Bradberton Amphitheater terminals

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This page lists Bradberton Amphitheater terminals.

Mason's Terminal[edit | edit source]

text= Header
Welcome text

If you aren't Mason, and you're reading this, better start running!

Mags[edit | edit source]


She lets her Operators off leash too often. Some of mine gone missing. I'm sure they're the reason. Don't mind all that much. Culls the Pack of weaklings and morons. But if it don't stop soon, I'll need to start letting mine off their leashes, too. Might get ugly.

Nisha[edit | edit source]


I don't know how she keeps her crazies in line. And what's with the all masks? I mean, yeah my guys got them too, but they take them off once in a while. I ain't never seen a Disciple without something covering their face. Well, not a live one anyway.

Gage[edit | edit source]


Gage is running out of time. If he don't address this Colter situation, one of us is gonna do it for him. And it's likely gonna be me. I wouldn't mind running this place. Mags, Nisha, and their crew might need to have an accident. Don't think they'd like taking orders from me. I'll need to think of something clever or their guys are gonna pin it on me.

Colter[edit | edit source]


Dead. Goodbye. Ain't gonna miss you.

New Overboss[edit | edit source]


Not sure yet. Gonna give it a chance and see what shakes out. Best step up to bat, or there's gonna be a beat down. I can't believe all it took was a damn squirt gun and Colter went down like prey. Clever.

BORED!!!![edit | edit source]


Think I'm done with this stupid thing. Why did I even start typing this stuff into this dumbass machine. Now I need to figure how to delete everything. Wait. Got an idea!

BIG HUGE REWARD!!!![edit | edit source]


Congratulations! If you are reading this, come see me. I got something really special planned for anyone able to hack my terminal. It's to die for!