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Brad Boyles
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GamesFallout: New Vegas
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During my time at Obsidian Entertainment as an Environment Art Intern, I got the fantastic chance to work on the last three DLC add-ons for Fallout: New Vegas. While much of my early work there was "invisible art" such as creating custom collision meshes for pre existing art in the game or prop LOD's, I did later on get the chance to do a little art creation, world population, and lighting for DLC's number 2 and 3. Needless to say, working with the designers there on my areas was an amazing opportunity, and I learned a ton from my time there. I hope you enjoy this small sample of work I did for the game! :)

— Summary of his work

Jonatan Lopez is a 3D asset and environment artist who worked on Fallout: New Vegas DLCs. His notable contributions include the cliff graffiti depicting Joshua Graham and populating/lighting DLC areas in the Big MT, such as the Securitron de-construction plant, X-17 meteorological station and Z-43 innovative toxins plant.

Employment history[edit | edit source]

20112012Obsidian Entertainment3D Asset/Environment Artist

Credits[edit | edit source]

Fallout series[edit | edit source]

YearTitleCredited as/for
2011Honest Hearts3D Asset/Environment Artist
2012Old World Blues3D Asset/Environment Artist
2012Lonesome Road3D Asset/Environment Artist