist where remnants of the text still appear in the Fallout world. One such instance is a quote from one of these books, the Book of Revelation, is the favorite quote of Catherine, the mother of the Lone Wanderer. Sometime after her death, her husband James frames the quote in a picture frame. In 2259, James introduces his child to the quote.


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