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Book return terminal is a generic Fallout 4 terminal.

Book Return Terminal[edit | edit source]

Creation Kit ID

Here you can return any Overdue Books you may have in your possession, as well as spend any Book Return Tokens you have accrued on an assortment of fun items.

Make your selection below:

Return Overdue Books[edit | edit source]

Creation Kit ID

Yes[edit | edit source]

No[edit | edit source]

Spend Tokens[edit | edit source]

<Alias=Item01 - 09> | Cost:<Global=DN011OverdueBooksItemCost01 - 09> Tokens | <Global=DN011OverdueBooksItemCount01 - 09> Remaining[edit | edit source]

Creation Kit ID

This option allows the player to redeem various, terminal-specific items for the tokens they've gathered.