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Brahmin milk

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Brahmin milk is a white liquid produced by the mammary glands specifically from Brahmin. It is the primary source of nutrition for its young before they are able to digest other types of food. Early-lactation milk contains colostrum, which carries the mother's antibodies to its young and can reduce the risk of many diseases. It contains many other nutrients including protein and lactose. Cultivated by humans for consumption[1][2] – assuming they know which utter to manipulate[3] – it may also have anti-radiation properties.[4][5]


  1. The Chosen One: "{138}{}{What's on tap?}"
    Lydia: "{145}{}{We have synthetic beers and liquor...vodka-H, tequila derivatives W and W2. Oh, and water. And brahmin milk. Beer or liquor is ten bucks, water or milk's three bucks.}"
    The Chosen One: "{152}{}{Brahmin's milk.}"
    Lydia: "{156}{}{The brahmin milk's not on tap...well, not exactly. I'd have to go out and snag some really quick.}"
    The Chosen One: "{157}{}{That's fine. I don't mind waiting. I just feel like having a refreshing glass of milk. Mmmmm-mmm. That would really hit the spot.}"
  2. Fallout Bible 9 Brahmin: "Brahmin are mutated brahmin cattle with two heads. If you just said, "hell, I thought brahmin were something from India," well, you'd be right. A bunch of brahmin made their way to the states long ago[1] for crossbreeding purposes. When the bombs fell, brahmin grew two heads. They are quite hardy. They are also a delicious toasty brown, as you'll notice in the picture to the left. They attack by head-butting or trying to gore someone with their horns, so brahmin-tippers beware. For some reason, only the left-most brahmin head has horns, which raises some curious gender identity issues.[2]"
    "Brahmin serve a vital environmental niche in Fallout - they form the foundation of survival for many species in Fallout, most notably, humans. They also form the backbone of the NCR economy. They also form the backbone of the New Reno "NCR brahmin rustling" economy. Brahmin can pull carts, old cars, plows, and dead bodies. Brahmin can be driven into herds then used as stampedes on rival tribal villages which is better than a Delayed Blast Fireball any day of the week. Brahmin can be worshipped. Brahmin hair can be woven into bags and ropes. Brahmin hide can be stretched over wooden or metal rods to make canoes, if you're into that sort of thing. Brahmin sinew can be used for bowstrings or thread for stitching. Brahmin shit is great fertilizer (and fuel for campfires). Brahmin meat is delicious - well, only because no one in Fallout knows what a succulent Pre-War steak used to taste like. Brahmin are a source of milk that is like modern day milk, yet terrifyingly different. Brahmin can be tipped over. Brahmin bones can be used as clubs, knives, arrowheads, eating utensils, hoes, or even dice, and their skulls look really scary dotted all over the desert landscape. Their horns can be turned into drinking horns if you feel like getting medieval. Brahmin can be used to distract a hungry deathclaw. Brahmin fat makes decent soap. Their hide can be used to make tents (or tipis/teepees), clothing, belts, saddle bags, shoes, leather armor, or a bizarre brahmin-looking disguise so you can sneak up on other brahmin and listen to their conversations. You can also use their tails as fly brushes or paint brushes, depending on your level of artistic talent."
    "There are domesticated brahmin and wild brahmin. PCs are encouraged to approach wild brahmin like they would a domesticated brahmin, because the end result is amusing for the Overseer."
    "Wild brahmin can forage for themselves, and they can be found across the wastes, gathered into small herds, wandering here and there, munching on the dirty weeds scattered throughout the desert. Fortunately for the ecology of the wasteland (and the survival of their species), brahmin can go for long periods of time without water - they don't need much to survive. They have a strong sense of smell, and they don't hesitate to stomp over any wasteland predator that threatens them or their calves - well, except deathclaws, because no one messes with deathclaws."
    "Brahmin are a great source of cattle drive and range war adventure seeds, if you feel like getting your Louis L'Amour on for a few sessions."
    "There are rumors that the smell of brahmin shit is highly addictive."
  3. The Courier: "I just wanted to meet you."
    Alice McBride: "Oh! Well I'm Alice and that handsome stranger yonder is my husband Dusty. Going on fifty years, now. I keep waiting for him to leave me for some young thing with platinum blonde hair and hoop earrings, but he still sticks around. Says it's my cooking. I think it's because I know which Brahmin udder you can milk without getting kicked in the noggin."
    (Alice McBride's dialogue)
  4. The Lone Wanderer: "What's this about radiation?"
    Moira Brown: "Well, I know lots about radiation from books... and personal experience, obviously. But I need to see how radiation effects normal, not-so-gooey humans. I never seem to get a live example to study. Not for long, anyway. So I need you to get a bit of radiation poisoning so I can study its effects. Oh, not a deadly dose, of course - I can fix you up before that!"
    The Lone Wanderer: "You want me to get irradiated? How could that possibly be worth it for me?"
    Moira Brown: "Oh, don't worry so much about it. I'll be waiting here with a nice, tall glass of rad-cleansing brahmin milk for you when you get back. Well, mostly just a whole lot of Rad-X and Rad-Away. And maybe even a more reliable way to get rid of radiation! Assuming it works, of course."
    (Moira Brown's dialogue) Note: This is spoken as part of the quest Wasteland Survival Guide, during which it is not confirmed which combination worked to remove the radiation.
  5. The Lone Wanderer: "If I listen closely, I can hear my genes crying."
    Moira Brown: "Now, after taking a few notes, I'll take care of that nasty radiation with a bit of my own home-made concoction. I've never had a chance to test it out on someone so heavily dosed, but I'm sure it'll work out fine. Exciting, isn't it?"
    Moira Brown: "Okay, a little Brahmin milk... A couple magnets... And maybe a few happy thoughts..."
    Moira Brown: "Well, you're alive... That's the good news. But there was a little side effect. A teeny, tiny, um, mutation. But it seems to be benign, at least. Here, take a few radiation Chems, as my little way of saying, "I'm sorry I twisted your DNA like a kitten with a ball of yarn.""
    (Moira Brown's dialogue) Note: The second line is the second Intelligence prompt – see quest – however the responses are identical. The third line is transitional between the fade out and fade in. The last line proves that Moira is a sociopath... er, I mean that it probably works, however her experiment does has horrible side effects.