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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a shopkeeper.}
{101}{}{The Holy Flame does not appreciate thieves and scoundrels in his house of worship. You will be punished!}
{103}{}{I wasn't stealing from you, honest!}
{104}{}{Why don't you tell the Holy Flame when you see him after your 'punishment.'}
{105}{}{I care not for your lies, neither shall the Master.}
{106}{}{I'm sorry the shop is closed.}
{108}{}{Thanks for nothing.}
{109}{}{Why is that?}
{110}{}{Don't mention it.}
{111}{}{The Children do not have to deal with your kind. And you've been causing us a serious problem. I would like you to go away before I have to call in reinforcements.}
{112}{}{You don't have to do that. I'm your friend.}
{114}{}{I refuse to deal with those that use weapons to make demands. We Children have grown beyond the simple use of guns and weapons.}
{115}{}{Gun control fascist nut!}
{116}{}{Let me holster it and we can barter in peace.}
{117}{}{Good, I'd like that. I'd be happy to do business with you.}
{118}{}{Greetings, my fellow Child. How can I help you?}
{120}{}{What do you have to trade?}
{121}{}{Thanks. See you later, alligator.}
{122}{}{I'm sorry. Perhaps we can just make a deal.}
{124}{}{After a while, crocodile. I can't believe I just said that.}
{125}{}{Greetings! How can I help you? I do hope that you will take a moment to realize the significance of any future decisions you might make in regards to your soul...}
{127}{}{What do you have to trade?}
{128}{}{Where can I get one of those fancy robes of yours...}
{129}{}{Only trusted members of the Cathedral are allowed to wear the holy purple.}
{130}{}{I guess that answers my question, thanks!}
{131}{}{Stuck up fool. I guess I will have to take yours!}
{132}{}{Oh, well. What do you have to trade?}
{133}{}{Oh, stuff to pander to the rubes who walk in the door. Nothing too special. Go ahead, take a look.}
{134}{}{Thanks, see you later.}
{135}{}{We have all sorts of special items to remember your trip to the Cathedral. These memories can't be bought cheaply, you understand.}
{137}{}{You're welcome. Have pleasant days for the rest of your life.}