Bob Stanson

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Bob Stanson
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Biography and appearance
RaceHuman (pre-War)
Ghoul (post-War)
AffiliationDunwich borers LLC
RoleStation manager 1
LocationDunwich borers
Base ID00000000Ref ID00000000

Bob Stanson is a feral ghoul that can be found within the Commonwealth, in Fallout 4.

Background[edit | edit source]

Bob Stanson was formerly the project manager at station 1 within the lower levels of the Dunwich borers quarry excavation prior to the Great War. Due to his personality, in which Stanson tended to overly complain about the work conditions he was forced to work with, Tim Shoots and the Dunwich management decided to enact a trap for Stanson and the other station managers, near station 4, in order to keep them from finding out what was really going underneath the quarry. By the time that the Sole Survivor discovers the sacrificial chamber where Stanson and the others were trapped, they are discovered to have been turned into feral ghouls, who will attack on sight.

Interactions with the player character[edit | edit source]

Interactions overview[edit | edit source]

This character has no special interactions.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Icon armored vault suit.png
Assault carbine icon.png
Icon briefcase.png
Carried items
Icon male severed head.png
Drops on death
No additional items

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Bob Stanson appears only in Fallout 4.