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Biography and appearance
Hair Style?Hair ColorHairColor20ChestnutBrown
AffiliationBosco's gang
LocationD.B. Technical High School
Dialogue FileBosco's dialogue
Tag SkillsraiderClass
Editor RaceHumanRace
Editor IDDN028_LvlRaiderBoss
Base ID001262daRef ID0007e17e
Editor FactionsDN028_RaiderBossRoomFaction
Special Head GearMaleMouthHumanoidDirtyTeethMissing

Bosco is a raider leader at D.B. Technical High School in 2287.


The brutally effective leader of the warband camped out at the high school was once a more or less regular raider warlord (well, as regular as they can be in the wasteland), who masterminded the takeover of Boston's downtown districts, by hitting the strongholds of other raider clans. Bosco came closer to controlling downtown than any other raider leader, in no small part thanks to Torque and his rabid mongrels. Their penultimate target, Shamrock Taphouse, was taken without them firing a single shot: Cleaver, one of Bosco's men, jammed the locks on all the exits, then Torque let his mutts loose inside, tearing the raiders limb from limb.[1]

However, Bosco's rise to power was interrupted by an accident involving Torque's mutts. One of them attacked Bosco at Back Street Apparel, nearly biting his arm off. Although they still took the shop, the warlord was forced to shoot the dog and then promptly tortured Torque to death for letting the dog attack him in the first place. However, Torque had the last laugh, as Bosco slowly succumbed to the sickness he contracted from the dog bite.[2]

Bosco started blacking out periodically and experiencing violent mood swings. Eventually, delusions and paranoia set in as the infection attacked his brain. Bosco started believing that his own raiders were trying to off him and killed three of them after they suggested he take a break. Paranoia drove him to believe that they were poisoning his water, so he started relying on the one source he thought was safe: The water in the basement. The leeching heavy metals and other contamination did not help his condition.[3]

They worsened it. As Bosco deteriorated, his blackouts became all the more severe, culminating in periods of intense violence perpetrated on his own men. He brutally killed them, then went to sleep and woke up covered in blood with no recollection. He blamed it on the beast lurking in the basement (his ailing mind misconstrued a damaged mascot head as one) and repeatedly sent his men to hunt for the beast, torturing them to death if they tried to claim it wasn't there.[4]

Finally, the raiders wisened up and brought him the mascot head. Rather than accept it, his decaying mind decided it was time for his gang to make a statement and let the other gangs know who the real monsters are.[5]

Perhaps it's for the better that Eleanor, a former associate of Bosco, kept her distance and enjoyed retirement south of Boston.[6]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

This character provides miscellaneous services.

Bosco is the dungeon boss.


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Mascot head
Randomized raider apparel
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Carried items
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Drops on death


Bosco appears only in Fallout 4.