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Gametitle-FO3 BS.png

The Broken Steel trailer is the trailer for the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel. It features the voice of Elder Lyons, the Fallout 3 narrator, Ron Perlman and Liberty Prime.


(Elder Lyons) We've got people down in here! You, check that equipment! The two of you, over here... After all this, be left in a state like that! (Perlman) So ended the story of the Lone Wanderer. (Elder Lyons) The Brotherhood has a clear plan of action. The remnants of the Enclave must be swept away. The Pride has been working to this end ever since we took the purifier back. (Liberty Prime) Democracy is TRUTH! Communism is DEATH! (Perlman) But the tale of humanity will never come to a close. (Liberty Prime) Scanning defenses! Exploiting! (Perlman) For the struggle for survival is a war without end. (Liberty Prime) Warning! Orbital strike imminent! Reach minimum safe distance immediately! (Perlman) And war... war never changes...


Fallout 3: Broken Steel trailer [1]

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