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Brotherhood of Steel
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TypeLoyalist chapter
GovernanceAbsolute power vested in the Elder
FoundedArthur Maxson (est. 2283)[1]
StructureStrict hierarchy and caste division into combat (Knights and Paladins) and non-combat (Scribes) roles
Notable LocationsCambridge Police Station
Boston Airport
Relations and associations
ParentBrotherhood of Steel
Related EntitiesLyons' Brotherhood of Steel
Brotherhood Outcasts

The Eastern division[2] of the Brotherhood of Steel is the nucleus of Brotherhood rebirth, under the command of Elder Arthur Maxson, Supreme Commander of the Brotherhood of Steel. As the Brotherhood's position in the West declines, the once-moribund Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel has been reformed into a major military force in under a decade, thanks to the drive and tenacity of its young Elder.

History[edit | edit source]

Following the disastrous conflict with the Enclave, the Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel enjoyed a stable, but hardly unrivaled position. Suffering from severely depleted stockpiles and shortage of manpower at the beginning of the conflict,[3] casualties taken during the fight with the Enclave and the loss of their most important military asset, Liberty Prime, make the future uncertain. For a time after the victory over the Enclave, the Brotherhood is occupied by its research into the Enclave technology. It has recovered a great amount of gear and weapons, and while it has already begun reverse-engineering it during the conflict, the process would take years to complete.[4][5]

The key blow to the organization came with the death of Owyn Lyons circa 2278 and the loss of now-Elder Sarah Lyons later that same year. With the seat of power emptied, the remaining Brotherhood members elected multiple ineffectual leaders, while the adolescent Squire Arthur Maxson matured into a capable warrior and tactician, eventually securing a victory over Shepherd, the new warboss of the Capital Wasteland super mutants, in 2282. This feat earned him a provisional leadership position. In fact, this position was bestowed by West Coast Elders, who revealed that they still monitored their errant brethren.[1]

Maxson's position solidified in 2283, when he negotiated a treaty with the Brotherhood Outcasts, bringing them back into the fold and reforming the entire organization. Proving himself a shrewd diplomat as well as a very capable warrior, Arthur Maxson was bestowed with the title of Elder with the full backing of the Western Elders. Maxson reformed the brotherhood, doing away with Lyons' insistence on charity, which had all but crippled the Brotherhood and nearly brought it to its knees. Maxson incorporated the best of both Lyons' Doctrine and the original mission of the Brotherhood of Steel: The acquisition of any and all advanced and dangerous technologies to prevent a repeat of the horror of the Great War. As well as maintaining Lyons' mission to exterminate abominations such as Super Mutants and Ferals to protect the people of the wasteland.[1] While some members found this distasteful and deserted,[6] many more remained, proud to serve a refocused Brotherhood.[7]

Organization[edit | edit source]

Main articles: Brotherhood of Steel - Society, Brotherhood of Steel hierarchy

The Brotherhood of Steel is a militant order dedicated to the control and preservation of technology within the wasteland. The Eastern division, led by Elder Maxson, retains much of the basic organization of the Brotherhood, though it retains many of the modifications introduced by Owyn Lyons. As with the rest of the Brotherhood, the Elder has total control over the organization and its every aspect, from outlining the overarching goals, to assigning individual members duties to fulfill. The Brotherhood expects total obedience and adherence to its moral standards and issued orders. In the words of one officer, anyone who hesitates firing in combat due to misguided moral standards isn't Brotherhood material.[8] This includes aversion to carrying out orders such as requisitioning crops from farmers in the area of operations, to support the Brotherhood's campaigns.[9][10]

Ideology[edit | edit source]

A Brotherhood research patrol in Concord.

Look at the scorched earth and the bones that litter the wasteland. Millions... perhaps even billions, died because science outpaced man's restraint. They called it a "new frontier" and "pushing the envelope," completely disregarding the repercussions.

— Elder Arthur Maxson

The Eastern division's (and by extension, the whole Brotherhood's) ideology is defined by Elder Arthur Maxson. Hearkening back to the earliest years of the Brotherhood, its core tenet can be summarized in the following sentence: Control technology, so that it may serve humanity and never endanger it again. In the Brotherhood's eyes, the Great War's underlying cause was technology, or rather, it's abuse. Science, when moderated by morality and forethought, was a boon for humanity. For example, the same principle that made nuclear weapons possible could also be harnessed peacefully, providing mankind with limitless power. But in the 21st century, as jingoism and consumerism grew rampant, technological development outpaced man's restraint.[11] The new frontier of scientific understanding was explored without regard for the repercussions, what only mattered was convenience and profit. Corporations exploited new technologies for their own benefit, disregarding the damage to the environment or humans.[12] Unbound by morality, this technology would become mankind's undoing, as bio-engineered plagues, the FEV, and of course, nuclear weapons brought mankind to near extinction.[13]

The Brotherhood focuses on preventing this scenario from repeating itself, knowing that humanity is liable to repeat the same mistakes.[13] To do so, the Brotherhood aims to understand the nature of technology, its power, and relationship with humans.[14] As such, the first obligation of a Brotherhood member is to collect and preserve technology. Brotherhood patrols scour countless ruins across the wasteland to retrieve technologies of all kinds, in order to study, understand, and use them. Collection also keeps them away from people who would attempt to abuse it for its own ends.[15] By extension, if any form of dangerous technology is at risk of falling into enemy hands, standing orders are to destroy it.[16] This is particularly important for suits of power armor and soldiers of the Brotherhood are obligated to scuttle their suits if they are at risk of looting.[17]

The second obligation of a Brotherhood member is the protection of humanity, both through containment of technological abuse and the extermination of abominations and threats to people in the wasteland (although often these are both one and the same). Typically, it involves destroying abominations, products of man's hubris that threaten humanity. The list generally includes feral ghouls, super mutants, rogue robots, and synths, but the list is often expanded to include various raiders, as a service to the local community. Of particular importance is the destruction of synths and rogue robotics. The latter are dangerous, as the Brotherhood believe machines are meant to serve humanity, under human control, rather than make their own decisions freely.[18] The former are especially repugnant as they represent an unforgivable corruption of human life: Assembled in a laboratory by machines, rather than conceived by human beings.[11][19] Most importantly, synths are a perversion of the human mind: Their thoughts are programmed and can be wiped at a moment's notice. Their very souls are manufactured, in stark contrast with humans, who take a lifetime to gain experience and achieve wisdom. The Brotherhood considers this artifice unforgivable.[20] Both of these obligations are part of what the Brotherhood defines as sending a message of stability to the people of the wasteland. By controlling dangerous technologies and eliminating threats to human existence, the Brotherhood believes that it can achieve liberation: Freeing people from danger, to allow them to live their lives in peace and prosperity.[21][22]

Military details[edit | edit source]

You'd be under my command, and I'd expect you to follow orders. No more mercenary work... this is the real thing. You'd have access to advanced military weapons, as well as your own personal suit of Power Armor. Most importantly, you'd have the Brotherhood at your back... ready to spill its own blood to keep you alive. So... what do you say?

Danse, recruiting the Sole Survivor in 2287

The chapter has also continued the practice of treating the Knight and Paladin castes as one combat caste. Scribes, on the other hand, are tasked with both research, as well as maintenance of technologies.[23] In the field, the Brotherhood operates in a squad based system, utilizing proper military tactics and maintaining strict hierarchy. Members of the military arm of the Brotherhood can be divided into four clear groups:

  • Squires are the youngest members of the Brotherhood. Children both born and inducted into the Brotherhood are granted this rank and are expected to study and train in order to be granted Initiate status.[24] They are usually kept within safe facilities, though Elder Arthur Maxson has elected to bring a number of promising Squires aboard The Prydwen into the Commonwealth for training.[25] Squires can be dispatched into the field as trainees, observing and assisting higher ranking members in their duties.[26]
  • Initiates are born into the Brotherhood or local volunteers recruited to become members. Initiates are typically kept away from the front lines by Elder Maxson, and train to progress to the rank of Knight, as well as perform tasks at Brotherhood bases, to free higher ranks up for combat duties. They may also be tasked with manning door guns onboard Brotherhood Vertibirds or providing base security. They are not issued power armor as a general rule.[27][28]
  • Knights are the principal field troops of the Brotherhood. All Knights have the right to wear power armor.[28]
  • Paladins are the highest ranking members of the combat arm of the Brotherhood, enjoying the best equipment and weapons. They are deployed as field commanders or head special operations in the field, such as reconnaissance or delicate tech recovery.[29]
  • An unique feature of the Eastern division is the introduction of Lancers. Lancers are a caste dedicated to the study, operation, and maintenance of aircraft. Their rank system is patterned after the Knights, from Initiate all the way to the rank of Captain. The current head of the class is Lancer-Captain Kells, who is the commander of the Brotherhood's flagship, The Prydwen.[30][31]

One notable change in the Brotherhood's policy towards recruitment was implemented by Elder Owyn Lyons, whose subordinates regularly made recruitment runs in the Capital Wasteland,[32] sponsoring volunteers for induction into the Brotherhood ranks.[33]

Although the quality of those conscripted into Lyons' service was very low, as they were overeager, aggressive and unskilled,[34] due to the suspending of sponsorship after 2276 and the formation of the Outcasts and the desperate need for troops, the system was sound. Elder Arthur Maxson continued the practice, including and expanding sponsorship: All adult recruits have to be sponsored by existing Brotherhood members (usually Paladins), who would travel with them and teach them the ideals of the Brotherhood and train them in combat.[35] To this end, active members can field promote recruits to Initiate rank, but the rank and subsequent promotions have to be confirmed by the Elder at the earliest possible opportunity.[36] However, while the member can retract their sponsorship,[37] once the rank is confirmed by the Elder, only the Elder can dismiss the sponsored party from the organization.[38]

Strongholds[edit | edit source]

Citadel[edit | edit source]

The Citadel continues to be the primary headquarters of Brotherhood operations on the eastern seaboard.[39]

The Prydwen[edit | edit source]

The Brotherhood of Steel's flagship and escort to Arthur Maxson, the Prydwen is a one of a kind advanced airship constructed by the Brotherhood of Steel at Adams Air Force Base, and a manifestation of its rebirth on the East Coast. Two years alone were spent on designing it by the sharpest minds the Brotherhood had at its disposal.[40] Another two years were spent gathering the parts necessary to enable its construction,[41] with components salvaged from the destroyed Enclave base playing a crucial role in its construction. When it was launched, it granted the Brotherhood the ability to mobilize its entire division and field it anywhere they need to at a moment's notice.[42]

Boston Airport[edit | edit source]

Once the pride of Boston, the airport has fallen into disrepair. Feral ghouls, scavengers, and the simple passage of time have taken a toll on the once grand terminals. Derelict husks of airplanes litter its grounds and nothing but the desolate wind comes to visit. That is, until the Brotherhood of Steel learned of its location and arrived in force.[43] While the Prydwen remains moored at the control tower, the airport has been repurposed as a logistics center. Everything the Brotherhood needs to operate passes through here: supplies from the Prydwen, salvage from the field, everything. Access is strictly limited and every inventoried element is tracked down to the every singly bullet and bolt.[44]

Cambridge Police Station[edit | edit source]

A former police station, turned into a forward outpost, listening post, and supply base by the Brotherhood of Steel.[45] Although the casualties mounted during the recon mission in the Commonwealth, resulting in a well protected location manned by remnants of the Brotherhood, the arrival of the Prydwen after the Institute presence is verified results in the area being substantially reinforced by a large contingent of Brotherhood forces. Coupled with air support provided by VB-01 Vertibirds, even the occasional synth attack barely registers on their radar.[46]

Outside relations[edit | edit source]

"By attempting to play God, the Institute has taken the sanctity of human life and corrupted it beyond measure."

The Brotherhood of Steel in the East is a much more pro-active organization than the Western chapters. Aforementioned outside recruitment is common practice. Sometimes, despite how picky the Elder is, the Brotherhood also accepts batches of wastelanders into their service that would otherwise fail muster, even when appraised by a generous eye.[47]

As part of their mandate, the Brotherhood seeks out and purges "abominations" on a regular basis, without waiting for any specific calls for help,[48] and actively seeks out and secures pieces of advanced technology[49] and pre-War knowledge.[50] The Brotherhood has radicalized its policy towards mutants, with standing orders to kill.[51] In practice, the Brotherhood usually doesn't shoot on sight unless targets are confirmed as hostile - even if they are a synth in a critical location.[52]

There is an explicit ban on wanton murder - the Brotherhood of Steel does not kill innocents, classified as people who are not getting in the Brotherhood's way or openly attacking them.[53] That is the difference between collateral damage and cold-blooded murder in the Brotherhood's eyes.[54]

Intel gathering is a crucial element of any Brotherhood operations. For example, in their war against the Institute, intelligence is given particular emphasis. On top of any potential Insiders, the Brotherhood is also running round the clock vertibird patrols, has squads on the ground trying to pick up anything that can provide a clue as to the Institute operations and whereabouts, and has Scribes monitoring radio traffic and trying to crack their RF encryption.[55]

Technology[edit | edit source]

The Brotherhood enjoys a considerable advantage over their competitors, mostly thanks to being able to manufacture their own gear including weapons, Power Armour and Vertibirds as well as years spent salvaging technology from the wasteland. By 2287, all Brotherhood members Knight and above receive a complete suit of T-60 power armor in Brotherhood colors for use in the field.[28] Advanced weapons, such as laser rifle or miniguns are the default service weapons of all members, regardless of their rank.[56]

However, the two most important technological assets of the Brotherhood are not personal equipment. The first is its air fleet, consisting of a huge number of VB-01 Vertibirds and VB-02 Vertibirds as well as The Prydwen, which allow the Brotherhood to easily project power across the wasteland and rapidly mobilize the entire division.[42] The second is Liberty Prime. Although the first version of the combat robot was destroyed in an orbital nuclear strike ordered by the Enclave, the Brotherhood has spent a decade gathering components and locating replacements for its weapon systems and power source. By 2287, the reconstruction efforts are nearing completion, missing only a few crucial components.[57]

Notable members[edit | edit source]

Interactions with the player character[edit | edit source]

The Eastern division is a major faction and the Survivor can join it and progress through the ranks.

Joining and gaining ranks[edit | edit source]

Each rank allows access to new equipment at Brotherhood's quartermaster, Proctor Teagan.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

Drawbacks[edit | edit source]

  • The Brotherhood will eventually require wiping out the Railroad.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Brotherhood of Steel appears only in Fallout 4.

References[edit source]

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