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Bobblehead - Big Guns

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Bobblehead - Big Guns
Bobblehead Big Guns.png
Big Guns icon.png
"The best way to win an argument is to be the loudest."
Effects+10 Big Guns permanently
Base ID00038906

Bobblehead - Big Guns is a Fallout 3 quest item.


This Vault-Tec bobblehead permanently increases your character's Big Guns skill by 10, to a maximum of 100.


  • In the basement of Fort Constantine's CO Quarters.
    • To reach it, kill the protectron which is usually found there and then proceed down into the basement. As you go down you will see an open safe on your left (literally open, not just one which has been unlocked). The bobblehead can be found standing in the safe along with a few other items and some caps.