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Brahmin herd (Fallout)

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Brahmin herd
Fo1 Talking Cows.png
Special Encounter

Brahmin herd is a special encounter in Fallout.


Once the Vault Dweller enters the location, they will discover a herd acting very suspiciously. Moments later, it becomes clear what is happening: The six wild brahmin talk. "Moo, I say!" or simply "Moo!" are their only utterances. The brahmin eventually leave, as if nothing happened.

The brahmin herd encounter is fairly hard to encounter and required very high Luck.

Behind the scenes

  • The encounter was inspired by Tim Cain's practical jokes in Darker Realms, a MUD. Cain would teleport talking cows inside his friend's work room.[1]


Brahmin herd appears in Fallout.


  1. Fallout Bible 5: "16. Have you got anny idea who made the "Moo, MOOO, I say" Special Encounter?? If you meet him, tell me i think its the best thing in Fallout!! - Skjalg Aka. NeXor"
    "It was an old joke from a MUD that Tim Cain used to play in - he apparently made a habit of teleporting cows into his rival's private chambers; the cows would say things, like "Moo, I say." Chris Taylor heard the story, and he thought it was funny enough to put in Fallout, so there it is. And here's it directly from the two of them:"
    "Tim on Cows that go Moo: Not to beat a dead cow, but yes, the talking cows in Fallout are a tip of the hat to my favorite MUD ever, the Darker Realms. However, it was not my idea to put them in. Chris Taylor had heard me talk of the Snow Cows and how I liked to teleport them into Mike's work room (hmm, I guess I was flippant) for fun. Chris did most of the random encounters in Fallout."
    "Chris Taylor on Snow Cows: Were they snow-cows by any chance? Tim Cain used to be on a MUD that had snow-cows that said "Moo, moo I say." and I laughed so much when he told me that story, I had to put them in..."