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Bob Andersteen

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Mentioned-only character
Bob Anderstein
Biography and appearance
AffiliationAnderstein family
FamilyUnnamed wife
Unnamed son
Dialogue FileBob Anderstein's dialogue
Mentioned inFallout 3

If anyone can hear this, this is Bob Andersteen. My family and I have taken refuge in a drainage chamber not toQuoted verbatim, error appeared in the original sourceIcon sic.png far from a radio relay tower outside of DC. My boy is very sick and needs medical assistance, please help us if you can! We are listening for your response on 3,950 kHz.

Bob Andersteen is a character heard on the Oscar Zulu frequency originating at the radio station of the same name.


At the time of the transmission, his son was very sick and he was using a radio frequency to call for a doctor to come to his family's sewer hideout. The Lone Wanderer can pick up the frequency and discover the sewer only to find that the family is long gone. It is likely they put the signal on the air just after the bombs fell. There are two adult sized skeletons on the floor of the Relay tower KX-B8-11 drainage chamber.


Bob Andersteen is mentioned only in Fallout 3.