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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see before you a gruff guard.}
{101}{}{Who goes there?}
{102}{}{Me. Me.}
{103}{}{Who goes where?}
{104}{}{I do!}
{106}{}{Be at peace. I am a friend.}
{107}{}{Meme? Well, get out of here! This is the property of the Children of the Cathedral.}
{108}{}{Huh? Me stay!}
{109}{}{Huh? You Die!}
{110}{}{Me no want to go.}
{111}{}{Great. Of all the people I had to stop, I stopped a piece of cannon fodder. What can I do for you?}
{112}{}{Go night-night!}
{114}{}{Hep ew.}
{115}{}{OK. I suggest you get out of here before you get hurt.}
{116}{}{You want to help me? I doubt that. What do you have?}
{120}{}{Wasting my time, I see. Get lost!}
{121}{}{Vaut. Vaut? What's a vaut?}
{124}{}{Valt! Valt!}
{125}{}{Oh, you want candy. Sorry, I don't have any. Goodbye.}
{126}{}{Oh, a Vault. I'm sure that is very nice. Maybe you can talk to one of my superiors about that. I'm kinda busy right now.}
{127}{}{It is very dangerous here. Big, bad monsters took over this place. We are trying to save what we can before they come back.}
{128}{}{No go! No go!}
{129}{}{Uh, oh.}
{131}{}{Okay. Suit yourself. When they get back here, you can be their dinner.}
{132}{}{Me kill! Me kill!}
{134}{}{You can try. I'm not sure you will get very far, though. Good luck to you.}
{135}{}{Uh oh is right. They are nasty. We are trying to make them understand that people and monsters can live together.}
{136}{}{Oh. OK. Bubye.}
{137}{}{Just tell me who you are before I blow off your head.}
{138}{}{I'm a Follower. Where did everyone go?}
{139}{}{I'm one of you. Now let me pass.}
{140}{}{I am }
{141}{}{. Remember it!}
{142}{}{I don't have to.}
{144}{}{Come with me. I'll show you where everyone else went.}
{145}{}{So, you are a Follower?}
{146}{}{Of course! Who else would I be?}
{147}{}{No, I am a Children member.}
{148}{}{Silly me. I mistook you for someone else. Come with me. I'll show you the way.}
{149}{}{I don't remember you. What's the name?}
{150}{}{I'm }
{151}{}{. How could you forget about me?}
{152}{}{None of your business.}
{153}{}{I'm your worst nightmare.}
{154}{}{I'm sorry. I still don't remember you. Maybe someone else may remember who you are.}
{155}{}{Yes, I remember you. We were told to look for you. Vengeance shall be mine!}
{156}{}{You are in my patrol area. It is my business. Talk or die!}
{157}{}{Fine. I'm }
{158}{}{. Ring a bell yet?}
{159}{}{Hmmm. I think . . . KILL!}
{160}{}{Let me think.}
{161}{}{Now let me see. It's }
{162}{}{. Right?}
{163}{}{Yes, you moron.}
{165}{}{No stupid. It's Deathstalker!}
{166}{}{Good. Just making sure for your headstone.}
{167}{}{Then I don't have to let you live. Good night.}
{168}{}{And who are you?}
{169}{}{I'm a Follower. Where did everyone go?}
{170}{}{I'm one of you. Now let me pass.}
{171}{}{I am }
{172}{}{. Remember it!}
{173}{}{I don't have to!}
{175}{}{Deathslayer, eh? You look more like worm bait to me.}
{176}{}{If you are a friend, then prove it.}
{177}{}{I helped kill the Followers.}
{178}{}{I helped kill the Rippers.}
{179}{}{I helped kill those mutant things.}
{180}{}{I helped kill the Children.}
{181}{}{Really? I think my boss would like to hear more about that. Go look for Orfeo. He'll be able to reward you for your help.}
{182}{}{For someone who comes in peace, you do an awful lot of killing. But those Rippers were causing quite a bit of trouble. Orfeo can reward your for your aid.}
{183}{}{You kill harmless creatures which are the end result of man's destructive nature and then claim peace?}
{184}{}{I'm sorry. They were ugly, so I shot them.}
{185}{}{They were hurting people all over the place.}
{186}{}{Now I'm going to kill you.}
{187}{}{I still let you live. I think I better take you in to have you cleansed of these thoughts of destruction.}
{188}{}{Funny. I thought I saw some of them out in the street trying to clean up the gangs.}
{189}{}{They attacked the Blades?}
{190}{}{What happened to the Adytum?}
{191}{}{Die, scum!}
{192}{}{Those losers are now no more.}
{193}{}{That's a good thing. Well, goodbye.}
{194}{}{And now, you won't be either.}
{195}{}{That's where I know you from. It's payback time!}
{196}{}{It's you again. I thought you would have learned by now. Too little, too late, I guess.}