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The mosquitoes that inhabited the wetlands east of the Appalachianswere mutated since the Great War and have become a capable predator in Appalachia. Around the size of a dog, bloodbugs attack by stabbing their knife-like proboscis into soft tissue. Although they feed upon the blood of their victims, they will also often spray this blood back into their prey's eyes to distort their vision.[1]


Bloodbugs are typically encountered in moderately sized swarms, ranging between 2-6 individuals. In addition to their standard attack of thrusting with their proboscis, they can also use a poison that slowly drops one's health. Furthermore, if they are successful in impaling a target and sucking up a portion of its blood, the mutated insect will spray the blood back into the prey's face, distorting their vision for several seconds.

Like other creatures, they rely mostly on outnumbering their prey and attack from all directions. They are agile in the air and can easily dodge gunfire, making automatic fire a better choice; even melee attacks are somewhat more useful to score a successful attack, even if it does put one in range for feeding. However, once a bloodbug loses enough hit points, it will quickly flee the fray and depend on the other bloodbugs to pick up the slack.




  1. Fallout 4 loading screen hints: "Not only do Bloodbugs suck the blood of their victims, but they will often shoot it back at them, causing distorted vision."