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This page is a comprehensive list of all known 'members of the Brotherhood of Steel and child organizations.

Loyalist chapters[edit | edit source]

New California[edit | edit source]

Order Rank Name Date
Elders High Elder John Maxson 2161
Paladins Head Paladin Rhombus 2161
Scribes Head Scribe Vree 2161

Mojave chapter[edit | edit source]

Montana bunker[edit | edit source]

Outcasts[edit | edit source]

Caste Rank Order Role Name Date
Paladins (formerly) Protector
Paladin (formerly)
Leader Henry Casdin 2277
Protector Head of operations McGraw 2277
Defender Perimeter defense Anne Marie Morgan 2277
Defender Perimeter defense Morrill 2277
Defender Perimeter defense
Heavy weapons specialist
Rococo Rockfowl 2277
Defender Perimeter defense
Defender leader
Sibley 2277
Soldiers Outcasts 2277
Specialist Scientist
Simulation operator
Olin 2277
Scientist H. P. Smith 2277
Scientist J.J. Browne 2277
Scientist J. T. Benning 2277
Scientist L.J. Rogers 2277
Scientist R. R. Rasting 2277
Scientist T. T. Bowser 2277

Rogue chapters[edit | edit source]

Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel[edit | edit source]

Caste Rank Order Role Name Date
Elders Elder Owyn Lyons 2277
Paladins Star Paladin Cross 2277
Scribes Scribe Order of the Quill Member Yearling 2277
Scribes Scribe Order of the Shield Proctor Bowditch 2277

Eastern Brotherhood of Steel[edit | edit source]