Bobblehead - Medicine

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Bobblehead - Medicine
Bobblehead Medicine.png
"The smart man knows a bandage only hides his wounds."
Effects+10 Medicine permanently
QuestsFuture Imperfect

Trouble on the Homefront
Base ID00038950

Bobblehead - Medicine is a Fallout 3 quest item.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

This Vault-Tec bobblehead permanently raises your character's Medicine skill by 10, to a maximum of 100.

Location[edit | edit source]

The bobblehead is located on your father's desk, in Vault 101's clinic. It can be obtained during Future Imperfect, Escape!, or Trouble on the Homefront, but after all three quests are complete, the Vault will be permanently sealed (unless all people in the vault are killed or the vault is sabotaged). In Trouble on the Homefront, it will be on a small cart in front of the blood spattered window.