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Bubblegum (Fallout 3)

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For an overview of bubblegum throughout the Fallout series, see Bubblegum.
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+1 Hit point
+1 Radiation
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Bubblegum is a consumable item in Fallout 3.


Bubblegum is a pre-War item that are found in a small yellow box, with the product name clearly shown against a blue background.

Bubblegum restores +1 Hit Point, while dosing the user with +1 radiation upon consumption and is an exceedingly rare item; coupled with its minuscule health regeneration, it's more of a collectible item than anything else.


  • Three packs can be stolen from the shelves in Lydia Montenegro's shop in Tenpenny Tower.
  • Another two packs are on the shelves in Craterside Supply.
  • Some bubblegum comes with the Megaton House and the Tenpenny Suite after purchasing the pre-War theme.
  • One pack can be found lying on a shelf in the yao guai tunnels. The area is reached by taking the eastern path at the first intersection.
  • One pack can be found on a shelf in the A-Ring in The Citadel.
  • One pack can be stolen from a shelf in Lucy West's house.
  • You can pickpocket C.J. Young in Rivet City who has 1 bubblegum in her inventory.
  • James Hargrave in Rivet City has a glitched bubblegum when you pickpocket him, you have to take it several times before you get it from his inventory.
  • One pack can be found in Old Olney S. Wilson Building on the very bottom floor in the southeastern corner.
  • One pack can be found in a lean-to underneath the southernmost bridge, on the east riverbed. Follow the river south from Dukov's Place - past the raider "fort" - to reach the bridge.
  • Tulip in Underworld may sell some.
  • One pack can be found in the storeroom of the Temple of the Union. It's on a shelf to the right when you enter.
  • One pack can be found in the Jury Street metro station, on a picnic table near the workbench.
  • One pack can be found in the main room of the drainage chamber. Take the manhole from Jury Street metro station to get there.
  • In a wooden box in the Sacred Bog of Point Lookout.
  • One pack can be found in the moving garbage box on the maintenance level that dumps you out into the waste disposal. Only in the Mothership Zeta add-on.