Buckingham's dialogue

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Buckingham's dialogue
Game Information
Data FileFallout3.esm

Dialogue file table[edit | edit source]

Dialogue file table
Topic RCMisterBuckinghamOwner Who's your owner, rust bucket? I serve Miss Vera Weatherly, proprietor of the Weatherly Hotel. DialogueRi_RCMisterBucking_000229F6_1
Topic RCMisterBuckinghamQuestion What is this place? This is the Weatherly Hotel. It's the finest establishment in Rivet City. DialogueRi_RCMisterBucking_000229F1_1
Combat AcceptYield AcceptYield Cheerio. Water under the bridge. GenericRobot_AcceptYield_000819CD_1
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle It's just little old me. Nothing to be afraid of. GenericRobot_AlertIdle_000824B6_1 loudly and fake cheerfully
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle Someone dirty and disreputable, I shouldn't wonder. GenericRobot_AlertIdle_000824B7_1 under his breath
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle Here kitty-kitty-kitty! GenericRobot_AlertIdle_000824B8_1 pretending to call a cat
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle As if I'd know what to do if I found something. GenericRobot_AlertIdle_000824B9_1 under his breath
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle Why not let the robot deal with it? GenericRobot_AlertIdle_000824BA_1 under his breath
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle I'm going to look over here now. GenericRobot_AlertIdle_000824BB_1 loudly, hoping that whoever is there will go away
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Didn't you hear me coming? Now I have to fight you. Bloody fantastic. GenericRobot_AlertToCombat_000824B2_1 sarcastically
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Here we go again. GenericRobot_AlertToCombat_000824B3_1 wearily
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Oh good. I found you. GenericRobot_AlertToCombat_000824B4_1 sarcastically
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat You must be bloody stupid if you can't hide from me. GenericRobot_AlertToCombat_000824B5_1 sarcastically
Detection AlertToNormal AlertToNormal Back to the usual daily tedium. GenericRobot_AlertToNormal_000824C5_1
Detection AlertToNormal AlertToNormal Thought as much. Nothing there after all. GenericRobot_AlertToNormal_000824C6_1
Detection AlertToNormal AlertToNormal Beastly nuisance. Glad that's done with. GenericRobot_AlertToNormal_000824C7_1
Combat Assault Assault Not very sporting of you. GenericRobot_Assault_000819C8_1
Combat Assault Assault That's hardly Marquess of Queensberry rules, now is it? GenericRobot_Assault_000819C9_1
Combat Assault Assault You'll pay for that, you cheeky bastard! GenericRobot_Assault_000819CA_1
Combat Attack Attack *Sigh.* Why must you humans always resort to violence? GenericRobot_Attack_0009361D_1
Combat Attack Attack Do stand still! GenericRobot_Attack_0009361E_1
Combat Attack Attack And who gets to clean up all this blood? Me, that's who... GenericRobot_Attack_0009361F_1
Combat Attack Attack Oohh. Yesss... Let's all beat up on the robot... GenericRobot_Attack_00093620_1 Sarcastic and annoyed
Combat Attack Attack By God, if I had hands I would strangle the life out of you! GenericRobot_Attack_00093621_1
Combat Attack Attack Have at thee! GenericRobot_Attack_00093622_1
Combat Attack Attack For Queen and country! GenericRobot_Attack_00093623_1
Combat Attack Attack You have insulted my honor, and for that, you must die! GenericRobot_Attack_00093624_1
Topic Bed How much for a room? A mere 120 caps. Inns_Bed_00076757_1
Topic BedNO No, thanks. Very good, madam. Inns_BedNO_00076760_1
Topic BedNO No, thanks. Very good, sir. Inns_BedNO_0004BDB3_1
Topic BedYES BedYES Actually, I don't have 120 caps. A regretable error on your part. We will be happy to service you when you have the necessary funds. Inns_BedYES_0007675C_1
Topic BedYES BedYES Sounds like a fair price. I'll take it. Excellent. Simply venture into the hallway, turn left, first door on your left. That is your room. Inns_BedYES_0007675D_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Just what I was hoping for. Trundling around looking for something that wants to blow me to flinders. GenericRobot_CombatToLost_000824C8_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Must we play hide and seek now? GenericRobot_CombatToLost_000824C9_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Ready or not, here I come! GenericRobot_CombatToLost_000824CA_1 sarcastically -- hoping not to have to find anybody
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost That's a good start. Now just keep running and we'll call it even. GenericRobot_CombatToLost_000824CB_1
Detection CombatToNormal CombatToNormal A little peace and quiet, at last. GenericRob_CombatToNormal_000824C2_1 sarcastically -- hoping not to have to find anybody
Detection CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Well, that's it then. GenericRob_CombatToNormal_000824C3_1
Detection CombatToNormal CombatToNormal That's enough excitement for one day. GenericRob_CombatToNormal_000824C4_1
Combat Death Death Oh, I say. GenericRobot_Death_000819D1_1
Combat Death Death It's all going dark... GenericRobot_Death_000819D2_1
Combat Death Death So that's it then? GenericRobot_Death_000819D3_1
Combat Death Death Bzzzt. GenericRobot_Death_00080DAE_1 garbled robot death sound
Combat Death Death Bzzzt. GenericRobot_Death_00081998_1 garbled robot death sound
Combat Death Death Bzzzt. GenericRobot_Death_00081999_1 garbled robot death sound
Conversation RCGoodbye RCGoodbye Yes, Mister Washington. DialogueRi_RCGoodbye_0001FC50_1
Conversation RCGoodbye RCGoodbye Yes, sir. DialogueRi_RCGoodbye_00002E34_1
Conversation RCGoodbye RCGoodbye Your food will be ready shortly, Mister Zimmer. DialogueRi_RCGoodbye_00002E5C_1
Conversation RCGoodbye RCGoodbye Certainly, Sir. DialogueRi_RCGoodbye_00002E5D_1
Conversation RCGoodbye RCGoodbye Very good, sir. DialogueRi_RCGoodbye_00002E60_1
Conversation RCGoodbye RCGoodbye Yes, ma'am. DialogueRi_RCGoodbye_00002E61_1
Conversation RCResponse01 RCResponse01 I am doing the tasks I have been programmed for. Currently I am waiting for new orders. DialogueRi_RCResponse01_00002DFB_1
Conversation RCResponse01 RCResponse01 I am not programmed for visual evaluation. However, Miss Vera tells me that the Iguana is only a day old. DialogueRi_RCResponse01_00002DFD_1
Conversation RCResponse01 RCResponse01 Certainly, Mister Sister. DialogueRi_RCResponse01_00002DFE_1
Topic RivetCityBarter I'm here to do business with you. What do you have to eat? Please place your order. DialogueRi_RivetCityBarter_00049F7D_1
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. That's all for now. Yes, sir. DialogueRivetCity_GOODBYE_0005A7D0_1
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. That's all for now. Yes, ma'am. DialogueRivetCity_GOODBYE_0005A7D1_1
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. Of course, of course! Don't let me keep you! GenericRobot_GOODBYE_00075932_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Welcome to the Weatherly. Mister Buckingham at your service. DialogueRivetCity_GREETING_0001E729_1
Topic GREETING GREETING How may I serve you? DialogueRivetCity_GREETING_000229FC_1
Topic GREETING GREETING What is it now? Sir. GenericRobot_GREETING_000824C0_1 exasperated
Topic GREETING GREETING What is it now? Ma'am. GenericRobot_GREETING_000824C1_1 exasperated
Conversation HELLO HELLO Miss Mei, may I get you some water? DialogueRivetCity_HELLO_0001FF81_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Doctor Preston, the usual? DialogueRivetCity_HELLO_00002DB3_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Is everything satisfactory, Mister Washington? DialogueRivetCity_HELLO_00002DC0_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Miss Janice, do you need a refill? DialogueRivetCity_HELLO_00002DC4_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Are you ready to order, Mister Diego? DialogueRivetCity_HELLO_00002DC5_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Are you ready to order, Mister Father Clifford? DialogueRivetCity_HELLO_00002DC9_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Are you ready to order, Mister Sister? DialogueRivetCity_HELLO_00002DCC_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Something different today, Mister Armitage? DialogueRivetCity_HELLO_00002DD0_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Are you ready to order, Mister Zimmer? DialogueRivetCity_HELLO_00002DD2_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Do you have any instructions, Miss Vera? DialogueRivetCity_HELLO_00002DD3_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO I am at your service. DialogueRivetCity_HELLO_00038340_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Sir. DialogueRivetCity_HELLO_000A0A73_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Ma'am. DialogueRivetCity_HELLO_000A0A74_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO How may I serve you, master? GenericRobot_HELLO_00081A19_1 sarcastically obsequious
Conversation HELLO HELLO How may I serve you, mistress? GenericRobot_HELLO_00081A1A_1 sarcastically obsequious
Combat Hit Hit Bzzt. GenericRobot_Hit_00080DDE_1
Combat Hit Hit Bzzt. GenericRobot_Hit_00080DDF_1
Combat Hit Hit Bzzt. GenericRobot_Hit_00080DE0_1
Combat Hit Hit Vvvvzzz. GenericRobot_Hit_00080DE1_1
Combat Hit Hit Vvvvzzz. GenericRobot_Hit_00080DE2_1
Combat Hit Hit Vvvvzzz. GenericRobot_Hit_00080DE3_1
Combat Murder Murder Dear me, how unsporting of you. GenericRobot_Murder_00081A08_1
Combat Murder Murder *Gasp!* Murder! GenericRobot_Murder_000819CF_1
Combat Murder Murder I suppose I'm going to have to do something about that. GenericRobot_Murder_000819D0_1 heavy sigh at the beginning of the sentence
Miscellaneous ObserveCombat ObserveCombat This should be interesting. GenericRobot_ObserveCombat_000824BC_1
Miscellaneous ObserveCombat ObserveCombat Barbarians. GenericRobot_ObserveCombat_000824BD_1 with a superior sniff
Miscellaneous ObserveCombat ObserveCombat So much violence in the world these days. GenericRobot_ObserveCombat_000824BE_1 with a superior sniff
Combat Pickpocket Pickpocket The class of people I'm forced to associate with these days just keeps falling. GenericRobot_Pickpocket_000819EB_1
Combat Steal Steal The class of people I'm forced to associate with these days just keeps falling. GenericRobot_Steal_00081A0F_1
Combat Steal Steal Did you really need that? GenericRobot_Steal_00081A10_1
Combat Steal Steal Why do I get all the hoodlums? GenericRobot_Steal_00081A11_1