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Brotherhood-Gammorin War

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Brotherhood-Gammorin War
FoT mutant 2.png
A typical super mutant.
Involved parties
Eastern Brotherhood of SteelGammorin's Army
General DekkerPaladin Latham (under the adopted name Gammorin)
Primary Brotherhood forceSurvivors of Unity united under Latham's leadership
Several squads outright destroyed
General Simon Barnaky lost in action, presumed dead
Loss of dozens of super mutants; irreplaceable
Connected events
Brotherhood-Calculator War

The Brotherhood-Gammorin War is a major armed conflict between the Eastern Brotherhood of Steel and the Gammorin's Army.


With their expansion along the Illinois completed, the Brotherhood pushed west, into a region known as The Belt. This grim, desolate land was a wasteland in every sense of the word. It still bore the scars of the war, with death lurking behind every corner and treasures hidden amid the devastation. The few who lived here were hardy people, whose bleak existence was built through blood and sheer determination. The isolated groups of humans were expected to prove hard to annex by the Brotherhood. Furthermore, even the Brotherhood veterans were ill at ease with the prospect of pushing into the ominous land, as there lay the reminders of the Brotherhood's ill fated crossing of the Rockies, including one great zeppelin, brought down by the great storm.[2]

Course of the war

The Brotherhood's fears were soon proven true, as their forces clashed with the super mutant army on April 6th, 2197. Unbeknownst to the Brotherhood, the super mutants were organized into a true army by one of their own, Paladin Latham, thought lost with the crashed zeppelin. Under his leadership, the super mutants were more than a match for the Brotherhood.[3]

As Latham was responsible for laying down many of the procedures the Brotherhood used every day, the mutants were able to counter battle tactics and reconnaissance efforts with ease.[4] As such, during the first large scale battle between the Army and the Brotherhood, at St. Louis, the mutants were able to rout the enemy forces and entirely destroy six out of eight veteran squads committed to the battle. General Simon Barnaky participated in the battle directly, but was captured in combat.[5][6] Subsequent attacks included the death of most of Brotherhood's intelligence operatives, stunting the organization's reconnaissance records.[7]

Although the Brotherhood reeled from the super mutant attacks and suffered devastating losses, it did not surrender. With a much more powerful industrial base and source of man power, in the form of villages and towns annexed by the Brotherhood, they held the line and managed to secure several victories against the super mutants, including the successful defense of Kansas City and the recovery of a nuclear warhead in working condition[8] and the conquest of Jefferson City, along with Latham's research project into curing super mutant sterility.[9]

The Brotherhood's key asset was the Warrior's small, highly resourceful squad, which was deployed to Osceolla when the Brotherhood learned that Gammorin was, in fact, Paladin Latham. Due to his actions against the Brotherhood, the former Paladin was sentenced to death for treason and to cull the security risk he posed.[4] He was confronted by the squad in his bunker (a situation he expected)[10] and slain by the Warrior's squad in honorable combat.[11] His death evoked mixed feelings in the Brotherhood, as while he was the leader of a military force that caused it to sustain devastating losses, he remained a Paladin. His army disintegrated, splitting into warring factions, vying for control. A number of super mutants joined the Brotherhood, continuing to serve a higher cause. Latham's legacy was not forgotten.[12]

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    While the inhabitants are dangerous, the land itself has the power to stir up fearful memories in some of the Generals and Elders. They tell of the ill-fated flight across the mountains, and how their mighty airships were torn apart. Old lore and surviving data suggests that at least one of the great Brotherhood zeppelins was lost in this very region. If it were located there is a chance that the equipment and supplies contained could be salvaged and returned to the noble purpose for which they were intended. There might even be survivors, but few hold any real hope of this. Only time will tell."
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    This revelation explains how the Super Mutants were able to counter our battle tactics and reconnaissance efforts, as Paladin Latham wrote many of the procedures that we use today. At first, we believed the mutants had successfully interrogated General Barnaky. But records prove that our methods were compromised before the general fell into enemy hands.
    Even now, many of the Elders are having trouble coming to terms with the fact that he has betrayed us and turned against the Order - but the truth must not be denied.
    You have two objectives for this mission.
    Your first objective is to assassinate Gammorin. He is a dangerous man and his knowledge of our inner working could prove our undoing. Without his guidance, the Super-Mutants will lack the leadership and discipline to be a continual threat.
    Your second objective is to recover General Barnaky. All facts indicate that he will be kept close to Gammorin.
    Assemble your squad immediately.
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    My name is General Dekker and I'll be briefing you for this specific mission.
    At 0900 yesterday, while on patrol, Fang Squad encountered a large contingent of heavily armed Super-Mutants in the region known as St. Louis. They fought bravely against this overwhelming force and managed to radio in a distress call right before they were annihilated.
    Eight battle-hardened squads led by General Barnaky rushed to the scene and are now in pitched combat with the Super-Mutants. While we were able to push them back initially, our losses have been staggering. As a result, we need to pull our forces out of there immediately. This battle is lost.
    General Barnaky has requested to have your squad rendezvous with his mobile command center and execute the evacuation of our wounded Brothers. I have read your file and I fully agree with General Barnaky's faith in you and your squad.
    From your lessons, you should recall that Super-Mutants are genetically engineered soldiers that are strong, tough to kill, and can easily carry weapons that most people would mount on assault vehicles. They are to be handled with extreme caution. You are going into heavy combat unlike any you have experienced before. Remember to follow General Barnaky's direction. He'll get you out safe.
    Take an APC and facilitate the evacuation of any wounded squad members. You are to get in and get out. No heroics. I want this to be a by-the-book search and rescue operation.
    Trust in your weapons, warrior, and they will see you home safely.
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    The Elders have assigned me to be your commanding officer until we have further news of General Barnaky's whereabouts. Your former superior was a fine general, one of the best that I had the honour to serve with. Losing him has been a heavy blow to us all.
    The Super-Mutant army destroyed a total of six full squads of our Brothers. This is a large setback for the Brotherhood, since those squads contained some of our finest veteran soldiers. We shall not forget our Brothers who fell in the line of duty, nor shall we let these feelings get in the way of our duty.
    Rest assured that Intelligence searches for the General, even as we speak. Until we have a lead on where the enemy is keeping him, you will be receiving all mission briefings from me.
    Go rest, warrior. You deserve it. After you are done recovering and grieving for our comrades, report back for your next mission.
    You are dismissed."
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    What is left of our intelligence ops, has discovered the location of one of the Super Mutant's staging areas. The mutants have a, semi-permanent military base in the rubble-strewn city of Jefferson. Additional reports describe multiple generators are supplying power directly to one large structure. Our scribes believe that this structure is a weapons manufacturing plant.
    You have two objectives to complete here, warrior. The first is to render all of these power generators permanently inoperative. Without power, their factory is useless. Your second objective is to force the mutants into a rout. If we can get them running, they'll lead us to either their main base or to General Barnaky.
    Gather your squad and leave immediately.
    (MIS 10 Speech.txt)
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    Judge me not by my actions but by my goals!
    This undead enemy will not stop until all life has been extinguished!
    Why can't you see that?
    (MIS 12 Speech.txt)
  12. Osceolla mission debriefing: "Excellent work, warrior.
    Today is a day of joy and sorrow for the Brotherhood. Gammorin was a traitor, a murderer, and a deceiver, yet he was a Paladin. His brave deeds once brought much hope to the wasteland. Yet, something happened to him when the Great Storm ripped his airship from the Convoy and crashed it to the ground. From that moment, Gammorin was born, and the Brotherhood lost its favored son.
    With their leader dead, the mutants have split into factions. Some have turned to internal fighting as they wrestle for control, others have EVEN offered to join the Brotherhood. Though the mutant menace is far from ended, they are severely weakened. It will be some time before they gather their strength. Dagger Squad is out on patrol now hunting any mutant stragglers."
    (MIS 12 Speech.txt)