Boxing Times

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Boxing Times
FNV Boxing Times full.pngBoxing Times.png
Icon Boxing Times.png
Effects+10 Unarmed for 60 seconds

Comprehension: +20 bonus

Retention: Duration +120 seconds
Base ID000ec4b0

Boxing Times is a skill magazine in Fallout: New Vegas.


A pre-War magazine aimed at fans of boxing, the most commonly found issue is the one focusing on Alvin Nelson, AKA the Red-Brick Kid. The magazine includes an exclusive 8 page feature in full color detailing the Kid's coming of age. It also covers the story of Everts' decision to defeat the Kid in the ring and a scandalous report on gambling in boxing, penned by Joe King.

In game terms, the magazine raises the player character's Unarmed skill by 10 points for 60 seconds. Comprehension doubles the bonus, to 20, while Retention triples the duration of the bonus, to 180 seconds.


Closest map markerLocation description
Boulder CityBottom of the mining equipment.
GoodspringsGoodsprings Gas Station, on a shelf.
H&H Tool FactoryOn reception desk in entrance room.
JacobstownJacobstown Lodge, in an upstairs room on a small table. Up the right hand staircase, back room on the left hand corner; on a small table on the left.
Lucky 38In an upstairs bar next to the Golden Gloves.
South Vegas RuinsZapp's Neon Signs, along with Lad's Life next to Nuka-Cola Quartz in upstairs office on shelf.
Techatticup MineOn a shelf in a cage with an NCR prisoner.
The King's School of ImpersonationThird floor, on the table in the bedroom.

Behind the scenes

  • The boxers on the cover appear to be Muhammad Ali and Jerry Quarry, composited by the texture artist.[1]